October 8, 2009

All that texting.

I sneezed downstairs. Got the text: "Gesundheit."


MadisonMan said...

Sounds like someone has an unlimited texting plan.

Chase said...

Happens that way in our home all the time. Texting is ultra convenient. Most common texts to others in the house:

"Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes".

"Can you turn that down"?

"Anyone up for a movie"?

~ and just between me and the missus:

"Ur hot".

"Want to meet upstairs to . . . "?

Meade said...

Funny to me was hearing the out loud laugh after she read the text. And then getting the reply:

Bissage said...

Like the inestimable Meade, I too prefer to say “Gesundheit” rather than “God Bless You.”

I don’t expect that it will ever become the custom to say “Sebelius.”

bearbee said...



I'd text it if I could spell it.

save_the_rustbelt said...

The honeymoon phase is still ongoing.

Hope is lasts forever.

bearing said...

Gesundheit. :-) Someone's from Cincinnati.

When I was in graduate school (in Minnesota), I had a bunch of other grad students, several of them foreign, over at my apartment for spaghetti. Someone sneezed, I automatically said "Gesundheit," and was rewarded by one of the funniest double-takes I ever saw from the German grad student...

David said...

Awww, how cute.

In our house, when I sneeze, the dog barks and my wife laughs.

Better than the other way around.

Lem said...

Higher females prefer better texters.

k*thy said...

bearing - my daughter tells a similar story. While spending her junior year in Frieburg (from the UofM), through a conversation with housemates, they were amazed that 'Gesundheit' was the reply she had grown up with. Milwaukee-German, this one.

Tibore said...

"bearbee said...


I'd text it if I could spell it."

Seconded. My texts would've read



"Gesun... aw, screw it. GodBlessU."


Word Verification: raticti. Ratatouille, but made with ziti. :D

Triangle Man said...

Gesundheit. :-) Someone's from Cincinnati.

Because there are no Germans in Wisconsin?

Tibore said...

Thought it was primarily Norwegian decendants myself.

Tibore said...

Whoops. Correction: I'm thinking Minnesota. Not Wisconsin. Error on my part.

Yaaah... Minnesoooooooohtah. Theh state where you taaaake youuur boooht ouht to the laaaaaaake to go fishin in.

(*ducks thrown fruit*)

Triangle Man said...

Correction: I'm thinking Minnesota. Not Wisconsin.

Minnesota has it's fair share of Norwegians, but German ancestry is still most prevalent. This map shows it nicely.

class-factotum said...

1. In Germany, the health minister is called the Gesundheitminister: http://class-factotum.blogspot.com/2009/09/germany-5-gesundheitminister-minister.html

2. I call my husband from the basement because I am too lazy to climb two flights of stairs. Isn't that normal? Our plan gives us free calls between our two phones.

Bissage said...

You are sooooo good looking!

rhhardin said...

Gesundheit : multiply by 9, divide by 5, and add 32.