September 9, 2009

Hillary Clinton will run for Governor of New York?

That's the rumor. I say: Great idea!


Revenant said...

She might as well. The Obama Administration has stripped her of just about every duty a Secretary of State is supposed to have.

I imagine focusing on looking pretty for the cameras for the next four years doesn't seem too appealing.

traditionalguy said...

Yeah she will do it. That gets her set to take Obama's place in 2012 if he is not feeling well. Word of advice to Obama: Stay out of Ft Marcy Park.

Seven Machos said...

The fun really begins when she resigns and the Clinton-Obama rift hits the news. Sources undisclosed, natch.

Kurt said...

Go, Hillary, go! It's hard to imagine how she could screw things up in New York state any more than they are already!

somefeller said...

Most interesting. Looks like Garage and I might need to take a trip to Albany.

traditionalguy said...

Seriously, many big Democrat bundlers who never really trusted Obama now really hate every thing he has done to keep the free market in a prolonged crisis. Rich people hate to lose their money just so that Obama can live out his Marxist world Ruler dreams. They are now suddenly speaking of Hillary as "someone who would have never done this". She could get the nomination.

Seven Machos said...

So we finally get Hillary v. Rudy. They're old now. Past their primes. But it should be a good fight.

"Cut me, Bill."

former law student said...

It's win-win-win.

1. She won't have to report to any man.
2. Bill will be full of helpful gubernatorial advice.
3. She'll be able to sleep in their marital bed every night.
4. She'll be in the country to track Obama's every stumble and fall, then capitalize on them.
5. Palin already proved you need only two years as Governor before you're eligible to be President.
6. Palin vs. Clinton in 2012 will be irresistable -- Cat fight!

AJ Lynch said...

You say that because it will be dyno-mite! for your blogosphere empire of course. You have become such a capitalist peeg:)

AJ Lynch said...

Hillary is overdue to make a good career choice.

traditionalguy said...

What will Rush Limbaugh do if Hillary fights Obama for the nomination? Last time he sent Texas Repubs to the Dem primary to vote for the likely loser. But he may just need to get serious counseling to keep his wits if these two both enter his free fire zone at the same time without a clear leader.

lucid said...

That would be a very smart move. She has now shown her loyalty and fealty to Obama, has kept her mouth shut, and will only get damaged by the train wreck this administration is headed for.

As Governor, she could set herself up for another run at president in 2012.

Besides, now that this rumor has started, Obama will try to diminish her even more than he has so far done.

Meade said...

I can see that.

Joe said...

She should move to Massachusetts and run for Senator.

Seven Machos said...

She could go on a listening tour, say she always loved the Red Sox, all that stuff.

miller said...

Good for her. She would be a hard-working governor. (I think she was always the one who worked in the Clinton administration.)

She'd win in a walk if she runs.

garage mahal said...

Most interesting. Looks like Garage and I might need to take a trip to Albany.

I am so down you have no idea. Beerdrinkers and Hillraisers :)

Synova said...

Obama really has been inexcusable with her. He should expect no loyalty at all when he shows none.

She might decide that a couple of terms as governor of New York and then retiring is preferable to all the travel and headache of Secretary of State with none of the authority.

Or she may decide her Presidential ambitions are best served by jumping ship now.

And while I don't like her, I *really* don't think that she is responsible for our shameful policy for Honduras. I really can not see her siding with Chavez and against the Honduran constitution this way. (A big "O" marker is the official line that we're just going along with the other American States in the conference thingie... just going along... can't blame me!)

And what nation is going to think she has authority to speak for the US when the first thing Obama did was publicly countermand her staffing decisions?

She's reduced to flying in unending circles around the globe to charm people and, well, she's NOT charming.

Kurt said...

Well put, Synova. I definitely agree.

wv: coalickl
Wow, am I getting interesting wv's lately or what?

blake said...

BHO has made HRC actually seem appealing.


wv: skiestor

As in, "I would open a skiestor except for the crushing regulatory environments."

Maxine Weiss said...

I've got better gossip than that:

Martha Stewart is dating Ted Turner and about to be engaged.

Meanwhile, Maxine is on her usual rampage over on Twitter.


cubanbob said...

She's done. Stick a fork in her. She should have never left the senate. As secretary of state all she has managed to do is look the fool. She might as well ride out Obamy's term and call it it a day. He isn't going to get reelected and she won't get elected governor or president.

Methadras said...

I got my popcorn ready. If any indication that good ole Thunder Thighs is going to go up against Rudy, then seeing how the number in New Jersey gubernatorial race will have a definite impact on the New York race.

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Susan said...

