August 29, 2009

"Oh, we gotta keep grandma alive so she can tell us more about Woodstock."

What are the chances the younger generations are going to want to keep us Baby Boomers alive? I say we'd better be careful not to be so annoying!


rhhardin said...

They do need somebody to bring up occasionally all the ways the world is known to work just fine without ubiquitous nanny protection.

The ``the debate is already over'' plan doesn't work so well when somebody still knows there was no debate.

Lem said...

That quote, ladies and mice, was Althouse at her submarine pitching best.

Whenever my mother gets 'inconsolably' (repeats over and over the same thing) I tell her 'well Mother you did give the ok (albeit not in person) to my first and only wife'.

It annoys her that the only time my father consulted her for anything concerning her only son turns out to have failed.

It silences the opposition.. "we did what you wanted and look the mess you got us into"

Lem said...

to the left everything the government does is honky dory.

Bissage said...

My grandma once called me a son of a bitch.

I'm pretty sure she was never at Woodstock.

Although she might well have cut herself a slice of rug, back in the good old days.

Lem said...

the sox are wining in the 8th.. so I'm very confident that I'm correct.

I'm right just to be here.

I mean I'm happy just to be here.

wv - cubsasi = Cuba is toast w/o the right ;)

michaele said...

The adolescent eyerolls that Wright indulged in during the discussion about Sarah Palin and "death panels" was quite fascinating. He seems to loathe her in such a visceral way. Whew, she really gets under the skin of libertals. Why do they care so much about her if she's such a lightweight and nit wit?

Lem said...

we need to relieve Buchholz

Lem said...

they had to take out buchholz.

we are are going to win one for Clay Buchholz.


I take a Buchholz over a Markakis any day.

Lem said...

Bring in the savior!.. dont take any chances.

wv standbi - as the sox loose a win.

Automatic_Wing said...

Didn't granny go through Woodstock schnockered on every drug known to man? She probably doesn't remember a damn to the ice floe with her.

Bob does roll his eyes a lot, looks like a teenager arguing with his parents.

Lem said...

the sox are going to loose a win right in front of my television!

I'm not going to be a happy man.

Lem said...

it was teddy's funeral in Mass today!

Lem said...

bad luck

Lem said...

two outs night inning

Lem said...

pop up sox win!

Lem said...

let the senator rest in peace!

Penny said...

It seems to me that the younger generation LOVES having grandma around.

She owns the house they can go back to when they get pregnant, divorce or default on the mortgage, whichever comes first.

Lem said...

in peace..

I was a democrat until midnight in honor of Ted.

any longer and the bill will pass.

just think, thank God we have to bury the dead.

it is the dems we have to be concern about.

I'm not making this stuff up!

They did say to take the cape an extra block.

I dont even have a boat!

Lem said...

If you dont believe me just ask Theo.. the needy are a necessity to the Kennedys.

wv - insurant = just let me pay my way onto the after life like everybody else.

Lem said...

It occurs to me I should be happy - that the sox won.

Ok that tonights outcome is a pleasant end to the endless negative, dumonic, unpleasant outcome that is indeed the adnegating danger a tru fan is willing to undergo.

wv - bolompu = a sox fan gift

Fred said...

Too late for that.

Lem said...

It occurs to me that maybe ardent fans make for ardent citizens.

wv - comis = Im not joking

I'm Full of Soup said...

I kept thinking Wright was the onetime bigwig at NBC. But he is actually a poli sci grad (?) who once edited a magazine called "Science".

That background suggests he knows little more than any generalist yet he tends to assume an incredulous face when you fail to agree 100% with his liberal dogma [he is a congenital eye-roller]. He seems to know Obama is failing bigtime but is insulted when someone brings it up.

What is the point Althouse of conversing with people like him?

wv = gragia

former law student said...

What is the point Althouse of conversing with people like him?

I've often wondered that. Or even Mickey Kaus, who always looks like a member of a Catholic teaching order on the way to the hs gym.

Unknown said...

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Penny said...

Now that we are totally off topic, I don't mind saying that I really enjoy the Bloggingheads, and in no small way.

I feel like I could sit down with any of these folks and have a great time talking about nearly anything.

reader_iam said...

I wish people would stop putting stuff in terms of granny, or at least in terms of granny only. What a stupid, dishonest, stupid--did I forget to mention stupid?--distortion.

Still, make no mistake, I get that wishin' ain't gettin'. Still, I wish.

reader_iam said...

Penny: Me, too, FTR.

reader_iam said...


A call for a raise of hands:

How many of you, from ages, say, 15 to 65, or so, ever actually called your grandmothers "granny" or heard your friends or fellow family members call her that, or even refer to her in that fashion? (I won't even go down this path w/r/t "grandpappy," because--please, you know you don't want me to.)

What rot. At best.

former law student said...

I wish people would stop putting stuff in terms of granny

Because it makes older women seem powerless, or because plenty of granpas would be affected as well?

Except for my mother's father, all the grandpas had died decades before their wives. We called my mother's parents Gramma-Grampa, for the record.

reader_iam said...

