August 23, 2009

Rock faces.



Faces seen in the quartzite today at Devil's Lake, near Madison, Wisconsin.


Jason (the commenter) said...

Looks like a couple of people got stoned.

Lem said...

The things you do for mom.

Mother calls that the dominican girl is a finalist on the Miss Universe Beauty Pegant.

Ma.. the sox are playing the yankees.

That game is not going to end now, she says. As if the world was hanging on the balance of Miss Universe.

The sox are losing, so I guess it wont be a total loss to see the dominican girl loose also.

Lem said...

What did I tell you?

Now I'm going to get a call from ma sayig its fixed.

Lem said...

Like clock work.

She's calling from DR so I have go now as she's on the phone right now.

EDH said...

Looks like a couple of people got stoned.

Indeed, the second picture in particular reminds me of guy, Abe Lincoln maybe, the beard on his chin singed a little as if something just exploded in his face, drawing his green gloved hands down his face with a smile that says "oh wow, man, I am so stoned."

blake said...

Wait, which one is the lizard or you're crazy?

Bissage said...

The craftedness of that rock formation pretty much proves my pet theory that spacemen visited the Earth a couple of centuries ago and inspired our recent ancestors to build monuments in the faux naïve style.

wv = phottle, as in: "Phottle, a bottle, a canvas and a cork. Coddle, a model, and don't forget your spork!"

Lem said...

Moses struck the rock with his cane and the ink came pouring out ;)

Big Mike said...

That top image could be a sign from Michigan State -- facing right.

Lem said...

Some notables Googlisms for: rock face.

rock face is selected so as to ensure that the activity doesn't drain the tribesmen
rock face is more prominent at the deeper depths and is covered in deadmens fingers
rock face is the smoke from the fire and the lizard men are two half
rock face is a place where you can climb very high
rock face is not apparent from the contours
rock face is required for efficient operations
rock face is back
rock face is approaching mixed face
rock face is untrue and false and should be removed from the document
rock face is essentially a lightning rod
rock face is known to attract climbers
rock face is only half of it for some

ricpic said...

Did I ever tell you that a woman I fell hopelessly in love with had a magnificent stone fireplace in her house? No? Well, now I'm telling you.

ricpic said...

That should be: and don't singe your spork, Bissage.

OhioAnne said...

The first one looks like one of the Mohammed cartoons.

Good that you don't work for Yale.

My WV was "being" = a good word to start the day