August 22, 2009

"We’re not in the postracial period," says NY governor David Paterson.

"My feeling is it’s being orchestrated, it’s a game, and people who pay attention know that."

"It" = the opposition to his running for (can't call it re-)election as NY governor. Why, if he was never chosen for governor in the first place, does he assume he should be more popular? And, of course, he can't possibly think that this complaint will increase his popularit. Is he giving up?


EnigmatiCore said...

The only way we will ever get to a post-racial America is to stop paying attention to race.

I don't see that happening any time soon.

traditionalguy said...

The sad thing for the Deval Patricks and David Pattersons and other Gold Medal winners of the Racial Politics Olympic sport, is that the sport has been declared over and gone because it cannot attract a fan base anymore. That proclamtion by Patterson is like a wistfull complaint from a buggy maker made when the Model T era began.

fivewheels said...

You don't think naked racial politics works anymore? It might not make him popular, but I do believe it might indeed increase his popularity. Sadly, that stuff works, and you don't have to look too far back for good examples.

I'd like to think that if I were in political trouble and had no other straws to grasp at that I would be able to resist the temptation to go there, but most politicians cannot. It's in their nature to try every last ploy to hang on to power, and this is what he's come to.

KCFleming said...

Complaints about him or his work, it seems, cannot reflect actual concerns about his actions, but merely reflect a "a pattern of negative media coverage" which contain "racial overtones" and “racial coding”.

According to Gov. Paterson , criticizing BHO on health care reform = racism.

How does one make any legitimate complaints about a politican who is black?

Can someone please post a list of permissible critiques, and also please print the super-secret racial codes, that we might not sin, and avoid the near occasion of sin?

I'm Full of Soup said...

I will take the bait.

Patterson is a good example of a lifelong govt drone who has never achieved anything notable.

By accident, he is elevated to governor where he soon shows he is incompetent and has a deaf ear when it comes to grwoing taxpayer outrage.

Bottom line is I wish it was easier to recall incompetent elected officials.

Bissage said...

Perhaps it is true that the opposition to Gov. Patterson is an orchestrated game, but to me, anyway, it seems more like a high-tech lynching of a gay American.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Gay American = New Jersey not New York.

Turn your map one-quarter turn clockwise.

wv= springna

paul a'barge said...


These african-american professional victims are just so tedious.

Wolf. Bark. Bark.

bearbee said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh**sniffle** **hiccup** **burble** **inhale** wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

ricpic said...

This guy, after the economic meltdown, which meant drastically reduced tax revenue for New York State, continues to give the store away to the unions. As does Bloomberg in NYC. Look for a new round of tax increases and fees on the great middle, not the evil rich who are no longer nearly as rich as they were a scant two years ago. Vampires like Paterson and Bloomberg never reduce spending, they look for more necks.

Mark said...

he ... has a deaf ear when it comes to growing taxpayer outrage.

More like a blind eye.

J Lee said...

The interesting thing here is this argument on the national stage may seem to be pointed at Republicans, but in New York State the barb was directed more at other Democrats, as a way to try and pre-empt a primary challenge -- most likely by Andrew Cuomo -- before next year's general election.

The fact he had to backtrack on it so quickly showed that the other Democratic pols in the state realized that, too, and knew this was more about trying to clear the primary field than for any hypothetical run against someone like Giuliani next November.

CarmelaMotto said...

I heard this on the radio this morning and was disgusted.

Five wheels - I don't think it works with the general public. I think calling racism only works on individuals or companies which is why the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton shake downs are so successful. People fear being singled out as a racist.

This generalization of "I am not popular/this bill is not popular because of racism" turns people off. People are sick of it in general. It won't work for Obama, it won't work for Patterson because people know it's not true and they see it as not taking responsibility for their actions and the poor outcomes.

William said...

Paterson is a child of perks and privilege. He was elected to the State Senate because he was the son of a well known politician. He was chosen by Spitzer to be lt. governor because he was black. There are many iniquities in the destribution of wealth and power in America as his career demonstrates.....Paterson is an amiable man who, given his vision problems, has actually overcome some real problems. Nonetheless, he has not been an effective governor. He reminds one of an actress who, having made a fortune out of her youthful beauty, proclaims that America is a sexist society when she turns forty and no longer gets the big parts.....Paterson, if he must fail, should try to fail gracefully.

EnigmatiCore said...

"By accident, he is elevated to governor where he soon shows he is incompetent and has a deaf ear when it comes to grwoing taxpayer outrage"


Hell, maybe we should throw him in front of a pinball machine. He might be a wizard.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Paterson and Obama proving that affirmative action inevitably results in the Peter Principle.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now! I think y'all are giving ol' David Paterson a bad rap. There's definitely worse choices around.

When he was named to replace the hated Spitzer, I said, "Oh, crap!" But it hasn't been so bad. NY is still here. I'm still here. There's food to eat. Really things aren't any worse...other than what Obama's cooked up. Oh, and hunting licenses have gone up.

David's even made some sensible statements. He said, "We spend too much." ...meaning the state and then set about finding ways to cut expenditures. Of course that prompted every grade school teacher in upstate NY to initiate pupil letter writing campaigns pleading with the governor not to cut state aid to schools (or teacher's salary). So then he has to respond to that on the 6:00 news and the result was meaningful cuts.

Lately he's shown a willingness to develop the vast natural gas resources under the state in an attempt to boost the economy. me anyway. Point is, we could do worse.

And that really is the point. We say, "There are better choices", and there are. But is that what we will get? Instead we go from bad to worse. Snake oil salesmen are everywhere. An honest man trying to do an honest day's work is far better than a genius Harvard Law graduate who has figured out how to sell you into slavery.

Patterson, from what I've seen, at least tries to do his job and deal with the problems at hand. That's his agenda, not ramming some ideology down eveyone's throat. I may never vote for him, but I respect him.

Methadras said...

Uh, Governer Paterson? How do you even know you are black? I'm sure people have told you, but you've been blind since birth, you don't even know what color is, much less are able to contemplate race as a function of the color of ones skin. Furthermore, you are a blind illiterate. You can't even read in Braille. You can't triple dip into your victimhood or is that what you are trying to do?

X said...

Gov. Clayton Bigsby