October 17, 2009

Bundled up.


(At the Renwick Gallery, in Washington.)


traditionalguy said...

Somebody has a beautiful great Grandmother.

edutcher said...

So, who took the photo?

If Meade, we can guess what was on his mind...

MamaM said...

Wrapped or Wrevealed?

Bissage said...

Those are some nice looking frames.

Ann Althouse said...

I took the photo. And the bundled-up guy is not Meade.

JAL said...

The lady on the righ needs to pull that "throw" up.


wv tradiess
lady trader

bearbee said...

Is Bundled Guy really a part of the exhibit?

MamaM said...

If an exhibit is a "presentation for others to see", then Bundled Guy fulfills the "others" part along with Althouse, who was recording her perception and composition for later exhibition.

It's interesting to consider how many different "points of view" or pairs of eyes are represented or engaged in the picture Althouse portrays.

5 subjects
4 painters/artists
2 immediate viewers/guests
??? online viewers
Plus the behind-the-scene points of view of those tasked with framing, display and upkeep.

Sort of like a Blog.

Ralph L said...

I went to the Renwick twice in the 70's, but almost all I can remember are the grand staircase and the red walls.

Our poofy Senior English teacher took his class of 17 y o boys there and lunch at Nathan's in Georgetown. The other thing I remember is him cocking his eyebrow at me when I knew what ormolu is.

rhhardin said...

The room needs some kind of slanty wallpaper.