July 15, 2009

"Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely."

"I don't want to look like the woman who gave away her kids and just forgot about them."

Does it look good for you to ask whether it looks good for you to ask for them? Hell no!

ADDED: Rowe says she didn't write that email.


traditionalguy said...

Are kids commodities like pork bellies? Yes, they are when there is any money tied to them. The maddest God got at the Hebrews was over their habit of court supported robbery of the Widow's and Orphan's property rights. Surprise, surprise, human nature has not changed. It kind of does highlight the value of an incorruptle Judge with empathy for the powerless.

TMink said...

Wow. What a piece of work. In my divorce I was accused of fighting for my daughter in order to save money, to look good, eveything but the truth which is that I love her and was worried about her bipolar mom having custody and moving her out of the state.

This woman infuriates me.


Fred4Pres said...

God help those kids. I think of how Marlon Brando's kids turned out and this is even more of a circus.

MadisonMan said...

What will karma do to her, I wonder.

William said...

Those poor Jackson children. Their father was not their father. Their mother is some kind of hybrid mix of a brood sow and Donald Trump. Their immediate family can't wait to carve them up like the Sunday roast. What god-awful people they all are....Most people who come from screwed up families never figure out the existential dilemna into which they are born. If these kids can find a buoyant center in this ocean of crap it will be a miracle.

knox said...

What's sad is that the kids are going to the same family who made Michael the sad case he was.

muddimo said...

I can't believe MJ didn't make some reasonable arrangement for custody of his kids. They sure do have a tough road ahead of them.

Dale said...

There's definitely going to be a settlement that's going to come out of this," said White

The leverage just shifted.

Penny said...

Is there anyone who doesn't believe there will be some deal cut here?

That being said, do we really need to know for SURE?

How did we end up in a world where absolutely nothing seems worthy of privacy?

Synova said...

"What will karma do to her, I wonder."

I'm more concerned with what Karma is going to do with the POS that released the e-mails and the POS reporters that published them.

I personally can not imagine not being with my children. I can not imagine giving a child or even grandchild of mine up for adoption. I could not donate an egg and my husband could not bear to donate sperm.

But people DO.

And while I might "blame" someone for being able to do that, to a woman who can give away her children or a man who "donates" sperm all over the place without a second thought to any children he might have in the world... if a person has decided to give up custody or any interest in their children, and a decent person with human sensibilities *might* decide to do that... there is going to be... probably *has* to be an emotional severance.

And I wouldn't expect someone to be able to heal that emotional scarring on demand.

What absolutely didn't and shouldn't have happened are the decisions to make this private conversation public where it might make its way to the children themselves.

Joe said...

This does tend to support the claim that Rowe was only a surragate mother and not the biological mother of the children.

zt said...
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