July 27, 2009

"When you gather together 100,000 people who are in love — that's pretty good, isn't it? — so many lovers in one place..."

"... they all love the same thing and you can feel the ambience of their love."

Ray Bradbury, at 1:25, at the linked audio.


Lem said...

I cant see it .

glam1931 said...

That's because it's just an audio link...there is no video on NPR radio.

Damn...Bradbury sounds a thousand years old.

Fred4Pres said...

Ray Bradbury is still alive? I remeber my parents saying the same thing about Don Ameche in Cocoon.

traditionalguy said...

100,000 people who are in love sounds like a cult to me and my Crack Emcee.

EDH said...

They're All In Love

Where do you fit in zzzzip magazine
Where the past is the hero and the present a queen
Just tell me right now where do you fit in
With mud in your eye and a passion for gin

And they're all in love
And they're all in love

Hey, goodbye all you punks
Stay young and stay high
Hand me my checkbook
And I'll crawl off to die

But like a woman in childbirth
Grown ugly in a flash
I'm seen magic and fame
Now I'm recycling trash

Crimso said...

How great a thing it is would kind of depend on what it is that's being loved. What if you gathered 100,000 people who loved (just to pick a random possibility) book burning? Would the "ambience" he feels be so positive? I'm sure those Nuremburg rallies had quite an ambience, what with the love and all.

traditionalguy said...

Crimso...Don't get C-4 aroused this early in the morning. He thinks that there is nothing like the smell of a Fuhrer in the morning.

Crimso said...

I sure hope the diffusion of the smell of that Fuerher helps defuse the furor.

blake said...

He got a lot older sounding after his stroke. But he's always had a kind of gravelly voice. (At least "always" over the last 30-35 years.)