July 31, 2009

"'It was one of those things where they put you up against the wall and hold you down by your elbows.'"

"I assume she’s talking about being manhandled by the cops, but no — chiropractic."


rhhardin said...

Propping yourself up between the backs of two chairs also works.

Something always worth trying is piling enough rolled up blankets or stuff under the mattress to make a distinct rise at hip level, and sleeping on that.

See if it's better in the morning.

If not, call in the cops for a beating.

Darcy said...

Reminds me of my favorite chiropractor.

(I had a crush.)

Ann Althouse said...

@rh on your back or on your stomach?

rhhardin said...

On your side. Find the side that fixes the problem.

rhhardin said...

You have to put a board under the piled up blankets to encourage a mattress rise instead of a under-mattress fall, usually.