October 27, 2009

At the Winter Rye Inn...


... things are looking perky.


Peter Hoh said...

re. the photo: That's the color I want for my ribbon.

I may have to grow my own rye. Looks lovely.

Titus said...

Good evening fellow republicans.

Today I have come out as a vegetarian.

Love me hold me but if you have meat breat I may faint.

As many of you know my British/Indian husband is vegetarian and after much deliberation I am now a vegetarian.

Yes, we assume vegetarians to be commie liberal democrat traitors but I am a Vegetarian Republican and am proud. And I want to sing it from the mountain tops.

Meat is murder I tell you. At least that is what The Smiths song told me.

So I am all about white rice, fresh vegies, tofu, and other shit like that.

Please embrace me. I know the republican party is a "big tent" and I need your love, support and acceptance.

As always, thank you.

chickelit said...

Today I have come out as a vegetarian.

Have you told your parents?

chickelit said...


WTF is wrong with hillbillies?

Too bad you couldn't get a decently paid job in journalism- I'll bet you'd be less glum.

Titus said...

I also demand a platform and speaking engagement in the next republican convention.

With my acceptance as a vegetarian I believe we can grow the republican party outside of the less educated, poor, fat and pregnant and divorced south.

I believe we are on our way back to relevance.

Again, thank you so much.

chickelit said...


First you're a non-vagiterian- then you come out as a vegetarian- you're bound to confused the common folk.

Titus said...

No more fish which is devastating to me but I am willing to accept it.

No more Friday Fish Fries.

And butter, fuck that.

I am all about fava beans, greens and vegetables.

Don't tell me about the pain a carrot has gone through, please, I beg of you.

All I ask is that you accept me in you "big tent".

And please no foix gras on the menu, if I can ask a simple request.

Do you know how they get foix gras?
It is just so sad and unreasonable.

No caviar either, please, just ignore the fish eggs on the menu.

It's too expensive for the Althouse Hillbillies anyways so I don't expect any to order it.

Again, thank you with much love and respect.

Bouncing tits are still ok though in my book, just don't eat them.

Chip Ahoy said...

Vegetarian spaghetti pasta with butternut squash. It has cheese. Is that legal? It'd be nothing without it.

Anonymous said...

But, you see, I AM a hillbilly. I am Davy Crockett's great-great-great-great grandson. My grandfather's given name was Ledford, and his brother was Clarence, and they came from Kentucky.

Uncle Clarence used to say he never had a pair of store-bought shoes until he moved to Californey in '32.

bagoh20 said...

I agree that the gender card is not the typical Ann response, but apparently, what Ann found in that bag was not the only nasty garbage at the Isthmus. What a bunch of ugly people, and on the inside where it counts.

Merrill Linmon Roe said...

Titus: is tofu a good lubricant?

Wince said...

Today I have come out as a vegetarian.

Wouldn't that imply a period of closet vegetarianism -- a previous conversion, not a present one?

blake said...


Titus was always a latent vegetarian.

His previous consumption of meat was conspicuous--as if he were compensating for something?

Fred4Pres said...

So who is the catcher?

Titus said...

I must dispell something here and now.

Not all gays "pitch" and "catch".

My Indian/British husband I have not fucked or sucked each other off.

That is very common.

We just jerk off while making out.

Sure we have nippled on each others hogs (one cut, and uncut) but we don't climax in each others mouths or asses.

Is that so hard for breeders to understand?

We just blow it on ourselves.

Now doesn't that make us totally normal and cool like straighties?

Ralph L said...

Watcha doin for protein?
You'll have to eat a lot of beans.

WV - caron - You could turn out as thin as Leslie. Actually, a girl I knew in college who'd been a vegetarian since birth was pretty fat, mostly above the hips. She was a Copt, named Aida.

chickelit said...

I don't care about your sex life. But if you dump cheese and dairy you're pretty much a traitor to your roots.

Just sayin'

Titus said...

I don't want to eat cum and I don't want my ass plowed but I am still gay.

Same with my husband.

We don't even finger each other's asses. As far as we are concerned ass play is forbidden.

Is that enough for straighties to understand the mos?

We don't all fuck ass and eat cum.

We are simple persons just working our way through life.

We don't want cooches or titties to lap up.

We just want to shoot our loads, preferably on a man's tits that are highly defined by the fact that he works out constantly.

Again, thank you so much for you understanding.

Titus said...

Also, I am not dumping cheese and dairy.

I am a daughter of America's dairyland and I refuse to dump dairy.

