September 26, 2009

"I don't want to be seen now, because I am like a lizard. It is horrible."

"I would like some way to disappear where people don't see me any more at some point."

Of course, there is a way, and Michael Jackson found it.


rhhardin said...

There's the lounge camouflage alternative.

EDH said...

A new book based on taped interviews with Michael Jackson reveals the star thought he looked like "a lizard" and "didn't want to grow old"...

Mr Boteach recorded 30 hours of interviews with Jackson nine years ago. The tapes reveal the star talking about about his fear of aging, and being hit with an electric cord by his father.

Yikes, previously linked, Hope.

So you look up to the heavens
And you hope that it's a spaceship
And it's something from your childhood
You're thinking don't be frightened

You want to climb the ladder
You want to see forever
You want to go out Friday
And you want to go forever
And you want to cross your DNA
To cross your DNA with something reptile

And you're questioning the sciences
And questioning religion
You're looking like an idiot
And you no longer care
And you want to bridge the schism,
A built-in mechanism to protect you
And you're looking for salvation
And you're looking for deliverance
You're looking like an idiot
And you no longer care
'Cause you want to climb the ladder
You want to go forever
And you want to go out Friday
You want to go forever

ricpic said...

I sometimes hide myself from people so they won't be blinded by my magnificence.

We all have our problems.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Forget the "lizards" tag, this needs a "vultures" tag. We all live off the dead, but this is a little much.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Just because Jackson was abused as a child does not excuse the horrible child abuse he inflicted on his own children.

I don't even want to think about being issolated from your mother and the rest of the world, having a father who was always drugged out, and spent years trying to kill himself with illegal perscription drugs.

Lem said...
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Lem said...

There is an hour just at evening when the plains seem on the verge of saying something; they never do, or perhaps they do - eternally - though we don't understand it, or perhaps we do understand it but what they say is as untranslatable as music... From his cot, Recabarren saw the end. A thrust, and the black man dodged back, lost his footing, feigned a slash to his opponents face, and then lunged out with a deep jab that buried the knife in his belly. Then came another thrust, which the storekeeper couldn't see, and Fierro did not get up. Unmoving, the black man seemed to stand watch over the agonizing death. He wiped off the bloody knife in the grass and walked slowly back toward the houses, never looking back. His work of vengeance done, he was nobody now. Or rather, he was the other one: there was neither destination nor destiny on earth for him, and he had killed a man.

The End - Borges 1944

Bissage said...

Of course, there is a way, and Michael Jackson found it.

Or it found him.

Whichever works.

It makes little difference.

That is because it is all the same in the end.

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.

Michael Hasenstab said...

How self serving. He has children (somehow, with other donors and surrogates involved), and subjects them to a worse freak show of a life than he had as a child.

Someone else might of manned up and realized that life had to stop being about HIM at some point, and start being about THEM.

I do not feel sorry for Michael Jackson. He had the resources to make his life better and he squandered them on self-indulgent foolishness.

AllenS said...

From the article:
The Michael Jackson Tapes, written by the star's former adviser Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, provides first-hand detail about the reclusive singer's life.

In one conversation, Jackson says: "I don't want to grow old. I never want to look in the mirror and see that."

Yeah, right, much better to die looking like a white girl.

kentuckyliz said...

I watched that show last night. There wasn't jack on TV, so I watched Jacko.

The man was totally effed up in the head. He seemed to be warming up to Shmuley's warm and loving family life and perceiving a mission for child welfare, but he screwed it up with a messianic complex and falling back into a destructive drug haze at which point Shmuley cut off contact.

Stick a fork in it, he was done years ago.

amba said...

We've even got grandstanding, celebrity-sucking parasitic Orthodox rabbis. UGH! There's this whole subset of people who not only survive but thrive by having no shame. Maggots!