September 23, 2009

"Well, remember, this was the speed diavlog. You should have heard the long version, the one that killed my computer. That was hot."

My response to the commenter at Bloggingheads who said, "I must admit, when I saw the headline, 'Ann and Emily remember their bad-girl days,' I got my hopes up."

We had to start over. The first 12 seconds of Take 2:

And in the high-speed do-over, we gave only 1 minute and 38 seconds to our bad-girl days:

As for the long version, it died along with my computer, and I'm not really sure what I divulged. It certainly was not, as one dorky commenter at Bloggingheads guessed, that I "drank a lot of alcohol in college." My response to that libel:
Really? Drinking was not at all the practice of the day in my little corner of the University of Michigan, known as East Quad. We mocked squares elsewhere on campus who drank and went to football games and the sort of thing you kids today might think of as wild. We thought of you as "straights."

I disclaim responsibility for anything I'm writing here as I'm recovering from toe surgery and — legally! — high on opiates.


PatCA said...

LOL, we called those squares "straights" too! We were sooo superior:, art students, very political, carloads of kids to go see Hair.

blake said...

L7, dig?

ricpic said...

Now that you're high and you can let it all hang it true girls just wanna have fun?

JAL said...

Toldja. The Percocet's doing the talking.

wv pucinema
What Percocet whispers.

traditionalguy said...

You have a many faceted skill set Professor. Art and creative design are seldom paired with mental strengths that you seem to have to categorise and teach the defined subject of constitutional law, with an add on set of superior social skills. Other than that, you are like everyone else I know.

Mark Daniels said...

At Ohio State (1971-1975), I remember that the prevailing attitude was that "straights" were people who joined fraternities and sororities and got themselves plastered on alcohol. That seemed terribly passe and conformist, actually.

On the other hand, believe it or not, I never got into drugs of any kind. It wasn't for lack of opportunities. And it wasn't because of faith scruples--I was an atheist in those days.

Truth be told, I was such a control freak, I couldn't bear the thought of inhaling or ingesting anything that might make me less in control. I've told my own children that this probably was a great asset and an enormous burden in those years. (Or in life, generally.)

I must close, I'm under the influence at this time, having just taken a Lunesta to help me sleep.

I hope that you are feeling better, Ann. You have been in my prayers today.

Mark Daniels

M. Simon said...

I admit to nothing. At Berkeley or anywhere else.

paul a'barge said...

I just want to know if in her bad-girl days did Bazelon pull a train?

Because I'm betting she did.

Daniel Fielding said...

Ann- when were you a resident of East Quad? Were you a student of the Residential College?
I didnt come to attend U-M till the mid-90's, so, looks like I missed out on all the fun times in Ann Arbor and on the U-M campus. :)

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Sorry, PatCA, but "Hair" was for suburbanites.

There's no end to one-upsmanship!

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, RLC is right. We sneered at "Hair."

And I was there from Fall 1969 to Spring 1971.