September 2, 2009

"American Men Look to Restore Dominance."

Front page teaser in the NYT. It caught my eye, but the article turned out to be about tennis.


Paul Zrimsek said...

Quit your yapping, woman. Where's my beer?

traditionalguy said...

And we are coming for you next Rebel Woman!

Matt Brown said...

Yes, they need to. I mean, COME ON, Andy Roddick, get your 2nd Grand Slam, for crying out loud. You're fast becoming another Michael "1 & done" Chang. Get it together, James Blake! We need more Sampras's and Agassis, not more Todd Martins and Justin Gimelstobs.

Bissage said...

Heck, forget tennis.

What about American men’s dominance in dominoes?

We're DOOMED!!!

Big Mike said...

[thumps chest]


[Yells "Ho-Ha"! three times like the Spartan army in 300]

[Asks wife if it's okay if I leave the greasy pot to soak while I fetch her slippers so she can watch her favorite show on TV.]

Darcy said...


In case there is anyone left on the planet that doesn't know what a huge Federer fan I am...this will be a first for me - rooting for someone else to win a Slam.

Go Andy!

Smilin' Jack said...

...but the article turned out to be about tennis.

We have to start somewhere.

Scott M said...

American men have roughly 20 years of an uphill battle against advertising and entertainment media in general to fight against.

In that arena, one that permeates almost every facet of American society, men/husbands are the go-to oaf, the clod, the idiot, the fall guy. The woman/wife is the sophisticate, the wise one, the mature one.

Part of this is simply, honestly, women just aren't as funny :)

Most of it, though has to do 1) outdated marketing execs who still think women make most of the spending decisions in younger-than-boomer households, and 2) overactive women's lib and the white, lib male's guilt.

Video games stand aside from all of this, but the argument could easily be made that they go 100% in the opposite direction and, probably, to an unhealthy degree.

The "real" American male never went anywhere, but we've had our position seriously impacted. We simply need to reassert our individualism and ambition.

WV "zeship" - Before Fantasy Island, there was only Fantasy Pier, accessible by boat only.

Cedarford said...

Darcy said...
In case there is anyone left on the planet that doesn't know what a huge Federer fan I am...this will be a first for me - rooting for someone else to win a Slam.

I'd still root for Roger. I just like his game the best. It would not break my heart though, if two great guys win instead - Rafael Nadal or Andy Roddick.

Federer also said the US Open is the place you are most likely to see someone with a solid game in the top ranks, but below the "Big 5" break through to the semis or finals.

So you may see a Gaels Monfils or a Marin Cilic pop up.

I taped the Roddick and Federer matches. Both guys look in top form. So did Andy Murray, who many experts are saying is a slight favorite over Fed and Roddick.

Roger's 1st round opponent was an American kid who was NCAA champ as a freshman and was so good, he turned pro. 2nd pro match and he faced #1, and had a ball playing. He said in post-game interview when Fed dropped serve in 1 game, he allowed himself the mindless luxury of believing for 10-15 seconds "Hey! I got a chance against Fed!" before reality intruded.
And said he had to launch one duck to Federers forehand just to admire how the return smoked past him almost too fast to be seen.

And said right before playing Fed, he was looking to get some hitting in and bumped into Nadal. Who was also looking for a last minute hitting partner. Next thing he knew he was playing with the 1st or 2nd nicest and most talented player in the world for an hour (depending on your view), helping Rafa fine-tune his forehand timing and spin.

Devon was in tennis heaven!

As for Americans, look to Sam Querry to really show up as a new significant player, finally. Querry is big, fast, has an all-court game...and has an interesting personality and a subcult of several dozen Californian rabid followers "Sam's Bonzai Fans", who show up when he plays at tournaments in warpaint, and go snakeshit nuts.

Dad Bones said...

We could build tennis courts in Afghanistan and challenge the Taliban to come down out of their caves, put on some white shorts and sneakers, and see if those backward ass towelhead pussies have what it takes to keep up with a dominate American man.

If it were only that easy...

DenisEugeneSullivan said...


Now that, once again, it's US Open tennis time, would someone like to try to explain to me why, the three-set playing ladies get the same pay as the five-set playing men? I would hope that that would be the first dominance (love the use of that word, like the ladies were really oppressed or could really compete with the men) the men would want to restore. But, then again, I don't imagine that a sport where you can't bump into your opponent draws many real high testosterone players. On the other hand, isn't there something in the "Equal Pay" law that okays unequal pay when the quality or quantity of the work is demonstrable.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Scott M: But do American men really need to restore "dominance"? Or do men and women need to have equal respect for themselves and each other?

Methadras said...

Well, considering the level of misandry in this country, the article should not be about tennis.

knox said...

Darcy, did you go to the ATP?

knox said...

They've changed it! It now says:

American Men Looking for a Rebound

Big dummies should have come up with a play-on-words related to tennis, not basketball.

American Men Look to Break Serve?

Doesn't have the same ring to it.

Tennis players, help me out.

Darcy said...

Cedarford! Didn't know you were a tennis fan. Great comments. I'm also a fan of Andy Murray's.

I'm..uh, not so much a fan of Rafa's, but think he's a nice kid, that's for sure.

There are a lot of really hard working players I'd love to see win this. It's been nice to see Roger break the biggest record and reclaim Wimbledon and finally win the French. Now that he's done those things, I feel like I can relax and root for good tennis. ;-)

And knox! No, sadly, I missed Cincy for the first time since 2002, but will be at the U.S. Open this weekend. I'll be there next year, and hope we can still find a way to say hello then! :)

Darcy said...

And lol, knox. Yeah, that headline sucks.

And Denis! Completely agree. The men have been out-drawing the women in crowds for years now. The ticket is simply a better value. Paying the women the same as men is just wrong.

The only way I could see doing that is if the women could prove they drew in the same $$, because, aside from the set playing disparity, that's really where it is at. I don't think they can do that by any measure.

wv: catic No, I'm really not. ;-)

The Crack Emcee said...

If you think I have a problem with that headline, then, you're not paying attention,...

The Macho Response

Laura(southernxyl) said...

"Methadras said...
Well, considering the level of misandry in this country, the article should not be about tennis."

Suppose that we turn this around and say that considering the level of misogyny in this country, American women should try to get dominance. Well, that doesn't work, does it? How about we all just try to get along and not think we have to one-up each other?