August 31, 2009

"The 'Menaissance' and Its Dickscontents."

I'm linking to that for the title alone. I don't even care what Will Wilkinson has to say about — presumably — his penis. (Via Jac.)

ADDED: I finally clicked through to the article Wilkinson is talking about and it's from last year. We all talked about it a year ago. (Here's my effort.) The title reeled me in!


Lem said...

To be a nice guy like she says she wants or a bad boy like she really wants?! These unresolved and unresolvable questions have led inevitably to the contemporary condition in which men are either unlovable whining sad sacks or misogynist assholes..

I Love You, Man (2009)

Jason (the commenter) said...

This is so much better than breast blogging.

John Lynch said...

We moved on to The Mancession.

AST said...

Is this really what intellectual discourse has come to? Somebody take these people back to their mamas so they can finish their potty training.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Here's a funny story about Will Wilkinson:

A few years ago I wrote a satire about "guest" programs and posted it to a blogspot blog ( then sent the link to Reason magazine. The all-in-one version of that is here (thanks, Arianna!).

What do you know, a couple weeks later a similar proposal found its way into Reason magazine's pages, written by Will Wilkinson (

I don't whether my satire inspired a real proposal from Will Wilkinson or not, but it certainly is quite a coinkydink.

Salamandyr said...
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Salamandyr said...

A bit too much soup for somebody who apparently got his knowledge of men and women from various romantic comedies and The View.

The whole thing read like the words of a man trying desperately to get in some feminists pants.