August 22, 2009

"Barack Obama’s Big Bang is beginning to backfire..."

"... as his plans for rapid, once-in-a-generation overhauls of energy, financial regulation and health care are running into stiff resistance, both in Washington and around the country. The Obama theory was simple, though always freighted with risk: Use a season of economic anxiety to enact sweeping changes the public likely wouldn’t stomach in ordinary times. But the abrupt swing in the public’s mood, from optimism about Obama’s possibility to concern he may overreaching, has thrown the White House off its strategy and forced the president to curtail his ambitions."

"Big Bang." I call it "Shock and Awe":


AllenS said...

Shock and wee wee.

rhhardin said...

It's the birdbrain effect that's doing him in.

Firefox offers suggestions for word verification as you type, once you have history enough.

AJ Lynch said...


One obstacle to the homeless problem is the constitution right? You can't force people to take a room in a shelter, etc.

Would this "right" or freedom apply to health care?

rhhardin said...

The Ides of March, the Weeds of August, Tim Blair.

It's probably the last time to read Blair before Murdoch puts a fee firewall in.

Chip Ahoy said...

I think 'shock and awe' would be a great name for an American native.

On the shores of Gitche Gumee
By the shining big-sea water
Stood the wigwam of of Nokomis
And the warrior Shawkinaw

Ann Althouse said...

I think Wadsworth Longfellow would be a great name for a porn star.

EnigmatiCore said...

It's been shocking.

Awesome, or awe-inspiring?

Not so much.

traditionalguy said...

Does anyone ever remember feeling this bad about a President this soon in his term? Even Jimmy Carter was still promising some good things he could do in year one. Barak Obama has become a negative influence in all areas all at once, or we suddenly see straight all at once. Where is the Reset Button for the voters? In 2010 the House is up for a new vote along with a third of the Senate.

The Drill SGT said...

Even Jimmy Carter was still promising some good things he could do in year one.

I don't remember whether I voted for Jimmy the first time or not. Likely I did. I was an Army Officer by then, but more liberal than I am now. Ford seemed a caretaker over his head. Carter was a Southern Technocrat, conservative, former nuke Navy Officer, and Governor. Seemed grounded and competent.

Little did we know he was so spineless and moralizing.

Bruce Hayden said...

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that Nancy Pelosi really has traded the political careers for many of those Blue Dog Democrats for this run for liberal wishlists.

We keep hearing from major Democratic operatives that the Republican Party is dead. That is a bit suspicious, since just 4 years ago, the Republicans held the two elected branches of government, as the Democrats do now.

A lot of pro-life pro-gun moderate Democrats were recruited to run in 2006 and, in particular, 2008. And it worked, with the Democrats picking up a lot of House seats and an almost unfillibuster proof majority in the Senate.

BUT those seats were held by Republicans 4 years ago. Many of them went for McCain, and almost all of those formerly Republican districts went for Bush in 2004. And that is where Pelosi's majority came from.

A lot of these 1st and 2nd term Democrats were already liable to lose in 2010. And, the 2nd year of any term is almost always less productive, with much of Congress starting to run for office again.

So, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have one year to enact all of their liberal wish list. Now they have doubled down, because they pretty much know they won't have the House in 2010, given the votes forced on all those moderate Democrats, AND the level of corruption there.

This year is the Democrats once in a generation (or two) chance to enact as much of their agenda as they can.

AST said...

AllenS, my A and S stand for Allen and S, so I always check your comments when I see them. That was one of the best! LOL

Anyway, I was going to suggest that a big bang backfiring is black hole. (No racism intended. I didn't invent the term.)

AllenS said...

My S is my middle initial, for Stewart. I see you were also into printing for a livelihood. I was a pressman on a 4 color web offset press.

Methadras said...

AllenS said...

Crisis, shock, and then wee wee.

Fixed for clarity. :D