July 7, 2009

In the Company of Thieves Café.


This really is a café called In the Company of Thieves, so I suppose I should have titled this post "In the Life Drawing Café" if I want to give my usual cue that you can talk about whatever you like. But you can.


chuck b. said...

I used to get coffee at a place in San Jose named Leviticus.

JAL said...

Coffee nothing. I still can't see a FedEx truck without checking to see if I can see the arrow. (I can.)

Quayle said...

Obama keeps talking about the high cost of healthcare.

I've been wondering what does Obama’s data tell us the expected costs of past and recent advanced medical procedures should be?

To our ancestor's credit, and thanks to Obama for point it out: our ancestors didn’t carry such high (potentially bankrupting!) costs of obtaining advanced medical care.

They just died.

Under Obama’s approach, to match our ancestor’s low spending on healthcare, the government will now decide when we have to die.

That’s going to be a lot better, don’t you think?

TitusItisRainingYetAgain said...

Cafes are elite and pretentious.

I get my fantastic salad daily from Bloc 11 in Somerville, MA and my fantastic sandwiches from Darwin Ltd. in Cambridge.

Very fabulous, very liberal and very East Coast.

bearbee said...

Beautiful photo of the beautiful Penn Station Manhattan .

Built 1910 demolished 1963.

"Any city gets what it admires, will pay for, and, ultimately, deserves. Even when we had Penn Station, we couldn’t afford to keep it clean. We want and deserve tin-can architecture in a tinhorn culture. And we will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by those we have destroyed."

- "Farewell to Penn Station," New York Times editorial, October 30, 1963

TitusItisRainingYetAgain said...

I also go to Diesel Cafe in Somerville which is actually owned by a Dyke?

Coincidence that Diesel Cafe is owned by a Dyke?

I think not.

Diesel is in Davis Square, very hip, very cool, very now, very wow.

TitusItisRainingYetAgain said...

Where as Beacon Hill and the South End and the Back Bay are very beautiful they are a little too stuffy for me.

Somerville/Cambridge on the other hand is very hipster. That's me. Hip. Hip to be cool.

TitusItisRainingYetAgain said...

The Biscuit is another cafe I go to. Right next to my loft.

Very hip too.

I never stay at any of the cafes though.

Everything is to go.

I got to go.

goesh said...


veni vidi vici said...

Could the two photos on Drudge right now of Obama with Medvedev and Putin in Russia be any more editorial?

William said...

I don't get it, but it seems that America has bonded as closely to Michael Jackson as the French did to Edith Piaf. Both singers were damaged souls. They say that caged nightingales reach the sweetest notes after being blinded. Perhaps there was something of this in their talent. In any event the double helix of pathology and strength embedded in their DNA gave to their performances a compulsive, driven energy that was hard to turn away from.....Piaf used to be a street prostitute, and the bad experiences of her life were written on her face. The French during Piaf's heyday looked upon their civilization was "an old whore gone in the teeth". Maybe that was part of their bond with Piaf.....There have been very few civilizations as doltishly, fatuously worshipful of youth as that of America. Perhaps America bonded with Jackson not despite his sexual failings but because of them. America can relate to child molestors the way the French can relate to cheap whores..

Dust Bunny Queen said...

What is that? A lox placemat?

Lem said...

Drudge got nothing on the SC serial killer.

Is that strange?

JAL said...

I think Insty linked to a website looking at beautiful buildings which have been demolished and replaced with ugliness. Penn Station was one. There are others at The Infrastructurist

Before and after is grim.

Triangle Man said...


Obama isn't saying that you should save money by paying less for lower quality care, he is saying that you are being played for a sucker because you are paying too much for the care you get.

Do you think that health care costs are about right? Why do other nations pay substantially less to enjoy equivalent or better health?

U.S. health care costs have grown 5% per year for 40 years, and are about 15% of GDP now compared to 5% of GDP 40 years ago. Bubble much?

Triangle Man said...

Lox. I thought it was a heaping tray of lox.

Beth said...

Wow. I just took a look at an older thread, about texting, to find that paul a'barge has called my partner "a blow-up doll."

What a shit you are, paul. Just a snivelling, feces-crusted asshole of a human being.

Quayle said...

Why do other nations pay substantially less to enjoy equivalent or better health?