And one of the greatest pleasures I've found in the English language, aurally and musically speaking, is how marvelously "stupid" and "stop it" deliciously flirt with the ear.


Now, that what's *I* call a trip.

Bruce Hayden said...

How Sarah Palin Rope-a-Doped All-Too-Many Liberals:

As a liberal myself, I was amazed by the obtuseness of the liberal reaction to Sarah Palin’s “death panels” quote. They fell into a trap because all too many were blinded by their class-conscious, snobbish disdain for Palin, who, whatever else you think of her, is one cagey operator.

And in doing so they allowed that one brilliantly crafted propaganda phrase to undo the chance for some necessary health care reforms (portability of coverage, no disqualification for previous conditions, eligibility to some plan for all, subsidized coverage for the impoverished uninsured).

They couldn’t believe that Sarah Palin was capable of something as canny as that deadly “death panels” phrase. They couldn’t see that it was a metaphoric shorthand for something real. Instead they thought she was too dumb, that she meant it literally (to have seen the potential for rationed end-of-life care in the bill), and instead indulged in an orgy of disdain for her “crazy,” “ignorant” “lies” and malicious misrepresentation.

No! “Death panels” was a Lenny Bruce black-humored kind of line and she proved herself far hipper than the terminally square liberals who didn’t get it. And who started an ill-conceived war on the phrase which most of the country, when the facts came out, saw as meretricious or ignorant on the liberals’ part — with good reason. And caused ordinary citizens to turn against the whole cause of health care — really it should be health insurance — reform

Bruce Hayden said...

Wright is back with his liberal talking points, obviously not understanding what is going on.

What he doesn't answer is how do the Democrats expect to cut costs, maintain coverage for everyone, and increase the number of people covered.

It just cannot be done. No one takes seriously the idea that waste and fraud could be cut enough to make any difference. The idea that all of a sudden a federal program could be made efficient, just because the people at the top have better intentions than their predecessors is ludicrous. We have a President who never ran anything bigger than a campaign or a Senate office, all of a sudden being an expert on running government agencies? I don't think so.

So, you come back to what Obama has said all along, that there will be rationing, and the rationing will fall hardest on those who would benefit from the health care the least - the elderly and the disabled.

What Wright refuses to acknowledge is that the reason for all those efficiency, etc. panels, agencies, etc. is to develop guidelines that they can use in their rationing. (And as a previous commenter (probably Pogo, given his profession) pointed out, doctors already have plenty of organizations dedicated to best practices and the like. So, that can't logically be the purpose for these agencies, panels, etc.

Yes, the bills do not specifically call for rationing. But they all set up the mechanisms for it, and then, when given a budget, the nameless unaccountable bureaucrats running these health care agencies will have to ration care in order to meet their budgets.

Deb said...
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Deb said...

Reader @2:17 am. I called both my grandmothers 'granny'; my children called my mother 'granny.' But then, I'm definitely, absolutely a hillbilly. From a long line of hillbillies.

My husband's mother is 'Grandmother' and yes, it's capitalized, written or spoken.

traditionalguy said...

Trusting the government to come help you in times of need is suicide for 98% of the people. Keeping your own property safe from taxation, or from non-govermental theft, is life and a good life for the 50% who have property, and the rest are mad because it's not fair when they can see and smell the property that they are told by Democrats should be governmentally stolen "for them". Ask Chavez, Castro and Obama how easy that is to do?

Automatic_Wing said...

How many of you, from ages, say, 15 to 65, or so, ever actually called your grandmothers "granny" or heard your friends or fellow family members call her that, or even refer to her in that fashion?

My family that considered inappropriate in the readeriam household? Perhaps the proper term is "grandmama"...or is everyone supposed to go by first names these days? Do fill us in on the etiquette here.

bearbee said...

re: hillbilly, learned yesterday watching PBS 'History Detectives', that the label 'hillbilly' originated in Ireland by opponents of Scot-Irish supporters of King William of Orange.

Wiki on history of Hillbilly.

Just a point of interest.

Deb said...

"Cracker" is another term applied to rural southerners which has a totally different meaning today than it's origin.

former law student said...

"Cracker" is another term applied to rural southerners

The great baseball announcer Ernie Harwell began with the Georgia Crackers. So I always figured how bad could it be?

traditionalguy said...

F L S... The Atlanta Crackers were the Southern Association baseball team in town from 1920 or so until Georgia invaded Wisconsin and left with the Braves in 1965. An Uncle was the business manager for the team and left us box seat tickets whenever we wanted them. Great fun. We never knew that a Cracker was anything but a winning baseball player. But now we are told that poor white Scots-Irish Georgian's were also called Crackers once. The way the Obamaconomy is going down here we may soon become Crackers again.

I'm Full of Soup said...


What's wrong with you? All of us Althouse Hillbillies use the term "grandpappy".:)

kentuckyliz said...

Boomers love abortion.


Zwut happens when you don't have enough babies to support your generous old age benefits.

Vote yourself benefits then contracept the ponzi scheme into oblivion.