September 5, 2009

It's a personal, portable radio!

1. "Dobie Gillis" is my all-time favorite TV show.

2. In 6th grade, I sneaked a transistor radio (with an earplug) into school to listen to during class had it confiscated by the teacher.


traditionalguy said...

Transister Sister is an early code name for the Professor.

John Burgess said...

Smuggling a 4" transitor into school to listen to a World Series game back in the 50s was my first venture. Didn't work all that successfully, alas.

When small transistor radios, disguised as pens, came along, the success rate climbed!

WV: But I'm not feeling ill about it = neseater

save_the_rustbelt said...

I used to put my transistor under my pillow, plug in the earphone and listen to Motown and top 40 on clear channel stations. Those were the days.

And ditto on the World Series, we tried hollowed books but that didn't work so well.

Awesome said...

When I was in high school about 25 years ago I would come home at lunch and watch Dobie Gillis reruns on some weird christian cable channel (it was paired with the Patty Duke show). I loved that show too :)

NB: Word Verification: battoot

Awesome said...


EDH said...

Hi-Fi Gilligan
Director: Jack Arnold
Year: 1965
Alternate Titles: Gilligan's Island: Episode 046

After he is accidentally struck on the mouth by the Skipper (Alan Hale Jr.), Gilligan (Bob Denver) discovers that one of his loose tooth fillings has been transformed into a radio receiver (at one point, he evidently picks up the audio feed from the CBS television network--plug, plug!) This freak occurrence proves to be invaluable when the Castaways' radio dies just as a typhoon approaches the island. With vital weather reports continuously emanating from his bridgework, Gilligan becomes indispensable to his companions--until the filling goes on the fritz.

J Lee said...

Back when the World Series was an all-afternoon affair, the transistor radios were de regeur to sneak into classrooms for the midweek games.

Also for fans of Dobie and of Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig, here's the edited opening and closing footage from that same pilot episode of the show featuring Ms. Craig, along with Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver and Tuesday Weld, that was never shown in the syndicated version (and while the transistor radio gag is nice, Yvonne really fills out that sweater at the 2:00 mark in this video...)

ricpic said...

OT - I just saw a movie that is genuinely funny. How's that for unusual?!

Extract by writer/director Mike Judge.

I give it 3 1/2 stars.

I figure the OT's allowable since this is a thread about a show.

Titus said...

I am in love. I never thought it possible. Last night I went to dinner at Baraka Cafe and had couscous. It was so exotic and romantic and amazing. I don't know what is happening to me. My husband is a vegetarian and he is amazing. We watched the movie Close and then did it. I am not supposed to have these feelings. I am so happy. I only wish others this kind of happiness.

Titus said...

The movie "Closer" which is one of his favorites.

Did I mention that he is an Indian with a British accent? And has amazing tits and arms? That combo is unstoppable. I love the way he says the word "schedule"-dreamy. And when he is blowing me his hair falls over his face and it is delectable. And he is smart. And has a good job. I don't know what is happening to me. I never thought this was possible. I loved my independence. And now every weekend I am driving to his place. Weird, I tell you.

Titus said...

By the way Baraka Cafe is in the peoples republic of Cambridge. Has about 8 tables and the bathroom is right next to the kitchen. Totally exotic. I love Cambridge and I love Mass. And yes, I would of done my waiter.

Titus said...

Baraka Cafe is northern Africa cuisine. Think Algeria/Morroco-I think. Lots of couscous and shit like that. Oh and fava beans. No alcohol but lemonade with rose pedals and turkish tea which my Indian husband with big tits said comes from Goats Blood. I am down with that. I am so into foreign.

edutcher said...


"Transister Sister is an early code name for the Professor."

She inspired Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon's first hit. :)

WV "angiuc" - The sound your stomach made the first time (and the last) you tried to eat chili cheese Fritos with bacon horseradish dip since you were sixteen.

ricpic said...

Hey Titus, I figured you followed the wrong Hayzeus down the wrong alley but I see you're still breathing. And catching.

bwebster said...

Dobie Gillis was a brilliant show and quite a ways ahead of its time on TV. Somewhat subversive, actually, in a great way. ..bruce..

Penny said...

You have such a way in bringing back wonderful kid memories for me, Althouse.

I can still see the first faux leather transistor radio in my mind's eye, but my first, very own personal, portable radio? No words to describe my joy. Mine was pale turquoise, not unlike the 57 Chevy that ruled the small town world back in the day.

I had already figured out how to read way past bedtime without being noticed, but to read AND to listen to music way past bedtime?

Dobie Gillis was cool, but not THIS fucking cool.

former law student said...

That was the first Mr. Pomfritt: Herbert Anderson, Dennis the Menace's dad. Later he was replaced by William Schallert, Patty Duke's dad.

Dobie's female nemesis, Zelda, became a prominent Lesbian California politician, now termed-out of the state legislature.