October 8, 2009

Maybe I should set up an Althouse on-line store...

Something I thought on reading this:
It is funny that most of the conservative posters here seem to blithely wave off all of the vile quotes that Sullivan links to but if I write "Althouse Hillbillies" many of these same right wing Jethros get all lathered up about THAT!

Now I want an "Althouse Hillbilly" t-shirt.

Professor Althouse deleted me once. ...

My Dad always told us we was from the hills. Now I want an "Althouse Hillbilly" t-shirt.

Me too!
Okay, so shirts: "Althouse Hillbilly," "Professor Althouse deleted me once," etc.


David said...

The first "deleted" T-Shirt will go to Mr. Cohen, right?

Seven Machos said...

I remember this meme from previous threads. I don't think it is as devastating as its creators obviously do.

Just remember, Althouse, they are talking about you, not the other way around (except for right now).

edutcher said...

Business empires have started from less. You can have "Proud to be an Althouse Hillbilly" and "I Can't Stand Althouse Hillbillies" T-shirts and sell to both sides.

You could be the Krupp of the blogosphere.

WV "logra" Latin plural of logarithm

Deb said...
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Eric said...

Okay, so shirts: "Althouse Hillbilly," "Professor Althouse deleted me once," etc.

I'll take one of each.

Seven Machos said...

I just googled the words Althouse hillbillies and clicked images. Pretty interesting juxtaposition.

Then, for fun, I googled althouse hillbillies boobs nude. That's even better. Safe search off, of course.

chickenlittle said...

I suggest you solicit designs from the usual suspects, hold a fair election, and go into business. Draw up a legal contract splitting the IP rights, and teach the blogosphere how to run an online busines.

David said...

Seven Machos said...
"I don't think it is as devastating as its creators obviously do."

Devastating? Well, hardly. Just a gentle jest. Hard for Machos to understand, as liberals don't do gentle jests.

Meade said...

"I Was Deleted By Althouse and All I Got Was This Lousy Hillbilly T-shirt"

SteveR said...

No Lee we don't get lathered up, by you anyway, but we do enjoy your comments. You don't get it and everytime you type out something, it shows how easily you can get suckered and how little sense of humor you have.

Althouse Hillbillies endorsed by you, A Law Professor

Florida said...


I'd be happy to help you set this up. A shop featuring T-shirts with your photographs and witticisms on them could be up and running in about 30 minutes.

Meade said...

"I'm With Deleted ➘"

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

I'm an Althouse Hillbilly

and on the obverse:

Y'all hear that?

WV- dedat - Alhouse Hillbilly for the date, as in:

Dedat is 'tober 8th.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

I believe in Guns, God and Althouse

And on the obverse:

That makes me a Hillbilly

WV- dransec- Althouse Hillbilly for please wait; as in:

Hold on a dransec, will ya?

MamaM said...

I'd like one with an accusatory "YOU!!!" on the front

"and I" on the back in smaller letters.

reader_iam said...

I'd want a custom one.

Seven Machos said...

Meade's shirt should read:

Althouse Hillbilly

You can pry Althouse from my cold, dead fingers.

Big Mike said...

I want one that says "I am 'Big Mike'." Light blue lettering on red. Size 2XL.

What's that, garage? You want to send an "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt to my wife? Why would you want to do that?

Just Lurking said...

How about "What do I have to do to get an Althouse tag?"

Seven Machos said...

I want a pair of Althouse man shorts with the word ALTHOUSE printed across the ass.

kentuckyliz said...

Althouse Commentariat

^ I want one

WV Punster

^ One of those too

kentuckyliz said...

I want a chip ahoy animated T

rocketeer67 said...

Brought to you by the double-naught-spy level intellect of L.E. Lee.

kentuckyliz said...

Althouse UnSullied

^ i want one of those too

Eric said...

I want a pair of Althouse man shorts with the word ALTHOUSE printed across the ass.

Now that there is funny.

Jason (the commenter) said...

At one point she was going to do a CD and at another sell scribbles. But it never happens. Don't you people see how she's jerking us around?

Jason (the commenter) said...

I want to see a t-shirt with an Andy Warhol version of her portrait and another where she's dressed up like The Little Tramp.

campy said...

Take it to the House! on the front.

althouse.blogspot.com on the back.

Ron said...

Vortexed Hillbilly Cafe


chuck b. said...

I'm still fantasizing about the Titus spoken word album...

Pogo said...

And you a law professor!

former law student said...

"I was frontpaged on Althouse"

"I have my own tag on Althouse"

"Althouse Troglodyte"

"Somebody in Madison, Wisconsin mocked me"

Pogo said...

Front: Althouse

Back: Squirrel!

former law student said...

Front: Althouse

Back: Squirrel!

Front: You say Althouse

Back: I say Squirrel!

"Another Liberal Limbaugh Listener"

LL said...

If we are voting, then I'm all for "Professor Althouse deleted me once.'

AllenS said...

Althouse Union Suit Long Underwear


Rialby said...

Chips Ahoy + CafePress.com = sweet little money maker for Althouse and CA

Lem said...

