September 27, 2009

At the Middle/Far/Closeup Café...



DSC04519 copy

... you can be as friendly or standoffish as you want.


Tyrone Slothrop said...

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMillehouse!

Andrew D. said...

friendly or standoffish as you want

Oh, really?

Well then, I want to point out how if that picture below were of anyone but you, you would be commenting on the breasts. You might even make a snarky remark about gravity or wavy lines. You certainly would not let that picture go without a breast comment, particularly if there was a way to insult some liberal in the process.

And gee, that hair color, when contrasted with the natural color of hay, looks so fake that I imagine you'd comment on that, too.

But you can take it, right Althouse?

rhhardin said...

The monarch will soon take wing to return to her nest and feed her young.

Ann Althouse said...

Friendly: Thanks for enjoying my breasts, Andrew.

Standoffish: You'll have none.

ricpic said...

The Monarch butterflies all the way to the Yucatan for that good Mexican gange.

Rasmussen has Hussein at 30% strongly approve 40% strongly disapprove. That's the first time Zero has gone to double digit disapprove over approve. More speeches!

EDH said...


Maybe you've forgotten over the years, but you should never bring your date home with her shirt on inside-out!

Very incriminating.

traditionalguy said...

Andrew D...Why be so superficial? The Althouse vortex springs from her mind/soul, and the hair color and shapely breasts are only artistic background so that the mentally impaired can enjoy the blog too.

EDH said...

Her Majesty

Early Paul McCartney musings discovered in Liverpool

By Associated Press
Sunday, September 27, 2009

LONDON — A discovery in a Liverpool library has revealed that Paul McCartney’s talent for writing was winning him prizes when he was just 10 — though for an essay about the queen, rather than a hit song.

A British researcher said he found an essay written — in very tidy, curling script — by the future Beatle for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Kevin Roach said Sunday that he found the work in records at Liverpool’s Central Library. Roach said the writing is "advanced — you would say it was written by someone who was older than 10 years old, more like 14 or 15."

"It’s unique in its own right. It shows his handwriting at that age and shows how Paul was thinking at the time," said Roach, who is working on a book about the McCartney family history.

According to excerpts published in the Sunday Times, McCartney — who gave his age as 10 years 10 months — contrasted violence which occurred on the coronation day of William the Conqueror with the day celebrating "our lovely young queen."

"No rioting nor killing will take place because present day royalty rules with affection rather than force," the essay says.

McCartney won the under-11 age category of the essay competition, and was given a prize — a gift certificate for books — by Liverpool’s Lord Mayor.

"I can just recall Paul being nervous and getting this book token from the mayor," his brother Mike told the Sunday Times.

With bandmate John Lennon, McCartney was responsible for writing most of the Beatles’ memorable songs. The queen knighted him in 1997, making him Sir Paul.

Florida said...

These photographs are stunningly beautiful.

What camera are you using?

Mom said...

Ahh, Florida, we think alike. I was just about to post the very same question. Those photographs are remarkable, plus, I need a new camera. Ann, what kind of camera is that?

BJM said...

@Andrew Argumentum ad personam = EPIC FAIL.

Chip Ahoy said...


That butterfly has got the pox.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yeah, what Andrew said. Especially if there was a famous philanderer in the picture to sidle right up to, say, a Bill Clinton, and especially if the subject was wearing a low-cut sweater and arching her back to pop forward afore mentioned imaginary breasts that I can't stop thinking about.

Chip Ahoy said...

But I seem to misunderstand the meaning of the words "friendly" and "standoffish."

rhhardin said...

A new dog toy squeaks clean.

JAL said...

rh - internal 500 error.

Or something.

No toy picture.

wv = ackedi
:-( no new toy picture

kentuckyliz said...

(Because Michael Jackson is on the brain:)

If you're looking to be my baby it don't matter if you're black and white.

Meade said...

@rh: Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Vicki with us.

@EDH: Good eye! I told her someone would be bound to notice. Should've guessed it would be you. :-)

Ann Althouse said...

EDH: I did eventually notice. Please consider that I can barely dress myself in my post-surgical disarray. This was only my second outing and my second day off opium.

blake said...

sits in a corner


Alex said...

Ann - you should really consider a 2nd career as a professional photographer!

MamaM said...

or start selling Posters, Prints and Pop-up Cards.

wabledyi = one's gait following foot surgery

rhhardin said...

internal 500 error.

All of flickr crashed for a new minutes last night.

bearbee said...

Cutest Dog Competition

$1,000,000 in prizes. Get those photos in!

Paddy O. said...

Near and far with Grover