July 23, 2009


Directly to heaven.


Thanks for the intense joy you gave us — gave meHeinz Edelmann.


Sheepman said...

I enjoyed the Yellow Submarine immensely when it came out. I was 12 at the time - a perfect age to see it.

For some reason I thought Peter Max had done the art work.

Bissage said...

I loved Mr. Edelmann’s work when I was a little kid.

But let’s be honest.

He made me want to do drugs.

PatCA said...

His work started a whole new design ethic.


BTW I'm going to a R. Crumb exhibit this weekend!

p.t. fogger said...

When I saw Yellow Submarine the first time, when I was a little kid, sometime in the early '70's, I completely loved it. But "Glove" and the Green Apple Bonkers (or whatever they were called) really and truly freaked me out.