I usually wear a suit all the time.. but i guess i can keep one as a momento ;)

Lem said...

"my other t shirt is a suit"

Peter V. Bella said...

I sell promotional products, including tee shirts. I would be more than willing to help design the shirts and help promote them.

Michael Hasenstab said...

I got tagged by Althouse and liked it.

Remember those Who Is John Galt? bumper stickers?

How about a tee shirt that says Who Is Althouse

Or my fav: Co-fucking-exist.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Oh yeah, the Who Is Althouse? shirt should have and egg salad sandwich on it.

MamaM said...

If you go with a Titus album,
"Fully Mature Hog in the Garden of Pubes" might work.

chickenlittle said...

I'm still fantasizing about the Titus spoken word album...

I can see it too done right: Henry Rollins style over some tasteful musical background...now that could fly!

wv: riutgr (that's what the police donned in Pittsburgh)

chickenlittle said...

Front: What is Art?

Back: Art is Althouse

wv = tuoona (as in pollo del mar)

David said...

"I Started A Blog and All I Got Was This Hillbilly Husband"

David said...

Art is Carney.

Chip Ahoy said...

I want a hoodie with a Raggedy Ann doll printed on it with Althouse's head substituted.


"I was tagged by Althouse

naner naner naner"

Hey! It's snowing! Boy, I got those tomatoes inside just in time. Whew.

Fred4Pres said...

How about these proposed t-shirts:

I knew Meade before he married Althouse

I knew Meade before he was a commentator at Althouse

Althouse is to Instapundit as Joan Rivers was to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Keeping Madison sane for at least a couple of years

How about a shirt that has all the little atvars and logos of Althouse commentators?

Fred4Pres said...

I wish Titus showed us those little football stadium drawings he used to do as a kid. Perhaps he was just making it up, but I think he was being honest. They sounded interesting.

m00se said...

OK, how about this:

"You got a purty mouth..."

I think that covers all bases.

Titus said...

I could probably get one that said "I Have Been Deleted More Than Anyone Else on Althouse...and all I got was this t shirt.

Photog714 said...

Now I want an "Althouse Hillbilly" t-shirt.

Those have been around for a long time.

traditionalguy said...

Try "Tagged at AnnAlthouseBlog and lived"

Kirby Olson said...

Althouse Hillbilly. I'm for that.

First thing you know
Old Ann's a millionaire
Kinfolks'll say Ann
Move away from there
Cable TV is the place you ought to be
So she'll load up the pack
And move to Beverly

Hills, that is,
Swimming Pools,
Coffee bars.

Titus said...

Mine would need to be a fitted t size small to accentuate my guns, natch.

I do have a t that says, "Massachusetts Liberal".

And another one that says "Wide Stance".

And a Kennedy t natch.

Seven Machos said...

I once owned
a CD of William S. Burroughs reading his own writing over tracks by The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
. It really starts about 30 seconds in.

I could definitely see Titus doing something like that.

Titus said...

Has anyone watched the episode of The Queef Sisters on South Park.

God I love them.

Titus said...

OMG, Annie Hall is on TCM.

Love Diane Keaton, she is from Chippewa Falls, Wi in the movie-I think it is this move.

Love Chippewa Falls and Leinenkugel.

traditionalguy said...

"Play Tag @ AlthouseBlog"

sonicfrog said...

Front: "I ♥ Feminist Boobies!"

Back: "Althouse.com"

Lem said...

and for the Althousia liberals

"How Althouse lost me"

wv - habblo - yo no abblo ingles.

(wv is mocking the wise latina)

reader_iam said...

How about:

"Althouse Oldtimer

Linked, frontpaged, deleted, tagged..but still won't stay away"

bagoh20 said...


t-man said...

I'd cast my vote for "You, a law professor ..."

Lem said...

I watched My dinner with Althouse and all I got was this t shirt.

Cedarford said...

I wouldn't gravitate to get a shirt based on one commentor' stupid, dated jibe "Althouse readers are hillbillies".

But perhaps something more in keeping with the spirit Ann has brought to her Blog:

Althouse: Into the Vortex!
Althouse: Finest Breast Commentary
Althousian Law - It's Fun!

Or perhaps Althouse might consider T-shirts with what she thinks are her 5 favorite Photos. "Images by Althouse".

And she has had some rather delicious "teasers" in Red as her stated blog topic.

Much, much to work with....

If she was just blogging photograhy, she'd have a ton of things that might go on T-shirts.

Law? Same.

Other topics? Rich fodder for crass commercialization!!

Lem said...

"All your base are belong to Althouse"

a classic.

bagoh20 said...

"Titus was here"

chickenlittle said...

Photog714 wrote: Those have been around for a long time.

WTF? Are those really for sale?

L. E. Lee said...

I do expect royalties from this commercial endeavor. I have learned from past experiences; specifically ghost writing "Dreams of My Father."

Lem said...

The first pic of Althouse I saw she was using it as her avatar. it was a closup and she was like looking down but from the side and it was all in one color i think.

anyway, it was a really good shot of her.

