August 14, 2009

Silverton churches.



Silverton, Colorado.


former law student said...

I just got back from my own vacation so sorry if you already mentioned it -- did you take the Silverton to Durango steam train? Spectacular scenery as well as the smell of smoke.

Shanna said...

I am loving all these pictures; they remind me of my trips to Durango and Silverton. FLS, the steam train is lovely! I basically just love the whole area.

Matt said...

I've got a ,photo
of the top one there in the snow. The mountain in the background is Kendall Mountain which rises to just over 13,000 ft.

Kevin Walsh said...

It never clouds up out there does it? Been cloudy in NYC since Easter.

JAL said...

Doesn't look like anyone was going to that church in the snow, Matt.

Unless they were backdoor Baptists, or something.


No kidding. As opposed to venal, I guess. Or maybe more viral.

Bruce Hayden said...

Silverton has never been one of my favorite Colorado towns. My impression of it is tar paper roofs and fairly run down, esp. in comparison with Ouray to the north, and Durango to the South.

That said, my understanding is that they have the steepest lift serviced ski area in the U.S. They have no beginner (Green) runs, nor any intermediate (Blue) runs. And they only have two single black diamond runs, with the remainder being double diamond.

When we skied there maybe 3 years ago, it was intense. I had skied for 40+ years, but in deep snow, our group was limited to the two single diamond runs by our guide. The guides were skiing on K2 Pontoons, which are about as wide as they sound, and have reverse camber from what you normally expect (they bend up, not down).

Oh, and they had someone on main street who hand made skis.

Bruce Hayden said...

Oh, and I seem to remember there being an annual hang gliding festival or tournament there every year. The mountains are big enough that it presumably would be challenging.

bearbee said...

Inverted crosses?