July 16, 2009

At the Wishful Thinking Café....


... you can talk about and to your heart's desire.

(The photo shows a small cross and a penny at the base of a totem-pole like sculpture erected atop an Indian mound on the East Side of Madison. Photographed on July 12th, when I was in Madison. Right now, I'm in Kentucky, about to hit the road heading toward Tennessee and then North Carolina. So please use this post to keep things hot or at least warm around here. I'll be back in due time.)


traditionalguy said...

Are the Smokies a destination or is this a trip all the way to the Coast? Happy trails to you.

Henry Buck said...

This sentence from the NYT article on Hillary was too funny not to comment on:

Though she departs Thursday for India and Thailand, she is in constant pain and faces grueling physical therapy five times a day, according to people close to her. Among the exercises: repetitively squeezing a gelatinous ball.

I wonder what she wishfully imagines the gelatinous ball to be?

TMink said...

Are you guys coming through Nashville? Can I buy yall a beer?


martha said...

OMG! Are you and Meade on your honeymoon?

If so, all the best to you both!

龍舌蘭之吻 said...


rhhardin said...

Who knows if this Kausfiles quote of Obama is correct, but I liked it.

And increasingly what you're going to see is that businesses are going to incentivize their employees to stop smoking, lose weight, get exercise, get regular checkups.

What we can do is we can encourage those companies that have those sorts of wellness-prevention programs

Laura(southernxyl) said...



Over 10 years ago I worked for a company that subidized more of your health insurance if you didn't smoke and got your yearly physicals. They keep bringing up old ideas as though they were brand-new.

MadisonMan said...

I hope you're headed to the Outer Banks. That's my favorite vacation spot, based on childhood memories. What a great coastline.

fengfk2008 said...


Bissage said...

I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.

Penny said...

And I noticed they like chocolate and motels. That's a nice beginning.

Crimso said...

"I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords."

From what I can see of them, they're real squares, man.
Hey Althouse, if you pass through Knoxville (as I suspect you will), it would be damned funny if you TPed Reynolds' house. A good caper now and then (perpetrated on a good sport) can really lift the soul.

former law student said...

They keep bringing up old ideas as though they were brand-new.

They keep bringing up good ideas that have yet to be widely adopted.

The American focus on novelty leads to a lot of wheel-spinning, as successor groups replace good programs merely to have something to put in their resumes.

MadisonMan said...

I noticed they like chocolate and motels

(laugh). Is the chocolate made in China any good? I suspect they cut too many corners to bolster the bottom line when they're mixing ingredients.

The Drill SGT said...

Chocolate, like beer is better wth fewer rather than more ingredients.

chuck b. said...

I thought the picture represented a flow of chocolate lava, perhaps spewing forth from some liberal's irradiated mocha like a Blob spreading across the tacky granite table top in an elitist coffeeshop, about to overrun meaningful symbols of American providence. Boo!

MadisonMan said...

Drill Sgt, that is the God's Honest Truth. For Christmas I got the wife some fancy schmancy chocolate made in Madison. They looked beautiful, and the ingredients were intriguing, but let's just say that the Bacon and Blue Cheese Chocolate Truffle was not a hit. And we LOOOOOVE bacon!

Ralph L said...

Are the Smokies a destination or is this a trip all the way to the Coast?
Lord knows there's no reason to visit the Piedmont, where most of the people live. Unless she's looking for a new job. We have all the law schools worth snearing at.

Steve said...

If you're heading through North Carolina don't forget to hit a few barbeque joints. Stay away from Lexington-style 'que though--those people are heretics. When the revolution comes they'll all be going up against the wall, if you get my meaning.

TMink said...

I can recommend both the Smokies and the Outer Banks. Wonderful places that are a sure sign that God loves us to give us such wonderful locals.


Hoosier Daddy said...

Are you guys coming through Nashville? Can I buy yall a beer?


Well they came through Indiana and I didn't get so much as an email. I would have bought beers all around.

If I had feelings they'd be hurt.

Lem said...
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rhhardin said...

Rush (in the first hour) is correcting Sotomayor's mistakes in English, himself getting wrong providence for provenance.

Evidently not having learned Latin.

A good rule is never publish a correction of anybody else's spelling or grammar. Extend that to vocabulary.

You will always screw something up.

rhhardin said...

Daniel Henninger at the WSJ writes that Obama's speeches are eloquent.

Obama's speeches are the talk of a complete airhead.

A soap opera's idea of an earnest young black guy, drawing on the implication that blacks are not all that bright.

I think a white guy who tried the same stuff would be laughed off stage.

There are actual blacks who can think out there. Just not this one.

former law student said...

On your way back, stop in High Point and look at furniture. Prices in NC are much lower than back home.

knox said...