I've looked for it but i cant find it.

John said...

There is a great Kinks album from the early 70s called Muswell Hillbillies. Perhpas Ann could approach Ray Davies about doing a follow up Althouse Hillbillies.

I think a simple t-shirt that says "My Dinner With Althouse" would work well.

Republican said...

Please stop ragging on hillbillies.

Thanks, The Ozarks

bagoh20 said...

If Ann just wears each shirt for a night, they would sell like used panties. Hmmmm...

Meade said...

Switch Bart's face with Althouse.

John said...

"If Ann just wears each shirt for a night, they would sell like used panties. Hmmmm...'

That is funny. But really disgusting. But really funny.

Titus said...

"I Pinched A Loaf" on Althouse's Blog.

Penny said...

When you have a great name, you just need to go with it.

Althouse is one of those names.

Before I heard there was an Ann Althouse, I thought "alternative house". And it really has proved to be that.

May I suggest the following:

althouse dot calm

Yeah, yeah I know it isn't always calm here, but everyone loves surprises.

Penny said...

Oh, and one more thing, may I suggest that the t-shirts have a washed out look. I think they call it "heathered" at LL Bean. Some may think of it as colors that have been dusted. For example, heather blue, heather green or dusty red or dusty purple.

They may be pricier, but ever more tasteful...as is our hostess.

Jason said...

Althhouse Hillbilly.

Comment like a pig.

John said...

Any t-shirt should feature this picture of Ann.


jayne_cobb said...

Don't you have to actually feel insulted before you can claim a word/label? I thought that was the rule.

As for a shirt:

-You came for the egg salad, but you'll stay for the onion rings

al said...

I want a pair of Althouse man shorts with the word ALTHOUSE printed across the ass.

Don't forget the matching sandals.

campy said...

I want this September 15, 2006 post title on my Althouse tee:

"Let's take a closer look at those breasts."

Penny said...

All in all, this is pretty funny.

Have you noticed that those who came forward early to say they can do these t-shirts for a dime in week, have backed off as each of us add our unique two cents to the cost of the tee?

Clearly this is not a government operation! lol

EDH said...

The Horror!

The image of Althouse sitting in a rocking chair(video @4:15) on top of a beat-up old truck just popped into my head.

wv - "triallyz" = what John Edwards spoke in a courtroom

Rose said...

LOL, Funny thread!

t-man said...

I want an official Althouse merkin.

former law student said...

an official Althouse merkin.

I'm pretty sure we're all 'merkins here. Real live nephews (and nieces) of our Uncle Sam.

JAL said...

@ pogo and tman --

"And you, a Law Professor"

(has to be capitalized)

Also like "Tagged at Althouse.com"

and variations of that.

The deletecd at Althouse will be rarer. But the problem with those would then be that some of the commenters might go out to their way(s) to get deleted, which would definitely affect the quality of the comments, not to mention pressure the Blogessor.

Lots of fun ideas, actually. Cafe Press here we come ... get whoever said they'd help on board.

But wait!!! The most superb Althouse shirt would be a Chip shirt with a pop up!! I want one of those!

Alex said...

I'm a proud Jewish Althouse Hillbilly.

chickenlittle said...

I'm a proud Jewish Althouse Hillbilly.

An Althouse Hillelbilly-yay!

Doug Sundseth said...

Why would anyone want a "You, a Law Professor!" T-Shirt? Second person doesn't work very well in T-Shirts (or fiction).

"Me! A Law Professor!", however, might be marketable.

MamaM said...

I proposed a large
on the front to serve as the pared down version of "and You, a Law Professor".

It would also cover the tone of the accusations, finger pointing, and immature name calling often offered up as commentary.

The addition of "and I" on the back would add the missing relational element and perspective necessary for healthy conversation and comment.

It's not funny, but it would reflect the style of conversation used to attack rather than convey, illumine, share or give someone pause for thought.

Hiding behind every accusatory "YOU!!!" is an "I" --most likely a small agnry "i" defending a personal opinion or feeling they are afraid to directly and openly express.

"i" know, because I frequently feel wary myself, slowly learning to add and express the "and I" part, often at the end of the comments. While it takes me a while to find my thought and express it, it also feels safer to chime in when the the heat is off.

For me, the phrase "You!!! and I" expresses the essence of this blog, where a private relational exchange of opinion between reader and writer is allowed and invited to take place in a semi-public arena.

TMink said...

What are the criteria for being a hillbilly? Appalachian or Ozark origins?

If so, my folk are pwt from central Louisiana, so my proximity to Appalachia and love of fly fishing there disqualify me.

But who is closer to a hillbilly than I?


JackOfClubs said...

It looks like the CafePress /Althouse shop is already taken. Maybe /AlthouseBlog or AlthouseLawProf would work?

wv: suphi

Paul Brinkley said...

You would have to be a truly special individual to wear:

Althouse took a closer look at my breasts

wv: dencem - DuPont's answer to green concrete

John said...

I'd buy one!

We'uns up here in the hills of North Carolina are still honored that you and Meade visited us on your pre-wedding trip.