August 11, 2009

On Purgatory.

The view from the mountain:


Our picnic:



traditionalguy said...

Dangerous snack you have there. Salted pistacheos are almost impossible to stop eating, but they are also almost impossible to digest in a large volume. Oh well, it is purgatory and your intestines may just have to suffer for a while.

Synova said...

Our good friends are moving from Washington state to Colorado in two weeks. We're going to drive up to meet them, have some things ready when they arrive with the rental trucks and small children.

I've seen the pictures that persuaded them to make a leap of faith and just *move*.

visitworld said...

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MamaM said...

The mountains are definitely majestic and purple, but it's the small to large transitions,
from flowers to firs,
from delicate to enduring,
from pistacheos to purgatory
that I most enjoy about this set.

Shanna said...

Did you go alpine sledding at Purgatory? Last time I was there you could do that during the summer.

Bissage said...

(1) The first photo shows us some manner of discreet mountainside beastie about to toss the caber. This comes as a diversion most welcome.

(2) The second photo is mostly nuts. California nuts, as is readily apparent. Somehow, way back when, I got the idea that plain pistachios were from California and that the red-dyed ones were from Iran.

Funny, but I haven’t seen the latter since the Carter administration. I’m sure there is nothing more to that than some weird sort of coincidence.

(3) Hey! How about we put “dye” and “nuts” together for a tasty little serving of synchronicitude? Link.

(4) Neil Young and Crazy Horse fit in here somewhere, too.

(5) There is no number five, except perhaps to say that that song sounds best at top volume, with one’s head stuck between two speaker cabinets as if they were headphones, singing along, whether you can or not.

This is something I say as an exercise of pure imagination. I have never done such a thing, nor would I ever do such a thing. For a middle-aged lawyer, especially, that would be unconstructive and, perhaps, what is more, undignified.

Lem said...

Drudge has more on Donna Munson story, the Ouray woman killed by a bear.

ricpic said...

Above the tree line pink rocks show
Which complement the meadow snow,
Between the meadow and the mount
Thick evergreens beyond a count.

Hey Bissage, when you look at a picture you really look at it. I didn't get the caber reference until I concentrated.

chuck b. said...

You must be dying to go home.

Lyle said...

I've skied Purgatory. I know that view. Somebody must have been biking.

John Lynch said...

That's Engineer Mountain. A person in reasonably good shape can climb it without too much trouble.