A good rule is never publish a correction of anybody else's spelling or grammar. Extend that to vocabulary.

RH, You just violated your own rule! Time to issue a Citizens Self-Arrest...

rhhardin said...

I walk the high wire.

Chip Ahoy said...

I love symbols. I just love 'em all. When considering Egyptian hieroglyphics it serves to remain flexible precisely because they preferred the words to end up in blocks rather than stretched out linearly which would be a lot more, um, straightforward but less attractive graphically. They added elements that are redundant or flat do not belong, and they left out elements you would think necessary leaving it to the reader to reassemble sensibly, apparently to achieve a more attractive block form. Much of it is conventional and engrained over centuries anyway. Consider the graphic elements that could connote the word "Christmas" that range from any combination of elements of the nativity through any element of modern Christmas including a pine tree, an ornament, a toy train, Santa Clause, reindeer, etc, any combination of those elements, or any single element by itself would work. Now that's flexibility!

But it's a little bit hazardous accepting symbols from other cultures and other centuries. I hear things that are not said and see things that are not intended. I was sitting in the cafeteria at the FRB behind bullet-proof glass observing mall traffic three floors down and on the other side of the mall. A mother holding her infant in her arms apparently told her child to wave bye-bye because in that moment I clearly heard a child's voice in my head say "Bob," the opening and closing and opening again of its tiny hand closely resembled the ASL signs for those letters. Then I realized, no, she's just waving, but that was after I heard the name. This morning the pitchman on TV, on mute, held up a portable floor steamer, shaped as a long stem with a bulb at the bottom. My brain instantly said "nefer" the glyphic representation of the heart and trachea which for some reason strange and unknown to me represent the concepts of beauty and goodness. They guy holds up a steamer, and I think "beauty." That's just wrong! You can see the fog and clutter other peoples' symbols create.

But in this thread: It is the custom to give a small sum of money to a relative, a friend, or a colleague when she gives birth. When the baby turns one month old it is also customary to acknowledge the earlier kindness with a celebratory "彌月蛋糕 full month cake." (and probably to celebrate the child's survival, but that's just me.)
[ 彌 more,月 month, 蛋 egg, 糕 cake ]

Mmmmm, 乳酪蛋糕 cheese cake [ 乳 breast, 酪 cream, 蛋 egg, 糕 cake ] You can probably see why Chinese are not particularly known for their cheese. Heh heh heh, I said 乳.

rhhardin said...

What's the Chinese for monosodium glutamate?

Lem said...

Scalia has Columbus day, Thomas has MLK day..
Does that mean Sotomayor will have wise latina day?

Lem said...

wise latina = I refuse to answer on the grounds that anything I say could be used against me.

former law student said...

What's the Chinese for monosodium glutamate?

AJI-NO-MOTO -- the first word in flavor enhancement.

Ralph L said...

fls, they don't make much furniture around here anymore. There are a few showrooms for the huge twice-yearly Market for buyers which also sell to the public, but it ain't like it used to be (proving that I am a true Southerner).

former law student said...

they don't make much furniture around here anymore

Sad. Where do they make it now, Mexico? Where do they get the hardwoods from? I don't want furniture made from cactus and mesquite.

former law student said...

from the health care thread, I think a more apt title for this blog would be "Ann Althouse and the Chorus of Doom."

Ralph L said...

The one piece of furniture I've bought new in the last 20 years was from Indonesia. I'm sure China is doing it, too.

My kitchen cabinets were made in 2000 by the local hardware store (I sanded, stained, and varnished them), but they closed soon after.

Penny said...

The Chinese symbol for chocolate is the one that appears on the line just above the English word chocolate in our overlord's entry. How do I know this, you ask? There is an eHow video on just this subject!

Ever in awe of all the internet offers.

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

Smokies, Outer Banks, Piedmont?

Are those republican secret codes I am not aware of?

Are they fabulous?

How do you get the codes?

Penny said...

I also thought you might want to know that there are now more Chinese people on the internet than there are people in the United States.

They are said to have only 25% penetration, while the US has 70%.

All that untapped potential.

madawaskan said...


What if Instapundit shot Ann in the ass?

Come on-not a good idea.

madawaskan said...

Not that I think Instapundit is trigger happy-but it is The South...

{and I feel like scarin' Mr . Titus Tidy.}

madawaskan said...

Does anybody else ever feel sorry for his maid?

I'm just sayin'...

traditionalguy said...

Lem...Columbus Day is the Latina's day memorialising the beginning of Spanish control that drove out the Caribs who were the evil locals always feasting on all the other "Indians" until The Admiral set them free in exchange for the local gold.

Lem said...

"Ann Althouse and the Chorus of Doom."