After bailing out on her Senate seat, then bailing out on SecState, is there any way she wins Gov without a pledge to serve out a full term? New York is hurting bad, and her parachuting into Albany to serve 13 months to buiild her presidential resume will not fly. Plus, as Gov she would have to make the kind of hard choices that are fatal in Dem primaries. She's already pissed off the black machine once, will suffer with them again by elbowing Paterson and then try to put the skids to Obama? I don't think so.

miller said...


While all those things you mention sound bad, you might be mistaking the sheer naked ambition she has displayed in the past.

Who would have thought she could have parachuted into NY state to become a senator? But she did.

I still think she'd win in a walk, both the primary and the general election.

WV: demiento, Dr. Demento's younger sibling.

Scott M said...


Your point #5 looks like tacit admission that you think Palin is experienced enough to assume the presidency.

As far as the thread is concerned, she was a fool for taking the job. The only possible reason she did so was that not even she and Der Schlickmeister were prepared for this daily Chinese fire drill currently running the executive branch.

You could say it was a shrewd move on Obama's part, thinking that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer...or that having her subordinate to him would keep her from criss-crossing the landscape out of control...but you simply cannot treat so visible a public figure like this for very long before they put two slugs in the back of your head, roll you up in a carpet and dump you in Ft Marcy Park.

...figuratively speaking...or not. Is Vince Foster figuratively dead?

rhhardin said...

She ought to run as a Republican.

Richard Dolan said...

Hillary vs. Cuomo vs. Paterson in the Dem primary would be quite the show. Hillary's entry might be the only thing that could result in a Paterson win (in the primary, that is).

The downside of running for Governor is that, for the foreseeable future, the Gov will be cast in the role of Dr. No. Unlke the feds, NY can't rely on the printing press to inflate its way out of the meltdown of state finances, and taxes here are already among the highest in the US.

Fred4Pres said...

Hillary has had enough of being kicked around by Alexrod and Emanuel.

former law student said...

dang, I left off the scare quotes around "proved".

Henry said...

Sounds good to me.

Plus, that would open the Secretary of State position for Bill Clinton.

secretaryclinton said...

This is total nonsense. This is just the regurgitated rumors from about a month or two ago planted in the media for the purpose of trying to create a controversy. Unfortunately for the Clinton-hating media, it didn't work because Hillary herself came out and said the rumors of her being unhappy as SOS or of her having no power, were total nonsense. But that never stops the media.

And what happened to journalistic standards? I don't see anything but an unnamed "democrat" as a source. Has it really come to that? Is this really all it takes to get the wishful thinking machine churning again?

And why would she *want* to be Governor of NY when if she really wanted to, she could resign and run for POTUS?

Next thing you know, there will be stories she's so unhappy she is resigning to run for dog-catcher.

Meade said...

"She ought to run as a Republican."

Think about it: That is actually a brilliant idea.

Kurt said...

Yeah, I agree with Meade. It would be a brilliant idea for her to run as a Republican. After all, she was a Republican before, and though I doubt she will ever repudiate her leftist ideals, if she were to govern like Bill Clinton, she wouldn't be far removed (in terms of policy and so on) from New York's last Republican governor.

traditionalguy said...

The way I see it, the Hillary hatreds are past for all but the 30% which are hard core Hillary haters on the right. The centrist left Dems passed up Hillary because of that hatred factor in the general election, and threw in with Edwards, never seeing that Obama held a white Race Guilt Trump card. They split off too much Hillary support. Now she can get them all back onto her side. The centrist Dems have also seen the end of their world coming from Obama's plans to rule over everyone as a fascist dictator. Hillary can get the Dem nomination if she goes after it. But the Repubs already have their own better looking First Female Presidential candidate.

mccullough said...

Hillary should run for governor of Illinois, instead.

secretaryclinton said...

I am constantly amazed at how fast rumors become viral on the internet. This rumor is all over the place. Too bad the great work she does daily at the State Dept doesn't get as much coverage.

This rumor originated in The Weekly Standard- hardly a friend to the Clintons- they put up a one-sentence post that is based on not one single named source and which purports to claim that Hillary will quit (and I don't think serving in an administration when asked, is really being a "quitter") her job as SOS (a job she stated she loves), to become Gov. of NY (a job she's never stated she wanted) - and all this because she allegedly has no power or voice in the administration (a claim she herself has rebutted), and everyone in the blogosphere is repeating this as though it's some sort of prophetic truth.

And who, exactly, is the "boss" Goldfarb (in the original Weekly Standard post) is referring to? William Kristol? Yeah, whatever. The guy who is wrong about EVERYTHING?