August 27, 2009

"Michael Jackson::Ted Kennedy = Farrah Fawcett::Dominick Dunne."

Analogy offered up for those of you who choose to laugh at death.


Marcia said...

I think it would make more sense as

Michael Jackson::Farrah Faucett =
Ted Kennedy::Dominick Dunne.

traditionalguy said...

Death seems to be winning more often these days. Our good fight in this life is always a fight against death, which is a cruel and implacable foe. Never surrender! I read in the obit that Dominick Dunne won a Bronze Star for risking his life rescuing other wounded soldiers during the WW2 Battle of the Buldge. So Dunne was a good man fighting a good fight, which makes him special among those four equated persons. In Obama's Harvard ruled world the Bronze Stars will be for saving money by abandoning others to death, which as Palin pointed out is Evil.

MayBee said...

Michael Jackson::Farrah Faucett =
Ted Kennedy::Dominick Dunne.

I agree.

Lem said...


Michael Jackson::Ted Kennedy = Farrah Fawcett::Dominick Dunne.

On many levels.

Pogo said...

Ted Kennedy::Oldsmobile = Captain Edward John Smith::Titanic.

Lem said...

..reality, illusion and appearance do not fall into neat and convenient categories.

That appears to be the case here.

wv - undeelyte, as in bring back the light.

rightwingprof said...

Let me fix that for you.

Michael Jackson:Ted Kennedy::Farrah Fawcett:Dominick Dunne

Dusty Fog said...

Michael Jackson::Young boys=
Ted Kennedy:: Old Scotch

rhhardin said...

Orrin Hatch on Kennedy, Imus this morning.

I thought WABC would put it up, but they seem not to have.

Speaking of redemption.

rhhardin said...

2:50pm, Rush declines to play a Kennedy bit, and there's some mention of "shovel ready."

bagoh20 said...

I was completely confused as I quickly read it as this Dominique_Dunne

kentuckyliz said...

The proper notation of the analogy is:

Michael Jackson : Ted Kennedy :: Farrah Fawcett : Dominick Dunne

I don't know if it's proper to include the spaces around the colons but it sure is easier on the eyes. And that's not a Farrah beautiful, anal cancer pun. It just sounds like it's trying to be.

WV wripp
That sounds like onomatopœia.

(another pun?!)