October 9, 2009

Barack Obama can now proceed undistracted by thoughts of what he would need to do to win the Nobel Prize.

Go totally hawkish. Kick Iran's ass. Anything you want. Ah ha ha ha ha.


kentuckyliz said...

Quit being a beta male.

He behaves like my submissive cats toward the dominant tom: they roll over and show their soft white underbelly.

WV famit
the Billy Mays hawked product Obama used to ascend to national prominence

lucid said...

The unfortunate thing is that this will probably give the Baccus bill a boost and will obscure the two trillion in new taxes that the bill requires.

muddimo said...

Hah! Excellent point.

Actually, you joke, Ann, but you just never know. Three years to go yet and we'll just see what happens when Obama has his first melt down. Bound to happen, he is way over his head.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Kiss Iran's ass


Bissage said...

There will never be a better time to take that prize money and launch a crack-fueled bender that school kids will be singing about for centuries to come!

Pastafarian said...

Actually, if I thought it likely that Obama might decide to behave like a hawk, I'd be concerned about his target.

The most likely manifestation of hawkish Obama behavior that I can think of is this: Israel launches a precision air strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, and when they go through Iraqi air space, Obama gives orders to shoot down the Israeli aircraft.

This is the scenario that I thought Biden was alluding to in his bizarre "he will be challenged" prediction (he will be challenged and he will have to make an unpopular decision, blah blah).

TRO said...

And to think that I really believed they could never pick anyone who had done less for world peace than Al Gore.

Boy they fooled me.

This is like getting a gold medal in the Rio Olympics before the race and then finishing last with a limp. What a joke.

Jimmy Carter, Yassar Arafat, Al Gore, and now Barry.

A terrorist-supporting anti-Semite, a terrorist, a buffoon, and an empty-suit socialist.

It's official, we live in Bizzaro Universe.

Sheepman said...

One theory I heard in the Norwegian press was that the reason the Nobel Committee awarded the prize to Obama was that he now would have to try to live up to the expectations that they think receiving the Prize would create.

I think they overvalue the prestige and "responsibility" that comes with the Prize

Roger J. said...

norwegians drink too much aquavit

paul a'barge said...

This is the most brilliant assertion of the year, so far.

Unstated is the assertion now that Obama, a Peace Prize recipient, can never do anything war-like.

The Nobel PP Committee has just tied Obama's hands behind his back.

These people really, really hate America.

Fred4Pres said...

Obama Peace Summit!

It is almost like Camp David.

Big Mike said...

After Teddy Roosevelt I would have thought that the Norwegians should know better than to give the Peace Prize to a sitting US president. History may force him to do something very violent, and there is no claw-back on a Nobel.

holdfast said...

Since I am presently in Vancouver, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, I am going to suggest that BHO and Andi Sullivan immediately be awarded Gold Medals for men's double skeleton luge.

Freeman Hunt said...

That would be awesome.

Alternate reality Obama:

At his acceptance speech, he brandishes an assault rifle and says, "I spell peace P-I-E-C-E!"

miller said...

In how many ways can we say "unbelievable"?