October 28, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger writes "Fuck You" to the California legislature.

It's right there in black and white.



chuck b. said...

On behalf of us all.

Hoosier Daddy said...


knox said...

What we'd all like to
Express to our
Errant and Power-hungry Represen-

(can't wait to see what others come up with)

Michael Haz said...

Hear hear.

Unknown said...

The Governator is channeling some of his old movie dialog.

He needs better writers.

After Rae Dawn Chong asked him, "If you were going to kill me, you wouldn't tell me, would you?" and he answered, "Of course I would. Trust me", it went all downhill from there.

MadisonMan said...


robinintn said...

It apparently began when the legislator told Arnold to "Kiss my ass!"

TMink said...

I am not one of his fans, but I appreciate that letter. I have to believe that it was unconscious rather than lucky chaos.


MadisonMan said...

I have to add -- I'm sure the Governor didn't do this, but he probably has some questions for staff this morning.

bagoh20 said...

How does someone notice something like that?

bagoh20 said...

My governor can kick your governor's ass and out cuss him too.

Original Mike said...

Kinda the opposite of the Wisconsin Frankenstein veto.

john said...

For these 6 years this Assembly has endured your
office’s allusive and oblique remarks and has not
retaliated, but we can no longer be silent while you
eviscerate our state budget and at the same time
insult this body and our state employees. When the
governor of California sends this message, we
note that it only speaks to his own lack of a good
education, and regret that we are now forced to
respond in kind.

Anonymous said...

Meh -

It's one of those things that should only be contemplated, not actually done. I think it cheapens public discourse even further.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I can't
understand why people
cannot just give Republicans a break.
Keep making up stories, Ann.

You seem to think that
outside of Madison, people will be
unable to figure out that this story is a hoax.

Anywhere else this story would
never see the light of day.

reader_iam said...

Hoax or not, and if true unconscious or not, the very idea puts a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

Florida -

It's not a hoax. The document exists, as represented in the article, on the Governor's web site. Arnold's staffers are not saying it is a hoax, but just a coincidence.

Wince said...

Oh, I wonder why the Governator left off the "asshole."

Bad Penny said...

Now if he just had the guts to say it to the govt employees unions he
could save the state from (more) economic ruin.

Paul said...

Well maybe there's hope for him yet. I'll really be encouraged if he dumps that stupid little rolling Scotch Tape dispenser Prius and goes back to the Hummer.

Freeman Hunt said...

That's awesome.

They so richly deserve it.

I'm Full of Soup said...


Thanks for confirming the veracity of the letter.I saw it last night and was not sure it was real.

IMO, I say about time, Arnold was himself.

Anonymous said...

@tman, who wrote: "Arnold's staffers are not saying it is a hoax, but just a coincidence."

You missed the satire and irony implicit in my message. Go re-read my comment more carefully.

Anonymous said...

@Freeman Hunt (offtopic):

Do you have a Flickr feed of your photographs? You have some wonderful outdoor shots.

Dustin said...

I'm amused greatly at the lefty blogs that are treating this as some kind of tremendous offense against morality. Read the letter, and it's a serious thing the state leg has done to its state. People are suffering mightily, and some cussing is basically a light hearted joke pointing out that the governor is frustrated.

It's not a coincidence or unconscious. The odds are billions to one on that. But the fainting and screeching over a very funny little swear is amusing from people who have no problem with obscenity... like real obscene displays at gay rights rallies, for example.

Anonymous said...

I did miss the satire, given the number of trolling commenters here who really do wish to convey that message to Althouse.

Tibore said...

That's... that's... that's just brilliant.

I'm going to start carefully composing my emails at work now with deliberate line returns, just to pass along hidden messages. :)

save_the_rustbelt said...

Years ago I did some work for a large city board of health.

One of the duties of the Vital Statistics Department was to prepare lists of death notices for publication in the newspaper.

Some of the staff showed me that the head clerk, who was having an affair with one of the board members, was arranging the names of the deceased in sequence so the first letter of the first names was a message to her lover.

It was funny to see "I Love You" spelled with the names of dead people.

save_the_rustbelt said...

Florida is not nice - read it.

traditionalguy said...

If the F--k Y-u fits, wear it.That is some good old fashioned hate speech.

Paul said...

"I'm amused greatly at the lefty blogs that are treating this as some kind of tremendous offense against morality."

Yeah right. The same bunch that calls tax protesters teabaggers and Sarah Palin a cunt.

Hopefully by now the Governator realizes you can't "work" with democrats. You can't compromise with democrats. You can only submit.

Unfortunately for them there's a whole bunch of Americans who just ain't the submitting type.

former law student said...

The Democrats in the California Legislature cannot understand that they must cut state spending to match tax revenues reduced by 12% unemployment, salary cuts, short workweeks, etc. etc. Eight years of dealing with them would make any sane person crazy.

Gina said...

I know it's juvenile and crude, and I can't believe I'm saying this about anything the Governator has done in office, but that's just awesome.

john said...

