August 15, 2009

"I'm going to boycott Althouse until she gives us another clue to this puzzle."

Says Peter Hoh in the Whole Foods boycott post, referring to this photograph puzzle (with added clue). Here's a big clue:


That man is Sam Rushing, of Ouray, Colorado.



Ah Pooh said...

A mishap involving Witches Balls & Angels at the studio of Ouray Artist Sam Rushing where he creates beautiful hand blown glass with brilliant colors and quality.

Synova said...

Dang... and here I was going to say glass. ;-)

Trouble is that it was all solid colors and I expected there to be some swirled colors. So it looked more like plastic.

rhhardin said...

Cast iron marshmallow blast furnace.

EDH said...

Like most artists, Rushing looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Wisely, Althouse doesn't do the same with respect to the health care plans of "her" candidate.

cryptical said...

So the new happy couple is getting a wedding bong made to celebrate the blessed nuptials? Dude, that rocks!

WV = fontsi, the coolest typesetter in Milwaukee.

Albatross said...

Sandals and shorts around a bunch of molten glass?

Oh well, he's the expert, I suppose.

Triangle Man said...

Ooh cullett! That's what I meant. Forget all that stuff about a State Fair duck.

traditionalguy said...

Glass blowing is fun to watch. It must require powerfull lungs. It is also a hot place, thus permitting men in shorts under exception # 3.

peter hoh said...

well, thanks. I, too, was fooled by the appearance of the colored cylinders. Should have paid more attention to the shards.

Ralph L said...

This explains what, but not why. Does he roll the molten glass in the shards, or did he just drop some accidentally?

JAL said...


Peter -- you really must have boycotted reading the comments, as there was a clear clue left for you at 5:18 in the previous discussion. (The one you archly announced your "boycott" at 3:16.)
Some one sneezed.

wv = diphyper
Hyper dip? Who is that?

theobromophile said...

Wasn't Galt's Gulch inspired by Ouray, Colorado?

Given that the Whole Foods mission is, in part, to do good by making a profit, I see the link... but can't get much further than that.

Maybe reading the previous thread would help. :)

MamaM said...

Peter Hoh: I'd say your threat of boycott was effective, whether you guessed correctly or not. Sort of like the action that resulted from Palin's "death panel" talk.

Pogo's Chihuly sneeze came close, but it was JAL's incredulity and KLDAVIS's link that sent me on a Chihuly Chase ending with a site listing 14 criteria used by the author/art juror for evaluation. Which provided a clue to a different puzzle.

The Raisin Council had a magazine ad in the 70's which claimed, "One man's fruit is another man's candy."

Fruit, Candy, or Raisins;

Humor, Beauty, Challenge, Insight, or Hillbillies;

What one finds here depends a lot on individual expectations and perceptions.

WV-Pirsten...He don't keep his shop in the most pirsten condition, but he sure knows how to work the glass.

JAL said...

Well here's a little more background ...

Dale Chihuly started the glassblowing program at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) tabout the time I graduated.

There actually was a nascent program there as some of my friends in ceramics were messing with glass blowing because Norm Shulman, who doesn't get the credit he deserves for the glass program there had worked with Harvey Littleton, the godfather of American glass, in Toledo before Chihuly arrived.

I am talking about a long time ago.

I think that means I am old.

Anyway -- my surprise was partly because the world has become so small.

WV = injolo
Spanish for "I'm broke"

jimspice said...

Don't I get points for getting the city correct before any hints?

m00se said...

Jeez, people.

How do you think they get the color in glass? Those are pigments...

peter hoh said...

JAL, thanks for the clue, but it came shortly after I stopped following that thread.

JAL said...

Was the Professor supposed to call you up with the answer?

Just wondering.


wv - alicalp
Alley cat yell

jeffreymark said...

Sam Rushing is a celebrity around my house. Our boys love to mimic his Mississippi drawl. Did you engage him in a conversation over politics? He's a bit nutty in that department.

Jeffrey Mark

Ann Althouse said...

"Did you engage him in a conversation over politics?"

Yes... Meade did, anyway. Mainly about the draft and Vietnam.