August 15, 2009

Unpainted and painted.



2 buildings in Silverton, Colorado.


traditionalguy said...

Someone needs to find some more silver and use it to buy paint before it is too late.

bearbee said...

I have a taste for orange juice.

AllenS said...

I painted the running gear and wheels for my hay wagon safety orange last week. It looks like the color of the house in the second picture. Totally cool.

Lem said...

Hey.. I had direct communication with Althouse this morning - that means that the music slate was wiped clean.

Meaning every post after last night is open to musical interpretation the Lem treatment.

I love it when the landlady dosent know the rules!


Pogo said...

Not everyone needs to be a painted lady, but nothing wrong with a little make-up.

rhhardin said...

They're run out of urucu paste and genipa juice.

Hunter McDaniel said...

They're both painted, one just a lot more recently than the other.

Paddy O. said...

"Old building" would be a great paint idea. Or would it be called "distressed"?

I suspect the second building looks especially dazzling in the snow. Easy to find, even in a blizzard.

By the way, these pictures have unsettled me. I'm now very much wishing I was living there instead of here in the urban suburbs.

Chip Ahoy said...

You could have titled the photos wired and unwired too. That orange is garish.

* adjust saturation on eyeballs *


I went up to a large stone house, built by an Italian prince according to their website, located just above Evergreen Colorado, and positioned myself at one of their feeders and took a lot of pictures of hummingbirds in various aspects of flight. I got some good pictures of the little darlings who buzzed me when I changed position.

knox said...

I like the first one better, or my name ain't Nathan Arizona.

BJM said...

Dad was an avid student of American history, and as the first American/Californian born son, he was especially fond of the westward migration. Family vacations in the 50's found us driving the back roads, the car brimming with books and maps, camping, fishing and visiting gold or silver mines, boot hills, camps and towns. It was a haunting, stimulating experience that fuels my imagination still.

How many dreams slipped away or were fulfilled behind those unpainted double front windows in Silverton?

Ansel Adams photographed Silverton but not as charmingly as Althouse & Meade.

Penny said...

Ansel Adams is in a league of his own.

ricpic said...


That blue blue sky
That you get up high
Pierces the heart of every thing
Stabbing even the meanest flotsam and jetsam
Into a galleon that can sail up
Into that high blue sky.

John Lynch said...

I'm still getting a kick out of all the photos from around here. I hope this encourages more people to check out this area. I liked it so much that I came back to stay.