October 14, 2009

The article I read via iPhone this morning that had me in hysterics before I got out of bed.

"When the Icing on the Cake Spells Disaster."

ADDED: Don't miss the slide show.

And the blog, Cake Wrecks. Here's a link to the thing in the article that cracked me up the most.


Henry said...

Here's another one for you:


victoria said...

Hysterical. Went to the nytimes website and quickly sent it to my daughter. We all need a laugh

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Thanks for the laugh!!

You know, the UBS cake is actually very well done. That showed a lot of skill, even it it also showed a lack of communication.

rhhardin said...

Graduation hazard.

Fred4Pres said...

I can see the blog headline coming:

Charles Johnson decries Ann Althouse for promoting racist cake site!

Triangle Man said...


That site is amusing and disturbing. Once I figured out it was stuff derived from www.etsy.com it seemed funnier.

tonejunkie said...

I liked the one with the exclamation point left off so the cake said, "Way To Go Bob" all sarcastic like. haha

AlmaGarret said...

I had to re-apply my mascara after reading this! Haven't laughed this hard for a long time. The slide show of cakes is priceless - especially the one that says "Nothing".

Bissage said...

"Here, put 'Happy Birthday' on this cake, and step on it."

William said...

Some of them had a meta quality. A cake with "nothing" written on it is reminiscent of the Magritte painting of a pipe with the inscription that "this is not a pipe" written under it. We should all strive to celebrate our passing moments of nothingness.

Bad Penny said...

I had to know what the purple cake with the pipes and crying eye was about, so I went to the site and found it. It's "four tears, purple iris, and fancy piping."

I so love that cake I want it for my birthday.

Synova said...


I was thinking... how is the weird eye cake a fail?

Chip Ahoy said...


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Oh no. No, she di'nt.

Cake Order:

Four tiers
Shades of purple
Purple iris on top
Include fancy piping
Any flavor

Result: crying purple giant eyeball cake with heavy plumbing throughout.

Sheepman said...

I especially liked the one that had:
("Olympic rings")

I wonder if putting it in brackets would have helped.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I also like the Naked Mohawk Carrot riding babies.

I envision presenting that cake to THIS music

froggyprager said...

thanks, I have not laughed that hard in a while. They kept going and going. This sexual harassment one had me laughing and wondering why on earth anyone would make a cake like this? what are they celebrating? http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/2008/08/this-calls-for-celebration.html

peter hoh said...

Cake Wrecks has been on my bookmarks for a long time. Always good for a laugh.

fivewheels said...

The sexual harassment cake rules. It sends an important and correct message: Don't do this.

I didn't actually laugh out loud at it, though, until I read this in the writeup: "check out how far the girl's feet are off the ground."

Synova said...

My husband and I started Atkins on Tuesday.

I have *got* to stop scrolling past that cake!