"Warhol said art should be meaningful in the most shallow way.".. "He was able to make commercial art that was taken seriously as fine art... that's what I'm doing too... I make soulless electronic pop... Says Lady Gaga

Sotomayor says she’s going to make soulless interpretations of the constitution.
That is just very hard to believe.

traditionalguy said...

Titus...Sorry, our secret codes are closely guarded from Yankees. But for you, if you promise to keep them secret, then they are basically the State of North Carolina going from Western NC over to Eastern NC. Do you ever watch College Basketball, ACC style?

TMink said...

Heck, everybody come to Nashville for a beer!


LarsPorsena said...

They'll be hitting I-40 soon if not already on it.

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

Thanks Traditional. Of course I watch ACC Basketball. I heard Duke has a bunch of fags on their team.

Christian Laettner started the fag program at Duke and since them it seems to be a target rich environment for mo recruiting.

I have been to Tennessee. When I was young my parents would take us there on vacation.

I have been to Gatlinberg, Cumberland Falls, Dollywood, Grand Old Opry, Tour of country western stars houses, my dad and I pet Johnny Cash's not rare cocker spaniel-black natch, Lookout Mountain where you can see 7 states, Ruby Falls and some other shit. I actually thought it was very pretty. The Great Smokies are beautiful.

Seriously, I would love to do a road trip through the south. Seriously, I would be a little afraid in my black bmw 328xi, with Mass plates and rare clumbers but hopefully I could stay at fabulous little antebellum inns. I would also like to go to gay bars in the south to see what is like, scary I am sure. I do also enjoy not fabulous things like Waffle House, Bob Evans, everything deep fried.

If I did a trip like that I would want to go to NC, SC, Kentucky and Tennessee. I wouldn't have as much interest in seeing Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi. When I was young we went to Mississippi with my parents and the only thing I remember if going to old plantations with women dressed in big dresses and I wanted one of those dresses. My mom bought me a doll in Mississippi of a women in a big dress.

Actually I would have interest in seeing where Capote and his fag hag lived in Mississippi and Alabama. Can't remember her name. I even read a book about her. How sad.

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

Harper Lee. The old bat is still living too. Love her for being so not willing to talk to press ever.

I bet she has some great stories about that drunken pill popping fag, Tru.

Same with JD Salinger. Love the fact that he is such a recluse in fabulous New Hampshire.

Got to respect that in this day and age.

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

"Though she departs Thursday for India and Thailand, she is in constant pain and faces grueling physical therapy five times a day, according to people close to her. Among the exercises: repetitively squeezing a gelatinous ball."

Heck, I do that everything day and I didn't even hurt my shoulder. Wooooo, stop me I am on fire. OKKKKKKKK.

chickenlittle said...

What's the Chinese for monosodium glutamate?

味精 ?

madawaskan said...


Look if you go Deep enough South, you hit-

Key West...

madawaskan said...

Hey you forgot-

Cracker Barrel-fab.

Also hell I use to love this bread in Maine-

Karnes Brown Bread- like cake.

Anyways I think it is back in business and in Tennessee.

rhhardin said...

Rush's vocabulary lesson, real audio.

Ralph L said...

Titus, you'd be fine in the NC mountains or upper Outer banks because they're mostly Yankees. Locals go to Wilmington or below because the road access is better and the water is warmer sooner.

Yeah, Bob Evans is Southern ... Ohio! I ate at the one in his hometown on my way to Columbus to buy a used Cadillac.

Tradguy, your 3 regions don't account for the miles of rural flatland between Raleigh and the sea. Call it Down East, or Drive-over country. Titus would stick out there.

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

Asheville is supposed to be pretty cool right?

Raleigh has a bunch of Biotech yankees. They are turning NC blue I tell ya. Those elite, educated types, there goes the neighborhood. Although I have heard that Raleigh is really growing.

I love the term Yankee. I love being called a Yankee. I have been a northern all my life. I love cold and snow.

I admit I haven't been to the south recently so I am just joshing (partly) about the south.

I hear NC is the state that the majority of New Jersey people relocate to.

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

Bob Evans...Biscuits and Gravy, yummm.

A&W Root Beer, yum. I love the Papa Burger too, as well as the Mama Burger and Baby Burger.

I love the A&W's that are still drive-ins. They have one in Portage, Wisconsin.

What are those drive in's they have in Kentucky called? Those are good too.

Big Mike said...

Professor, you left town just in time. According to Drudge, your part of Wisconsin is set to have the coldest July day since 1900 (high tomorrow predicted to be 63 with a low of 50).

Just think how cold it would have been if not for Anthropogenic Global Warming!

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

Sonic Drive In in Kentucky.

TitusFaALongLongWayToRun said...

Are Big Boy's around anymore.

Love them too.

I always wanted a Big Boy doll. I loved his updo hair.

rhhardin said...

Another day, another bag of salt biked home.

