July 26, 2009

Crazy rage peaked on "American Idol" with the wild and hilarious Alexis Cohen.

See for yourself:

"The battered body of Alexis Cohen, 25, was discovered along a road in Seaside Heights about 4 a.m. by two passersby, authorities said. Paramedics fought to save Cohen's life before she was rushed to Community Medical Center in Toms River, N.J., where she was pronounced dead about 6:35 a.m. 'It appeared she sustained multiple injuries as a result of a motor vehicle hitting her and leaving the scene'..."

"I'm going to show you guys that I can be victorious. I'll make it one day. One day, somehow, someway."

And, remember this, (previously blogged here)?


ironrailsironweights said...

The quoted headline makes it sound like she was murdered "("battered body"), at least that was my first impression. She actually was hit by a car.


Bissage said...

Whomsoever may see himself in a drop of rain upon a dewy morning’s fog, may yet appear supple as a leaf’s greening-seeming-dreaming pasture’s lawn from days gone by.

A child cries alone and unheard.

It used to be so natural to talk about forever. But used-to-bees don't count anymore. They just lay on the floor until we sweep them away.

Are you listening?


Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Peter. I added another sentence to the quote to remove that impression. I'd changed the quote at the last minute and didn't notice I'd done that.

NKVD said...

That's a sad story. I can only hope she has found some peace now.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Very sad.

There is a huge difference in having an abundance of self confidence and being delusional and grandiose about your own abilities. Someone should have helped her to see some reality.

Simon and the other judges were being kind and gentle with her and she refused to take the advice. Delusional and very sad.

William said...

She was the Henry Gates of American Idol contestants.

Fred4Pres said...

Seaside Heights was famous for drug ODs. Middle of the day in the summer, the paramedics and cops would be hauling a couple of kids a day, overdosing on something. Asbury Park was bad for that too--but Asbury Park was a seedy hole and most of the drug addicts there (for lack of a better description) knew what they were doing. Seaside attracted more surburban kids who would go crazy there and get into trouble.

kimsch said...

That's sad.

G Joubert said...

It's not too hard to visualize her getting into a road rage-like squabble with the wrong motorist

John Kindley said...

Does Simon have an alibi?

Robert Cook said...

I never watch AMERICAN IDOL, (though I am an avid fan of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE), and I always find it sad to see people so invested in thinking of themselves as "singers," as having talent when they do not. More than sad, it's painful to see their shocked reaction to frank criticism, often expressed, as here, with an outburst of rage. Obviously, these people are in deep need. Ms. Cohen was not so bad, actually; she wasn't good enough to be a star, but she could have fronted a local cover band and enjoyed the pleasure of just making music for its own sake.

I hope she got over this and found enjoyment in her own life before she died.

traditionalguy said...

She seemed like a very nice person with a need to do something nwith her chutzpa. Only problem is that a 4000 Lb car beats chutzpa everytime.That girl needed some safe friends to go with her into harms way.

Fred4Pres said...

I am sorry she died. Everyone should have a chance to turn things around.

Penny said...

I'm not sure Althouse put up this exact clip, but in the clip I saw earlier today, Simon said she was "not right" for the show, right before he said she would go out in a bag.

Yeah, I know, we will all eventually go out in a bag, but I found Simon's comment prescient in light of this girl's untimely death.

If there is a silver lining here, I suspect it is for all those animals out there who would never know her as the veterinarian she said she wanted to be. Right before she wanted to be the American Idol, but then an actress, the last we heard.

I suspect that if Alexis is looking down on us, she would be jubilant about the press she is getting for her last role as road kill.

Sad story, or has she lived out her dream?