July 26, 2009








BJM said...

Bless you!

john said...

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Tell me again why I voted for Palin and that old guy.

Unknown said...


Well, that's true if she is running for governor of Alaska again. You never heard of a person quitting one job and succeeding in another? People from all walks of life do it everyday.

You are falling for the MSM meme. Think for yourself and stop falling for the propaganda from the left.

Palin troopergate, Palin is stupid, Palin is a quitter.

I swear, they will demean this woman to no end.

Bob W. said...

I love coneflowers, my all time favorite flowers. I have never seen them growing wild anywhere though, lucky you!

fivewheels said...

The big fuzzy bumblebees do seem to love to hump that kind of flower. I got this similar photo at a conservatory.

Titushopeyouarehavingalovelyweekend said...

My Indian husband with the British accent inviting me to go have ice cream with him at Christies in Inman Square.

Hello, wedding bells can be far off.

Fred4Pres said...

If you nibble on echinacea seeds they make your tongue tingle.

john said...


She quit about 2 years in. No MSM spin on that fact.

If she wants to run again, she needs to show she has experience, at least as much as Obama. She blew it by quitting, plain and simple.

Penny said...

Interesting conversation, Sy and john. To my mind, Sarah Palin didn't quit. She QUIT!

To some this is a subtle difference. But not to me. It is the difference between doing the "right thing", or going along for the ride.

Ms.Palin is driving her own bus now, and I find that refreshing. Let's see how this works out for her, and for us.

Shades of Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters? Tom Wolfe, if you are out there and still tuned in. This might be the time for you to sharpen your pencil.

JAL said...

Having a walking botanical guide at your side is nice.

Unknown said...


It's obvious she quit being a governor, duh. Everyone does now and then. But don't paint it as if she have failed. There are many legitimate reasons to quit.

Experience in what? She already have more executive experience than both Obama and Biden combined.

All you need to know is she doesn't believe in big government. She believes in business incentives to spur economic growth. That's good enough for me. Frankly, the less government do, the better off the people will be.

Maria said...

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