“Greetings, fellow Althousians on the occasion
of our Assembly’s bringing to light the
blunt, obscene, and insulting remarks by the
abrasive and infantile current occupant of the
California governor’s office, whom we will put the
kibosh on very soon. Don’t we all wish to see
this one-time action hero meet his demise, by
our thrust (to the proverbial
hilt) of our democrat sword, and have his (less than)
olent remains sent back to Hollywood? Remember the
last time we let one of those Southern CA types up here,
Leonard Decaprio (who only had one good movie role),
yet having touched the hem of Al Gore’s cloak, and not
wincing when someone yelled “Get a room!”, petitioned for
ordination of this WWW (world warming warning) prophet, was
obdurate that we provide a venue for his WWW message, and
demanded that we regulate CO2. Yet it was
Arnold who took the credit for letting Al Gore
speak; fortunately, his appearance put all of
Sacramento to sleep, so no one paid attention, but
henceforth, (make a note) we need to also start regulating CO.
(Oh, how it snowed that evening!)
Let us keep the faith, for the governor’s star will soon be
eclipsed, and our party will, as it is written, control everything.”

Synova said...

Did anyone see the video of the some CA official from the treasury office or something like that, tearing the CA Assembly a new one, telling them outright that they waste their time on pleasing one group and then another with trivial legislation and totally ignore the real job they have of managing the budget and solving the financial problems?

Original Mike said...

Got a link, Synova?

I'm Full of Soup said...


Yeah that video was great too. Common sense is so refreshing.

We have too many laws maybe because we have so lawyers in elected office.

Synova said...


Eric said...

Synova, that was probably Bill Lockyer. He's the state treasurer. And I can understand his frustration.

The biggest problem with the California government is between the initiative process and the governor's line-item veto the legislature can punt on every substantive issue. So they don't do much. When we have a crisis they're so used to not doing anything they keep not doing anything and whatever the problem is just gets worse.

In most states when you have a recession-related drop in revenue the legislature decides whether to raise taxes or cut services or borrow money, then they send the budget to the governor. In California the legislature makes a generous budget with fraudulent assumptions on the revenue side. That way the governor has to take all the heat for balancing the budget with his line-item veto. The legislators can tell their interest groups "I would never have voted to cut that money. The governor is heartless!"

Original Mike said...

Thanks, Synova.

Unfortunately, two words come to mind:

Deaf. Ears.

reader_iam said...

Dang. That video clip was amazing.

campy said...

Lockyer ... isn't he the guy who supports prison rape?

former law student said...

I am not a big fan of Treasurer Lockyer, who has been feeding from the public teat since 1973.

As AG, Lockyer harassed WalMart to the point where they decided to quit selling firearms in California.

As AG, Lockyer argued the "collective rights" model of the Second Amendment in Silveira v. Lockyer

As state senator, Lockyer pushed to have serial numbers placed on every bullet sold in California

veni vidi vici said...

isn't there a better "fuck you asshole" utterance in total recall or one of the terminator movies or something?

Bumsurf said...

Yikes! My speed reading technique is Kaput. I can never be confident again that reading from left to right will suffice.

reader_iam said...

Tenuously related digression:

I just learned that there's actually a website which tracks in real time people swearing on Twitter. I thought it was a joke. It's not. It's called Cursebird.com. But even more bizarre, and far funnier, is the tale of one man's efforts to rise to the top of Cursebird. I mean, like, WTF?

Makes Arnold seem a piker.

(Hat tip to Twitter Fail Blog, which also links to a place devoted to the use of the f-words in plural noun form.)

/tenuously related digression

wv: funwer (hahahahahaha)

Synova said...

"I am not a big fan of Treasurer Lockyer, who has been feeding from the public teat since 1973. " etc. gun stuff...


Well, that doesn't mean he can't be right about *something* once in a while.

kentuckyliz said...

at the article, someone had looked up the metadata on the document, and it was created by mnaple; I googled and found one Michael Naple on the staff of the Office of the Governator of the Great State of California. So yessiree, it's real. High fives to Mr. Naple.

The SF guy said to kiss his GAY ass, which is even grosser than a regular one. LOL Although I'm sure some of the commentariat here are salivating at the thought. Ewwww.

Chip Ahoy said...


John, I see what you did up there ^^^.

You're a bad boy, a very bad boy indeed.

john said...

Thanks Chip,

Idiotic as it may seem,
the truth is that
several of my best comments
are, or seem to
be, not read or only rarely
observed, such that I am
unwilling many times to even
try my best at being original or
to even care about posting.
I do appreciate it when
my fellow commenters notice,
especially those who can also cook.

john said...

I, on the other hand,
can certainly see other points
of view, and would never take
umbrage at those who choose to
lambast commenters with whom they
do not agree. Not
curiously, one who
arrives late to this post
rarely sees the humorous thread
effusively woven in from the beginning.
Lest one thinks he is not wanted here, he should
extinguish that thought, for
someone will inevitably appreciate his

Wince said...

veni vidi vici said...
isn't there a better "fuck you asshole" utterance in total recall or one of the terminator movies or something?

Indeed. I linked to that Terminator scene above at 12:06pm.

The funny part is how the Arnold the cyborg pulls up a visual menu of "possible responses" and chooses "fuck you, asshole."

Chip Ahoy said...

Ha ha ha ha. John, stop it, you're killing me over here.

Ralph L said...

The year before I started high school, the yearbook editors arranged the faculty photos to spell "FUCK [school initials]". I can't remember if they revoked their diplomas, but they got in serious trouble.

Preston said...

On a cleaner note, this reminds me of a chemical engineering textbook from 45 years ago: "Transport Phenomena" by U. of Wisconsin professors Bird, Stewart & Lightfoot. "Transport Phenomena contains many instances of hidden messages and other word play. For example, the first letters of each sentence of the Preface spell out "This book is dedicated to O. A. Hougen." The first letters of each paragraph in the Postface spell out 'On Wisconsin'."