September 22, 2009

"Law students today, however, are like single women over 35. They’re desperate — and firms are warier of committing to them."

Speaking of desperate... when desperate for a joke, piss off women.


Mark O said...

Were I just out of law school and I could get a job at any salary (or even nothing) at a firm like Cravath, Gibson, Sullivan, or O’Melveny, I would take it and stay for a year or two simply to learn how to be better than any lawyer who did not have that experience. These firms should be aware of exactly how important such experience and instruction is to even a Supreme Court clerk and adjust their scales accordingly. These firms, for the first two years out of school, could reduce the pay and hire twice as many associates and make money. It is the Cravath culture that makes a Cravath lawyer, not Yale.

Maxine Weiss said...

"I've wasted my life. You don't know what it's like. You're a man, you're free, you can do what you want in life, until you're sixty at least you're a buyer. A woman's a seller. She has to be. And she better not haggle too long. I'm thirty-four. I've had my shot, Harry. I wasted it on Nelson. I had my little hand of cards and played them and now I'm folded, I'm through. My husband hates me and I hate him and we don't even have any money to split up! I'm scared-so scared. And my kids are scared, too. I'm trash and they're trash and they know it."


--Page 534-535, 'Rabbit At Rest' by John Updike, Large Print edition.

David said...

Baaah. The good women are just starting to ripen at 35. They keep getting better, if they want to.

rhhardin said...

The billable clock is ticking.

Florida said...


Single women over 35 are a problem.

My own experience may not be dispositve, but I'd be interested in hearing views from your other regular readers.

My own experience is that single women who reach 35 are single for a reason: they're usually not very intelligent.

Oh, you can get them into the sack. I mean, in the "hookup culture" how can you NOT get a girl in the sack. In this case, you'd want stupid girls.l

But if you want meaningful conversation, why would you commit to someone unable to seal the deal at 35?

wv: numptan "Well, as long as they're tanned ..."

Bissage said...

When I was working my way through college as a janitor, one of my co-workers was an older gentleman who told me that love is like a yard sale: “One man’s junk is another man’s joy.”

I thought it a very stupid, crude and sexist thing to say.

But he meant it in a positive, hopeful way, and I very soon thereafter came to realize that I was a snobby, sophomoric ass.

Just saying.

t-man said...


Are you sure he wasn't hoping that your "junk" would be his joy?

jamboree said...

Or they're *too* smart - which can make you an outlier or marginal whichever you prefer.

My six siblings and I (male and female both) are all single except for one dominate sister Most of us are over 35. I have one year. Guys and girls are all irish cute - especially considering we all have IQs over 160.

But having an IQ sometimes makes you NOT want to get married - especially if your parents' marriage sucked hard - as ours did. Mom found the love of her life at 65 however and dad died an alcoholic wreck.

The one sister who did get married waited until 29 and she is constantly straining to get out of her marriage because her memories of my mom's situation are so bad. (she married an uber good guy). When her daughter asks why all of us aren't married she snaps, "Because they have brains".

My point? Takes all kinds. I read once that they used to say if you're not married by 25 you are either gay or weird. We're weird. As long as we're smart and cute (age appropriate of course), I'll take the weird. And we're happier just moseying along with our own kind.

class-factotum said...

My own experience is that single women who reach 35 are single for a reason: they're usually not very intelligent.

Maybe. Or maybe they're picky. I had five marriage proposals by that age but didn't want to accept any of them. I was better off alone.

jamboree said...


I've had three, but who's counting, right?

Xhe's assuming the intelligence needed to recognize the social setup early on, project into the future, realize your basic options, make the 'correct' deduction, and 'close the deal', but not enough to be truly outside the mainstream in intent.

t-man said...


It's a shame that all those big brains will go to the grave without descendants. Kinda seems like you're all losers in the march of evolution.

Treacle said...

Above The Law. Ugh. Worst law web site ever. Double ugh, Ann.

kentuckyliz said...

I knew young that I would be flying solo through this life, by choice. The intelligent end of the spinster pool. And smart people aren't guaranteed to replicate their excellence through breeding. Instead, I devote myself to making other people smarter. ;-)

You get what you settle for.

It seems to me that college women nowadays sound like 35 year olds. They started young and have high mileage and have the bitter, desperate attitude of older women.

About half the 35 year old women I know are trying to get out of their marriages.

Marriage is a very fragile thing nowadays. Let the gays have it, maybe they'll do a better job.

MadisonMan said...

It's a shame that all those big brains will go to the grave without descendants.

Regression to the mean will take care of the excess intelligence.

paul a'barge said...

Except that the principal writer of the piece is a woman.

rhhardin said...

I knew young that I would be flying solo through this life, by choice.

There's nothing special about flying solo except that the tail comes up faster on takeoff.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Women who have not married by 35 are NOT worth the trouble. They got that way via various techniques and choices that render them unsuitable to any man. That is why they usually end up with liberal "men".