July 3, 2009

The NYT aims its "36 hours in" analysis at Madison, Wisconsin.

I've been here for 25 years, but I'm interested to see what's picked out for the 2 day visitor. And also what's left out.


MadisonMan said...

It's interesting that they omit going to the Farmer's Market. What could be a more Madisonian thing on a Saturday morning?

And it's ridiculous to eat brunch on the east side, and then head to Lake Wingra for paddling. There are perfectly fine restaurants near Lake Wingra. Why drive more than you have to?

Interesting that they mention the now-closed Cafe Montmartre. Bad luck!

All the photo credits are from the same person who took your picture for the engagement story.

chuck b. said...

Everyone has a farmer's market. They're kind of same-y, aren't they?

Why don't you take us to the High Noon Saloon?

TituswilltellyouOKKKKK said...

Whats left out? I will tell you what I hope is left out:

East Towne
East Washington
Club 5
The Shamrock
The East Side
The West Side
The South Side
The North Side
The Airport
The Beltline
A Pathetic naked "beach" on the Wisconsin River in Mazomanie 10 miles away. No Sconies your naked beach is not Fire Island.
The Pathetic "hotels" Concourse, Edgewater and Sheraton by the horrible Colisium doesn't not constitute fabulousness.

TituswilltellyouOKKKKK said...

And miles and miles of strip malls everywhere.

How depressing.

And no Meade, I would not do Perot.

TituswilltellyouOKKKKK said...

And where can you get Kohlrabi Batons in MadCity?

Eli Blake said...

Well, it should go smoother than traffic north of Phoenix today, which was backed up by a real live metaphor.

Drivers found themselves contending with more than holiday traffic Friday when a chicken was found crossing the road.

Northbound Interstate 17 remains backed up north of Loop 101 after a rooster tried to cross the freeway about 11 a.m. at Arizona 74

Unfortunately Arizona state patrolmen, who caught the bird and released it near New River, didn't interrogate the chicken first, thereby missing the opportunity to solve one of the world's greatest mysteries and learn WHY the chicken crossed the road.

Chris Althouse Cohen said...

My favorite places in Madison are:

Brasserie V
Sundance Theatre

But I'd still rather be in LA.

rhhardin said...

I recommend visiting the gun shop, if there is one.

bearbee said...

How is Wisconsin a politically complicated state?

XWL said...

"But I'd still rather be in LA."

Rule of thumb for the Los Angeles area, if you've been here more than a year, you're practically a native.*

*-(NYC natives are an exception to this rule, folks from that area can live in LA for far more than half their lives but they'll still root for their Yankees, they'll still tell you they can't get 'real' pizza in LA, and they'll still complain about LA not being a 24 hour city, they'll still insist LA lacks a 'real' cultural scene, all the while as they bask in the bright, dry, sunshine and keep visits back to the other coast to a bare minimum)

MadisonMan said...

There used to be a gun shop down on old University, near where James J used to be (and about a half-block from the old typewriter repair store). Don't know if it's still there, though.

traditionalguy said...

The NYT reporter needs to come back and see winters on Lake Mendota. That will put a little courage into her job description.

David said...


Sorry, got some fluff up my nose.