Wicker basket and smooth sumac.

reader_iam said...

Sorry--dipping in really quickly, so I haven't read most of the comments, but did anyone notice/post a link to Dr. Helen's piece on her and Glenn's lunch today with Althouse and Meade?

rhhardin said...

Bob Evans,

Long ago an important personage was visiting the company, and since he was a good guy I took him to lunch at Bob Evans, my own favorite establishment when food was needed.

There was a pool of vomit outside the door.

``Strictly speaking, we don't know if the guy was going in or coming out,'' I said, ``so it's probably okay,'' and we entered for lunch.

madawaskan said...


There is a chain in The South called-

Po' Folks...

It would probably be right up your alley.

You could wear sunglasses so no one would see you slummin'.

reader_iam said...


That may be my single favorite comment of yours ever.

You know what? Forget the "may be."

Sy said...


We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt
-Joe Biden

It's the current headline on Drudge.

former law student said...


I received a Big Boy doll as a gag gift a few Christmases ago. The restaurants are all over Michigan, and are making a resurgence in SoCal as well.

Regarding Bob Evans: they are the one place in the Midwest where one can reliably get grits and sausage gravy when needed.

Ralph L said...

My neighbor was in Asheville last week and told me there were lots of "weirdos." He saw a man in a nun's blouse and headgear. I told him, be glad he was wearing pants. That area is hurting because of the dropoff in tourism.
Beach real estate is crashing down almost to sane price levels.

Ralph L said...

We went to Big Boy a lot. I always ordered spaghetti, which was stupid because my Mom's was better.
In No. Virginia they were bought out decades ago by Shoney's, which closed in the 90's.

Cedarford said...

Henry Buck said...
This sentence from the NYT article on Hillary was too funny not to comment on:

Though she departs Thursday for India and Thailand, she is in constant pain and faces grueling physical therapy five times a day, according to people close to her. Among the exercises: repetitively squeezing a gelatinous ball.

I wonder what she wishfully imagines the gelatinous ball to be?

Physical therapy can be very painful and rough.
A pal in the 90s, that I am still in occasional contact with though he is now a professor in a distant state (PhD in Physical Therapy, Biomechanics) - explained it helps that therapists have a bit of a sadistic streak because with all the pain some recovery therapy involves, it is better than empathy with pain.

I imagine each time Hillary squeezes the gel exercise grip, it hurts...especially at the beginning and at the end limit of the reps.

I imagine she might be thinking with each squeeze she should have been wearing sensible lesbian shoes made for walking and slip-avoidance.

traditionalguy said...

Ralph L... another interesting place in down-eastern NC is Fayeteville NC. It is a suburb of Ft Bragg/Pope AFB. When the 82nd leaves town in a big hurry and lands behind enemy lines somewhere else, the locals are very lonely for customers.The sandy pine barrens do make good landing zones and manoever areas for the best trained unit in the Airborne.

Ralph L said...

We used to drive through there on rt 87 going to White Lake in the 60's and 70's. Lots of mobile homes and seedy bars and pawn shops. And the first Taco Bell in NC. The area is more prosperous now.

Deb said...

Po' Folks is no longer po', they is just Folks.

Skippy said...

Ralph L mentioned the lack of American made furniture in NC and I found that is sadly true when I was shopping for a new coffee table and end table after 25 years here on the west coast. The Thomasville shop in our area was selling poorly made, cheap stuff. The knobs on a set of doors weren't even aligned! Went to a local interior design store and the owner said Thomasville and other makers import lots of their furniture from China. I'm not trying to plug a particular brand, but ended up buying some solid American-made tables from Harden, which says on its website that they're made the the US from the company's forests. They're beautiful. And I didn't have to send my money to the overlords.

JAL said...

Titus, trust me.

You do not want to go to Waffle House.

jpr9954 said...

Ann - Welcome to what Sir Walter Raleigh called "The Goodliest Land"!

Forget all the suggestions about Waffle House and Bob Evans. If you get as far as the Piedmont, then you must have BBQ. In the Piedmont, you get Lexington-style which is hickory smoked pork shoulder which is then chopped - not pulled. The slaw will be like nothing you've ever had - it is tangy with both vinegar and pepper in it. Anyplace in Lexington is good and Stameys in Greensboro is my favorite.

Eastern style is also good but different. It is whole hog BBQ and the sauce and sides will be different.

And as a resident of WNC for almost 30 years, if you are only going to the Smokies then forget about BBQ. We just don't any good stuff up here.

amba said...

So when do you hit North Carolina?

One thing you have to have is biscuits, preferably out in the country where one of the options is fatback, and there are old guys in there whose grandkids call them "Papaw." Going in there was on the way to the zoo was like being Margaret Mead in Samoa.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

I called my grandfather "Papaw".

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