August 5, 2009

4 views of Bachelor Gulch.

The hotel, seen from above:



Bachelor Gulch

Clouds and aspens:

Bachelor Gulch

Time to debate whether it's time to scurry back down the hill:

Bachelor Gulch


ironrailsironweights said...

Given the way lightning can come on very suddenly in the western mountains, I would say it is, indeed, time to scurry back down the hill.


k*thy said...

We were on a hike that started out sunny and quickly turned on us. Thunder and hail. It was quite a rush. Luckily, our group of 5 had rain gear and just sat down and waited it out. Others in the area were not as prepared. Ouch.

fengfk2008 said...
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chickenlittle said...

Don't spoil the shui, feng!

Methadras said...

I love Colorado. It's such a great state. Except for the moronic lefty enclaves.

ricpic said...

Quivering shivering when it breezes,
Aspirating aspen treeses.

feng, when you do her in a motel do you do it like a chinaman?

MadisonMan said...

Methadras, if it didn't have the moronic lefty enclaves, Colorado would just be South Wyoming.

ironrailsironweights said...

OK! Let's have some Althousian close textual analysis of why a woman would choose to be married on Beaver Creek Mountain.
Then let's analyze some photos of Althouse for indications that convey her, well, beaver.

Use of the word "beaver" in connection with women has become tragically obsolete due to the near-complete triumph of the hideous pedophilic Bald Eagle :(


ricpic said...

Aspens show off shivering and shaking. What a bunch of sissies.
To a solid stolid pine they're embarrassing and prissy.

Fred4Pres said...

Why do aspens in Colorado look great, but aspens elsewhere mostly look like crap?

Okay, I am overstating it, but in large part it is true.

Fred4Pres said...

Can it still be Bachelor Gulch?

Lem said...

OK! Let's have some Althousian close textual analysis of why a woman would choose to be married on Beaver Creek Mountain.

We passed on the ovious reference ' Angel Millie ' the day after and Millie the White House author.

It appears the Bushes were there in spirit ;)

knox said...

Makes me think of The Shining. In a good way!

Lem said...

Sorry, it was not obvious to me that I had misspelled obvious.. at least not right away... as it was obvious to you.
Obviously it was not on purpose.

ricpic said...

Aspens look great in Yellowstone too, Fred. But then Wyoming is just Colorado Coloradans. To Wyomingers Colorado is Wyoming...debased.

Lance said...

"Why do aspens in Colorado look great, but aspens elsewhere mostly look like crap?"

"Aspens look great in Yellowstone too, Fred."

It's not the latitude/longitude, it's the altitude. Aspens are a high-country tree, and don't fare as well in the valleys. My home is at 4400ft., and even there my aspens are constantly under attack from disease/pests.

Fred4Pres said...

I agree there are great looking aspen groves in Yellowstone and parts of Utah too, but it must be altitude. Aspens elsewhere look like ugly grey birch trees.

I like the Aspens outside of Aspen, Colorado, especially on the drive up to Independence Pass. They have green bark.

Penny said...

Even newlyweds cannot live on love and landscape alone.

I used to collect cookbooks and two of my favorites were from the Junior League of Denver...Creme de Colorado and the even better, Colorado Collage. Judging from the comments over the past few days, there are many who live out there or just vacation. These books would make great take-home gifts in lieu of the usual kitsch.

blake said...

Sure is lonely in Bachelor Gulch.

Off to the left is the tissue forest.

To your right, Lotion Lake.

BJM said...

@blake Eeeewww.

BJM said...

Totally off topic but I suspect Althouse, et al, will have an opinion.

Posh replacing Paula on Idol?

A crazy good idea!

blake said...

Kirstie Alley has tweeted that she's replacing Abdul.

Julie said...

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