August 24, 2009

Relax, now.

(Devil's Lake. Enlarge.)

Take a deep breath.


David said...

My lungs hurt.

KLDAVIS said...

Trying to think of the term used for attacking/insulting someone much "bigger" than you in an attempt to gain publicity/traffic. Mind blanking. Anybody?

WV: beryin - a mild tranquilizer, possibly radioactive.

Bobby McGee said...


MadisonMan said...

The most popular State Park in Wisconsin!!!

Jim Hanson said...

and start to move slowly, real slowly.


Uncle J

Jason (the commenter) said...

Devil's Lake? Didn't that maniac kill all those law professors there ten years ago... today? I'm sure you'll be fine; even though they never found his body, he can't possibly still be alive.

former law student said...

As I recall that is the spot to go rock climbing in the Midwest.

In keeping with the calmness theme: for all those exercised by Scotland's release of the Pan Am bomber, an Internet acquaintance of mine will "collect and properly dispose of Scotch and Whisky as a public service. sealed bottles only."

vw cullo: where italian motorists invite each other to stick it.

blake said...


wv: eyacous

Due to a weakness in my eyacous gland, I am agoraphobic.

ricpic said...

The boy stood on the high rock and asked himself,
"Can I really do it, can I skip a stone all the way across the lake?"
Then taking a half foot round perfectly flat stone in
Hand and forearm, he wound up and FLUNG IT like a discus.
The first smack of stone on lake flashed brightly, the stone
In its rebound barely clearing a sailboat a third of the way out.
The next collision of smooth rock on hard water glittered in the middle distance,
The stone exploding out of its second strike,
Its arc now flatter yet its speed increased.
Would it make the other shore? could it make the other shore?
Could it possibly reach all the way? the boy wondered as the stone
Skimmed the surface, the contest now between its forward flight and gravity.
He could no longer see it. The boy was crestfallen. He had tried but...
Wait! What was that? A puff of smoke rising from the rubble on the distant shore
Told him that Yes! Yes! He had done it! He had won!

AST said...

I often wonder why the people who named these scenic spot so often named them after the devil. Probably because they were full of Indians at the time or because they had to get past them in covered wagons.

There's one spot near here called the Devil's Racetrack and another called the Devil's Backbone.

On the other hand, everything at Zion National Park was named for something in scripture by a Methodist minister.

rhhardin said...

Common evening primrose.

Small wood sunflower.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Lovely picture. When I first looked at it, I misjudged the scale, noting the cute little toy sailboat in the small lake.

I spent the day hiking Mount Hale with my 8 year old son. Mount Hale was a dude, with no view at all. ( I think there would have been a little bit of a view on a clear day, but that was obscured by clouds.

However, on the way down, we went past Zealand Falls, which, while only 25' high, was the most intricate waterfall I've ever seen. Quite a treat.

Ralph L said...

Coincidentally, from today's Carolyn Hax column:

There's a reason people seek beautiful views when they need to restore themselves emotionally: Big landscapes and skylines come with the unspoken message that you're just a dot, and a temporary one at that.

Ooo, they've changed the preview.

berlinluise said...

I wanna go there... NOW!!!*