July 20, 2009

"Look, son, the way these people eat and live comfortably, you will do so, too."

Simple venality leads to religious martyrdom.


Scott M said...

So it DOES all boil down to who gets to wear Nike and watch 180 channels of HDTV.

Lem said...

My reading of the last 2 paragraphs says that "simple venality" was made up.

In other words, his father never told his would be terrorist son ""Look, son, the way these people eat and live comfortably, you will do so, too"".

I dont know, maybe I'm wrong.

The Drill SGT said...

I read it the same way Lem. The quote was in a confession that was denied later.

Who knows?

in one, the father encouraging the participation for gain.

in the alternative, whey just wanted training so they could be better armed robbers.

6 of one, etc

jag said...

the poverty in pakistan, and other muslim countries, is too extreme, too dehumanizing, to explain these acts as 'simple venality'. it's a deeper ache and it uses violence to vent rage.

NKVD said...

I hear the "poverty causes crime" argument a lot where I live. It is an excuse. I also hear that islam causes poverty, unless you happened to set up your tent over a pool of oil. That seems to be true.

It all sounds like a rationalization for muslims to blame others for their own poverty and lack of initiative, then kill those that they blame. They might want to rethink that, or we might want to pay attention to their primitivism. Being backwards in the 21st century can be a problem, especially given the West's reluctance to call a spade a spade.

L. E. Lee said...

Timothy McVeigh wannabes.

traditionalguy said...

Crazy Pakistani's are insane because their culture condemns them for not being worthy of life, unless they agree to kill others for a mild whiff of approval from a father figure. So yes, Christianity provides the missing factor in the Abrahamic Faith traditions (based upon the Book). That factor is of supreme value to all who find it. It is an acceptance and love from that condemning father based upon the sacrifice on Golgotha confirmed by the Easter morning events. No wonder the Mohammedan culture, based upon enslavment and murder of others, fears Christian teaching that could free their captives minds.

Daniel Fielding said...

I grew up in India,and Indian muslims are significantly different than their cousins across the artificial India/Pakistan border.
However, there is a great deal of truth to the opinions expressed by "jag", "NKVD", and "TraditionalGuy".

jag said...

I don't think it excuses terrorism to look for root causes. However, we can't have millions of unemployed and restless males in the Islamic world and not expect trouble. While their poverty may not be the West's fault, it is still our problem.