October 17, 2009

Althouse in Washington.

The symposium over, Althouse sits dreamily in an octagonal room at the Renwick Gallery:


Photo by Meade.

One more, also by Meade, with the bust of James Renwick, Jr. (1818-1895) in the background.



We're back in Madison now, arriving to homecoming Saturday, after the game has been lost. Too bad for the Badgers, but congratulations to the Boilermakers for beating the Buckeyes! West Lafayette is one of my favorite places on the face of the planet, so I'm very happy for Purdue.

And I'm happy to be back in Madison. I had a nice trip to Washington where George Washington Law School's law review hosted a wonderful symposium on judicial review, and I had a great time hanging out with various conlaw characters. It looked like this:


But that ended, and it was out into the cold rain of our nation's capital to search for my adorable husband, to see some art and eat some food and, today, to fly back into our lovely medium-sized city in the midwest.


JAL said...

Well settle in for a cozy evening.

It's cool and rainy back in Southern Appalachia. Maybe some snowflakes at the "higher elevations" as they say.

Starting to be mulled cider and hot chocolate weather.

Glad you had a nice (working) trip.

wv angfer
not really angry

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, I was just thinking of doing a little hot chocolate! Meade bought the good kind.

Diamondhead said...

West Lafayette is a great place. I wonder if Snowbear is still open. I've had their card in my wallet for twelve years now. Nostalgia...

rhhardin said...

Buckeye party.

Nobody's come yet, or everybody's left, however.

Dog running in the meantime, to keep the day interesting.

traditionalguy said...

What a wonderful life. Thanks for sharing.

Beta Conservative said...

Am I the only who immediately thought the photographer was more interested in the bust in the foreground?

William said...

You look young and attractive and lit by warm colors. It's funny how the camera captures what the photographer wishes to see.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, rh does have a wonderful life!

Revenant said...

Glad to hear you had such a nice trip.

Chip Ahoy said...

That looks like a great room to sit in dreamily.

MamaM said...

It's good to leave.

It's good to come home.

Each experience comes with it's own set of blessings and challenges.

MamaM said...

Actually, my first impression on finding a picture on the screen when I came in for break, was "ahhhh!"

...Like seeing the porch light on.

Big Mike said...

Too bad for the Badgers

You follow college football?!?

And you a law professor!

former law student said...

to be suitably dreamy, the professor should have worn something white and gauzy and or lacy, like the portraits on the wall did.

Penny said...

"...Like seeing the porch light on."


Perfect! I love when people put words in my mouth that I wasn't able to form myself.

Thank you for that, and I obviously agree wholeheartedly.

MamaM said...

I know where the relief comes from.

I grew up accustomed to a certain reliability in news distribution.

Paper editions of Life, Time, Newsweek, US News and World report, Smithsonian and The National Geographic were an important part of my household experience growing up, along with a daily delivered newspaper.

I used to help our sons with their neighborhood paper routes. We knew most of the homeowners by name or behavior and were involved in a reciprocal arrangement that seemed an integral part of community. That was four years ago, right before the newspaper industry tanked. Since then something major has changed in the way news is determined and delivered.

In your blog I see a new and different form of delivery taking place to include news, picture, editorial comment, information and comic relief.

It feels good when "the porch lights come on". I can almost hear the familiar and satisfying TWACK a folded newspaper makes when it lands on the cement next to the front door.

edutcher said...

Ann Althouse said...

I was just thinking of doing a little hot chocolate! Meade bought the good kind.

Be glad you missed the snow (I hope).
East Coast snowstorms can have a ferocity the Midwest can't conceive.

Beta Conservative said...

Am I the only who immediately thought the photographer was more interested in the bust in the foreground?

Hardly. It's nice to see a couple their age (and mine) who are so intoxicated by each other. There are probably more than we realize, but Ann and Meade have been very gracious in sharing their lives with us.

Gary said...

Ann, with all the vitriol and just downright meanness nowadays, it was such a pleasure to read those words, "...to search for my adorable husband."

I never did extend my congratulations to you and Mr. Meade on your becoming husband and wife...may I do it now with many wishes for health and happiness.

By the way, marriage has done you wonders for your posts. They have been never better. Thank you for sharing.

Penny said...

I love Althouse, but a pickaxe goes a long way in finding her best side.


You have your work set out for you.

It's an excellent sign she thinks you are currently "adorable".

blake said...

Are these low-light pix?

traditionalguy said...

Meade...Being adored by an Ann Althouse type woman is a gift that few men will ever experience. My sincere congratulations to you for being a special man.

Penny said...

Traditional guy?

As a prickly woman myself, I surely see how a gentleman like Meade has introduced some "softer edges" to a superb "work in progress".

traditionalguy said...

Penny?...You must have seen a different side to the Professor than I have seen. But prickly people are just keeping a good boundary in place so that the relationship remains sweet and safe for both. Who finds you prickly? My read is that you are not prickly enough.

Penny said...

"You must have seen a different side to the Professor than I have seen"

I suspect that to be true, tg, yet we both admire "something about Ann".

You're a hunny bunny, tg! Why would I ever harsh your buzz about Ann?

Oberon said...

@Big Mike: No, she must not follow college football. The Badgers played Iowa. Not Purdue. Wow.