September 14, 2009

Fear Of Strangers - "Shopping For A Dog" (1982).

Something I heard a lot in the 80s — just found in YouTube:


paul a'barge said...


john said...

Hmm. I think you and Meade would be beagle types. Or how about a coonhound?

You will go to the Humane Society, of course.

Rialby said...
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Rialby said...

Watching this my mind immediately goes into Beavis and Butthead mode.

Butthead: That chick's got a stupid hat. huh huh huh
Beavis: Yeah. Her hat sucks.

ricpic said...

Yeah, but she's cute, Rialby. Wish she could sing intelligibly. I can't make out the words.

MadisonMan said...

I'd rather listen to Martha Davis.

rhhardin said...

Spanish renaissance music sometimes has a nice beat.

knox said...

rh, don't you know that this post was a subtle request for advice on dogs?? That's your area of expertise.

My suggestion: Collie Retriever. As in: Border Collie mixed with any sort of retriever. You get a smart, (but not too smart!) energetic, (but not too energetic!) loyal, affectionate dog. Without the neuroses or health problems of a full breed.

knox said...

john, beagles stink, you can't get their hairs out of dark clothes, and they are always hungry & greedy.

ricpic said...

Didn't a black dog come with Meade, or Meade come with a black dog?

Or does the black dog need a companion?

Oh well, I'm always the last to know.

bearbee said...

Laia is taken.

BJM said...

@Riably - LOL!

I'm sooo glad the 80's are over.

I agree with Knox about beagles they have a strong odor. Hounds and spaniels tend to be more odoriferous.

My advice is to choose a breed you like and then contact breed rescue. Rescue dogs have seen a vet and are fostered so their health status, quirks,strengths and shortcomings are known.

Rescue foster families put a great deal of effort into bringing a dog back to excellent condition if required, house breaking, basic manners training and calming/reassuring the dogs so they tend to bond with the adopting family quickly.

Or go to a shelter and let a dog choose you. We've done both and found wonderful dogs.

Ann Althouse said...

"Didn't a black dog come with Meade, or Meade come with a black dog?"

No. That was always a borrowed dog. It stayed in Ohio.

And we are not shopping for a dog. I just have a fond feeling for that band.

Penny said...

Bearbee that was quite a story about Laia. Thanks for sharing that.

Penny said...

I was wondering what happened to Molly.

I, for one, will miss the black dog. Thank heavens, rh didn't borrow Vicki.

veni vidi vici said...

Where the hell did you hear this "often" during the 80's? I kept waiting for the chorus, or even a vestigial hook, but none came.

Total craprock.

Martha + the Muffins were a way better band. Check "Danseparc". Daniel Lanois' sister played bass for them, and Daniel produced the "Danseparc" album, which is a classic of Canadian new wave and a balls-on solid end-to-end slab of well-produced, catchy and generally great songs. Who can forget listening to "World Without Borders" during the Reagan years while the Soviets went through their serial head-of-state thing with Gromyko and the other guys (Andropov) each of whom didn't last more than what seemed like about 6 months at the helm?

Fear of Strangers? Bad college music for any era, and the garishly smiling assclown on guitar just has to go.

wv = "nursa": what I do with hangovers.

rhhardin said...

Dog supervising lawn cutting.

veni vidi vici said...

Martha Johnson was in M+M.

Whoever said it was right, the Motels is a way better listen, too.

As was Rough Trade (search youtube for "Rough Trade All Touch" - excellent tune!).

wv: "conri" - Had the awards show spectacle been allowed to continue, this is what Ms. Swift would've sounded like after Mr. West knocked her teeth out and shouted, "Now, what's my name, b*tch!"

second wv: "forial" - Mr. West: "Forial, y'allz!"