It is my requirement to eat cheese and dairy.

Now pass me a deep fried cheesecurd pronto.

Fellow republicans I must say you are a supportive and inclusive group and for that I thank you and am so appreciate.

Ralph L said...

have not fucked or sucked each other off.
That is very common.
Among guys who are married to women but still like dick.

Gore Vidal says he never had sex with his (late) partner of many decades.

Titus said...

The thought of anal sex does not interest me or excite me.

I like the fact that I have the prostate of a 13 year boy and I want to keep it.

Anal sex, for me, is yikkie.

For others, if they enjoy, I say go for it.

Merrill Linmon Roe said...

Titus: having laid out your "likes and dislikes," is it fair to assume that gay porno turns you off?

(Ann's probably happy that this is a late evening thread.)

chickelit said...

Titus wrote:
It is my requirement to eat cheese and dairy.

Well I'm glad you have your core principles intact. But I still don't get the butter ban.

Peter Hoh said...

Titus, I'm pretty sure that butter is used at the "pure veg" South Indian restaurant we frequent.

bagoh20 said...

Oh, so that's what winter rye means. I had no idea.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Titus: Also, I am not dumping cheese and dairy.

Dude, only vegans are cool. Vegetarianism is just plain boring.

Paco Wové said...

Comments disappearing as I type! Snark-fodder gone!

Ann Althouse said...

I deleted the first couple posts that refer to the Isthmus thread. They were off in a way that annoyed me. Sorry that left other people responding to nothing.

For the record, what I said was sexist was calling me "Hon" in a way intended to belittle. That's plain old-fashioned sexism coming from a stranger. (If you're my dear friend or relative, it would be different.) Calling a woman you don't know "Hon" is like calling a black man "boy." Except you assume a woman will let you get away with it, so it works better for cowards.

Ann Althouse said...

"Not all gays "pitch" and "catch"."

If that slang was around in the 1950s, J.D. Salinger couldn't have written "The Catcher in the Rye." Or was it, and did he mean to insinuate that Holden Caulfield was gay.

Since we are growing rye, we have occasion to make "Catcher in the Rye" allusions and jokes, but it's not that easy to come up with ideas. Help us out.

KCFleming said...

I hope to hell when I do die somebody has sense enough to just delete my blog or something. Anything except leaving up my goddam posts forever. People coming and putting a bunch of comments on your blog that you'll never see, and all that crap. Who wants comments when you're dead? Nobody.

Beaverdam said...

Veggie Titus wont be pinching much after a few weeks of the veggie infused digestive track.

Once written, twice... said...

So, what we learned here today is that it is a matter of principle for Ann not to delete posts about gays suffering from "AIDS dementia" and other slanders but you better not refer to an Isthmus thread. "THAT IS BEYOND THE PALE AND ANNOYS ME!"

Peter Hoh said...

I'm okay with commenters retaining the right to expose their bigotry, bias, and stupidity.

Once written, twice... said...

BTW, the point of my posts was not to expose Althouse as being chubby but instead to expose her to be a phony. ("The Catcher in the Rye" reference intended.)

Thank you Ann for helping me make my point in less than two moves!

dbp said...

" Who wants comments when you're dead? Nobody."

I don't know if it is a setting in Blogger or just the default, but if someone comments on an old post, you get an email notification and have to approve it before it gets posted.

bagoh20 said...

"Calling a woman you don't know "Hon" is like calling a black man "boy." Except you assume a woman will let you get away with it, so it works better for cowards."

Being a white male is so unfair. We ain't got no cards to play.

Anonymous said...

Now Althouse expects me to post about rye on her crumby blog and all. She kills me.

Ralph L said...

Or was it, and did he mean to insinuate that Holden Caulfield was gay.
That would be too wry.

But we all know what goes on in boys' boarding schools.

Paddy O said...

"but instead to expose her to be a phony"

A phony what?

Seems like she is exposed as being a real person not a supposedly uninterested party following a set up unimpeachable blog comment rules.

She's not bound by rectangles.

WV: stopho. ?

Titus said...

I have called Althouse "Doll" and "Dove" but I consider both terms of endeerment.

Hon, though sounds kind of sexist.

Ralph L said...

"Doe" would be a true term of endeerment.

Ann Althouse said...

"I don't know if it is a setting in Blogger or just the default, but if someone comments on an old post, you get an email notification and have to approve it before it gets posted."

That's a setting. I've used that form of comments moderating at times (mainly because the proportion of spam was high). You can change it.