September 12, 2009

"Wilson hires professional Tweeter."


So there's a whole profession now. Professional tweeter. Put that on your resume.

But you know, tweeters have been around for a long time. And they are funky.

Maybe Urban Dictionary can help.... Ooh! Maybe you don't want to be a professional tweeter.... Is that something ACORN can help with?


former law student said...

From the article, sounds like he'd just be tweeting to the converted.

rhhardin said...

Professional woofer.

Kevin said...

He's hired David All, who in all instances is a self-promotional douchebag.

Heck, the phrase "New Media Douchebag" was coined with him in mind. (Enjoy: )

AJ Lynch said...

"Professional tweeter"..chalk up another "job created" by the Obama administration!

miller said...

So he hired someone to be his professional communicator. How is this different than the TOTUS?