August 29, 2009

Things we ate and didn't eat.

There were these:


And these:


And these:


None of which we ate. But what have you got there?




All the blackberries we could eat. Doesn't anybody else walk around here?

Satiated and leaving a ton back there for you, we drove home, making one stop:



knox said...

Fresh corn is worth stopping for. Anytime, anywhere.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Jack-in-the-pulpit would have been a major "ouch."

chickelit said...

Yummy! I had some blackberries last week in Wisconsin at my brother's place. Also, the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Fest met all expectations, including slabs of butter and salt shakers on strings.

Lem said...

Thank God we have Meade to keep you alive.

Please listen to what he says..

and obey?

Lem said...

Meade knows more about something than Althouse..

You got to love that guy ;)

Penny said...

Chickelit, those were amazing pics!

Course I shouldn't be surprised that the midwesterners would know exactly what to do with their corn. :P

chickelit said...

Why thank you Penny!

That event has been going on for generations. They used to give away the corn when I was kid, but the greed of a few did away with that practice eventually. It's still pretty cheap and delicious too!

wv: hesive (glue lacking a prefix)

Penny said...

No free corn since we turn it into fuel, more likely.

Moose said...

Dearheart, I don't walk to eat - I walk BECAUSE I like to eat. Subtle distinction but important to me.

Carry on...

Penny said...

That made me laugh, moose.

I don't walk to eat either. I usually take a car, or make something at home.

Now, as for that subtle distinction...

Let me parse that a bit more, if I might?

I used to walk because I had a habit of eating like a big man in a vain woman's body.

Problem is, as I got older, the walking part got harder, so I had to eat a little bit less.

"Vanity, thy name is woman."

And that's a good thing. Thank you Martha Stewart. ;)

T J Sawyer said...

As for berries. "It's always safe to eat the black and blue, never safe to eat the white and sometimes safe to eat the red!"

Well, it always worked in Oregon.

traditionalguy said...

I've got a serious question. Blackberries always came from briar patches an were hardly easy to pick. So how do we have so much on the markets and in Restaurants all the time these days? Have they got it figured out how to grow them on a field of trellis and then machine pick them??

John St Clair said...

Ann, Come out to Oregon, and we'll make sure you get more blackberries (And any other berry for that matter) than you ever dreamed possible.

Ann Althouse said...

And, bonus, in Oregon, if you eat the wrong berries and are writhing in pain, you've got the assisted suicide option!