Do you know the answer to this question?

NKVD said...

Wow, Beth, do you kiss your blow up doll with that mouth?

David said...

Man, that is the biggest piece of Lox I ever saw.

Triangle Man said...

Do you know the answer to this question?

If I knew for certain I would probably be paid more than I am. My guess is that it largely relates to delivering good care using less expensive technology. There is a big push from the NIH to fund research into "comparative effectiveness" to help sort out which technologies work, and which are worth the cost.

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm suddenly in the mood for lox and bagel.

You know what's really good? Lox and bagel with with capers, minced onion, and diced tomato with cream cheese on my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sourdough topped with with slices of ripe avocado and lightly sprinkled with pepper and traces of cumin. That's what.

Hey! Would you like to see one of my Chia rams?

When I was a little kid I kept being asked what I wanted for my birthday and for Christmas and I kept telling people I wanted a Chia pet. I thought the idea was brilliant! They just laughed at me. Nobody ever bought me one, which for some reason, probably the advertising, I thought must be a gift. By the time I grew up and decided I must buy one for myself the rams had been discontinued, and rams were the only animal that really made sense Chia-wise, except maybe the kitten and I didn't want that. Enter eBay where the rams were to be found very rarely. Now, through conscientious collection effort I have amassed an impressive Chia ram collection, cornered the Chia ram market probably, and the moral to my story is you should not deny a little kid what they repeatedly tell you they want even if it's ridiculous or too kitsch to bring into the house or else they could turn into a collecting freak! Nothing is sadder than an unplanted Chia pet. It saddens me to think people got these as gifts decades ago and didn't appreciate them so put them up unopened in a closet until they died and somebody else who also can not bring themselves to appreciate them put them up on eBay. Well, maybe a few things are sadder, but not much. So I make sure to keep seeds around and plant a few just for fun. The kids love 'em. They grow especially well in summer. Here's what one looks like this week.

Freeman Hunt said...

I keep seeing signs in the area designating that various road projects are part of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Yet I live in what is probably one of the most robust economies in the country, not at all in need of "stimulus."

Your money at work.

MPH said...

I continue to read about and hear this notion that if Sarah Palin can "bone up" on her grasp of the issues, she can come back and be a force.

My question to Professor Althouse: Would anyone be saying this if she were a man? Isn't treating her like a parrot misogynistic on some level?

Beth said...

NKVD, it's kind of you to keep paul company in the sewer.

NKVD said...

Oh dear, precious little liberal Beth is upset. Even her sense of humor is below sea level.

rhhardin said...

A tractor video for Titus.

Ann Althouse said...

@MPH I say it myself, about Reagan, in the Bloggingheads.

kentuckyliz said...

Beth, I looked at your blog and was moved by the tribute to Elmo. What a great cat! Chasing pit bulls--great story! How are the other giranimals doing? Are they still grieving?

In other news...I finished stringing the little chinese paper lanterns and hanging them on the edge of my outdoor room offset patio umbrella. I sat out after dark and it attracted too many bugs and moths. I had to use a laundry basket to load them all up! Looks cool though. I took pix...need to upload to fb.

Ann Althouse, my niece just loves Wisco and is itchin' to go there. We recently helped her figure out her career goal--she wants to become a dentist. Yes we know Madtown doesn't have a dental school...she'll prolly go back home to UM for that.

I keep staying up too late at night.

MPH said...


With respect -- I heard your point comparing Palin to Reagan as plain-spoken.

But compare a talk like this to anything Palin has ever said:

Regan was clearly articulate and understood the core ideas behind his words. Other than an emotional connection to American freedoms, I am not convinced Palin has an intellectual underpinning anywhere close to Reagan's.

I am also uncomfortable with the notion of "uploading" the correct information to Sarah Palin's head -- not only because that is not how we learn -- but it assumes neutral motives on her behalf to date.

Beth said...

Hi Liz,

I hope you're healing well - seeing you post some recently makes me think it's going well, at least.

Thanks for the nice thoughts about Elmo. The other little guys are adapting to the new social structure. The remaining cat is still looking around for Elmo, but he's started playing a bit with the dogs. By "playing" I mean sitting in doorways in a "you shall not pass!" game that ends in tears for all concerned. Cats like those kinds of games.