October 3, 2009

At the Red Hotel...


... it's very hot.


David said...

Today's theme: Hot and Cold.

former law student said...

Do they serve red wine at the Red Hotel?

I can't remember the last time there was a wine-related post here.

Chip Ahoy said...

Speaking of optics, I'm learning about the joys of RAW files, Nikon's version is NEF. If you have sufficient space, some cameras allow you to shoot in RAW and JPG simultaneously thus enjoy the best of both worlds.

JPG uses all your camera's careful settings and compresses the files for convenience. RAW does not. It's not that RAW is unprocessed, it is, but it equates to a film negative. JPG equates to the finished photograph after an expert processed the negative and fine tuned the result. All that processing and compression occurs in the camera. RAW allows for more post processing with greater amounts of information because it hasn't been compressed.

The thing is, JPG is a lot faster. RAW files have much more information so moving and converting the files takes much longer, especially if you have a lot of photos.

I also learned how to eliminate noise in Photoshop.

I took 60 photos at a party without flash because this camera is cracked up to be great at high ISO plus the viewfinder and playback was indicating everything was beautiful. When I got home I discovered a lot of noise and color problems that could have been avoided.


I decided to pop for a flash. I learned I didn't have to get the super-duper ridiculously upscale pro model because the camera I got can be its own commander. There are advantages for the next model up but at this point they're negligible. I think. I put a lot of faith in Amazon reviews. I read all the bad ones first to see what those people felt went wrong. This flash is rated very highly.

chuck b. said...

This and the little princess picture do not look like Wisconsin to me. Were you somewhere else recently?

AllenS said...

Ugh. I can't sleep.

Theo Boehm said...

For those of you who don't know it, our old friend Randy ("Internet Ronin"), is taking a tour to New England with his mother, and has put up website devoted just to the trip.  It's  very good so far, and despite the problems he says he's having with photographs, everything looks great.  Randy is writing very accurately and perceptively about New England, so if you're interested in some first-rate travel writing, do check out the site.

I'm looking forward to finally meeting Randy when he and his mom make it into the metro Boston area to visit my stomping grounds of Concord and Lexington.  It's interesting to live in a tourist destinaltion, but just enough of one that attracts a high standard of visitors so that it isn't overrun; it's just pleasantly humming during the peak Autumn tourist season.  Everybody here, of course, says "Fall,"  but I thought I'd throw in "Autumn" for such British readers perplexed by a little 17th century anachronism

Chip Ahoy's interesting photography comment reminds me I should get both of my fairly expensive but broken point-and-shoots fixed before Randy shows up.  I always like to take Fall pictures around here anyway, but most all of my cameras have died horrible deaths lately, so I feel pretty unprepared for those almost patentable, lovely New England Fall days.  The season is amazingly short, so you've got three weeks, tops, to enjoy it.

Looks like Randy and Mom showed up just in time.

Deb said...

Theo, thank you for the link to Randy's blog. I love reading about other folks' travels. I would love to take one part of the U.S. each year and explore it. One of my favorite things to do is ramble around looking at the old houses in places like Savannah and Charleston. I never get tired of it and am quite sad when I have to leave.

wv: trist.

ricpic said...

Thanks for the link, Theo. I have a strange relationship to New England. Lived there - Vermont - for over a decade. Never felt at home. Heartbreaking beauty. But exclusionary, toward me at least. Recently took a quick trip to the mid-Maine coast: Camden; Rockport; Rockland. Camden was horribly touristicated but Rockport: moments of transcendent beauty. I've often wondered how people who live in such places can stand it.

Titus said...

My Indian/British husband just left. He came 4 times last night. I didn't cum once. I didn't sleep the entire night.

He came on my face and I can smell him on me and it turns me on. Currently there is a dried piece of flaky cum hanging from my eyebrow-I have decided to leave it there for the time being.

We spoke last night for the first time about him being uncut and me being uncut. He said he would rather be cut.

We spoke about the Muslim and Jewish parties that they have when the baby gets circumcised.

He didn't know if Christians had a party. I was born Catholic, no party. He asked when I had it done and who did it. I told him I assumed I had it done right after I was born and that the doc did it but I wasn't sure. He told me all Hindis are uncut.

He also told me when he jerks off for a long time the foreskin can chafe and gets sore as a result he thought it would probably be better cut.

Lastly, he told me he did it with someone who got circumcised later in life and the procedure was botched and his hog was 1/2 cut and 1/2 uncut. I felt sad for that man.

Oh and if you call an Indian a Paki that is similar to calling a black person the n word. He also thought the n word and the word negro were the same degratory term to describe black people-I love those cutltural educational opportunities we have.

He got me a "dream catcher" from Colorado. Isn't that romantic.
Thank you.

Titus said...

I meant me being "cut".

Just want everyone know that I am cut, not that there is anything wrong with being uncut. Hello, my British/Indian boyfriend is uncut.

Because I was fooling around with him all night but did not cum my balls heard. Is that what is referred to as blue balls or is there another term for that. I called a friend of mine about it this morning and he thought the reason was is that there was a big load in there that needed to be released.

thank you.

Triangle Man said...


D5000 ? Your experience with RAW and high ISO shots are very familiar.

Titus said...

My Indian/British boyfriend is beautiful and I am a little threatened by it.

Everywhere we go people look at him.

We went to a restaurant and a women actually came to the table and asked him to flex for her. He has really amazing arms, you see, and they seem to draw quite a bit of attention. I find it very superficial and a little intimdating.

Also, he eats foods that are really healthy which I find threatening. Vegetarian, mostly just vegetables, couscous, last night his "snack" was a rice cake and carrots.

Well at least he is a minority if that is any consolidation for me.

Titus said...

The distribution of hair on his body is threatening as well.

Just a small patch on his amazing large chest, none of his back, a nice amount in the pube area, nothing on his ass and legs are perfect. No one off large gross hairs in any wrong place on the body. Help. I think, now that I think about it, I may need to break up with him.

Hector Owen said...

Theo, thanks for the link.