July 4, 2009

The truth about "bee balls."

It's not the heat. It's the suffocation.

Don't worry, the scotch-taped giant hornet was anesthetized before he was introduced to the bees.


EDH said...

Really, how different is a "Bee Ball" from the infamous "Waitress Sandwich" as practiced by Senators Dodd and Kennedy?

Fred4Pres said...

EDH, I need to bleach my brain now. Thanks for nothing!

Fred4Pres said...

Once the hornets recovered from their anaesthesia, the probes were touched to the bees' nest.

"The bee ball formed (around the hornet) immediately," said Dr Sakamoto.

I did not know you promoted hornet snuf films Professor Althouse. The Japanese are known for their creepy sexual fetishes. But given Meade's recent arachnidcide, which you filmed, why should I be surprised?

chuck b. said...

Suffocation seems like a simpler and more reasonable explanation, doesn't it? The truth usually is.

Cedarford said...

Fred4Pres - "The Japanese are known for their creepy sexual fetishes."

I think you are just jealous that Americans didn't think of tenacle sex 1st.
Or that Japan is the place that elevated bondage to an art form. "Rope-Art" with recognized Sensei that are paid up to 500-800 dollars to exquisitely tie some model or amateur up for admiration or "use".


While in the military in Japan, we did a hike with some Japanese colleagues in the National Park/SDF Army base land below Mt. Fujiyama..I missed it, but several giant Japanese hornets (they are not common) were attracted to an open fruit juice container a Japanese guy and his US servicewoman date opened. (they were trailing us by a half mile or so, told us when they caught up).She 1st thought they were yellow-black hummingbirds (speaking of Athouses other entry), and she HEARD THEM before she saw them.

We tried to find more, but never did.

THe trek was awesome. The flora and fauna almost as interesting as the Japanese themselves at leisure activity behavior...compared to us. Similar yet so different.