August 26, 2009

"Boffin on quest to make 'chickenosaurus."

Yes. It's true. "Boffin on quest to make 'chickenosaurus."


kynefski said...

He also recently uncovered the remains of a new carnivorous dinosaur in Argentina.

Well, if it isn't too decayed - and it shouldn't be seeing as it's a new dinosaur - then this chicken shit shouldn't be necessary.

(Why is the word verification a real word, and why is it "hates?")

Synova said...

"Well, if it isn't too decayed - and it shouldn't be seeing as it's a new dinosaur..."


Really, though. I think we should use everything science gives us to bring back dinosaurs or mammoths or Neanderthals.

(I'm serious.)

traditionalguy said...

I can't wait untill they sell the Buffalo Wings from chickenosaurus. We still get to eat them first, don't we?

Hector Owen said...

By all means, let us have large predatory creatures roaming the suburbs. Maybe the urbs, even. Perhaps one of them will be able to satisfy Maureen Dowd.

wv= "hyprei" Hi pray hi aven't condemned me soul be postin' this 'ere.

Joe said...

It's all bullshit anyway; you wouldn't be making a dinosaur, but an entirely new creature.

Jason (the commenter) said...

I don't think this article deserves a "bad science" tag. There is a serious debate going on about whether or not birds descended from dinosaurs and this research could help provide evidence.

Researchers have already performed experiments showing birds have the genes needed to grow teeth (they came out teeny-tiny but were there) and the kind of research this guy is talking about is not going to "bring back" dinosaurs in any meaningful fashion. At best we'll see some slightly weird looking chicken embryos that will barely be able to survive.