July 1, 2009

Sir Archy, that the Ghost of a Gentleman, dead these 260 Years and more, makes a new appearance....

... here.


Chip Ahoy said...

Dear Sir Archy

Having just finished perusing your four-part missive on Althouse's Theatre of Topicks, as you term it, being brought forward to the front page where I would not be missed by laggards such as myself, and having been so thoroughly entertained as well as educated thereof, I am caused presently to exclaim my deepest sense of heartfelt joy at your return as well as your important and interesting historic recollections and remembrances thereupon. Due to my self-imposed limitation of one syllable for exclamations, a limitation which shall expire as soon as I see fit, I must now say simply,



Your true and humble avid follower,
Chip Ahoy

Triangle Man said...


Dave TN said...

Wonderfully entertaining story.

Penny said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Althouse, or I would have missed it. I LOVE Sir Archy!

Now I shall play my ghost flute, in honor of such a remarkable gentleman.

Greg said...

Ah . . . the Shitting Duck of Paris. Once lost to the knowledge of men, now revived by Sir Archy.