October 2, 2009

Helen Thomas wants Robert Gibbs's conscience to bother him.

"Has the president given up on the public option?"

"Wow! Giggly giggle giggle," says Gibbs.


Hoosier Daddy said...

Good lord can you imagine bumping into that old crone in a dark alley?

And can Gibbs sound more like a pussy when he giggles?

AllenS said...

Gibbs has no conscience. If he did, he'd find different work.

Kevin said...

Gibbs reminds everyone of a character in a hit movie. It's his poor fortune that it's "Flounder" in "Animal House."

But a pathetic, waddling girlie-man is the perfect spokesman for this pathetic, nutless administration.

class-factotum said...

Does she want his conscience to bother him because he won't answer the question? Or because she wants the public option and is advocating for it in her position as a neutral, just the facts, reporter?we

Henry said...

Helen Thomas is right this time. Will Obama actually fight for something he says he wants? Or will he continue to enunciate broad principles while Congress makes him look like a jackass?

Paul Zrimsek said...

"Mistaking yourself for my conscience again, Helen?"

OK, I probably couldn't have come up with it on the spot either.

VW: noboor. A good rule for future press conferences.

Robert Cook said...

Of course he's weaseling...as every Presidential press spokesperson (or whatever the title is) does. They cannot put themselves into the position of asserting a definite position if there's a chance the President will accept something less or changes his mind or fails to achieve his goals.

By definition, anyone willing to do this job is a weasel.

Would that all White House reporters pressed every White House spokesperson as diligently about every question of moment to the country.

As if.

The White House reporters are weasels themselves.

miller said...

I'm not sure which is more quease-making: Ted Williams' frozen head or Helen Thomas' live one.

holdfast said...

Tony Snow was a classy weasel.

Nobody who looks as homely as Gibbs should be that smug. He is extremely lucky that, with the exception of Garret of Fox and Tapper of ABC, every other reporter in the room wants his boss to be their boyfriend.

sloandaughter said...
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blake said...

Dana Perino managed to seem non-weaselly.

And to have much bigger balls than Gibbs. There's probably a certain freedom in knowing that your boss is hated.