July 23, 2009

At the Sunglass Cloud Café...


... accumuluslate your thoughts.


Chris Althouse Cohen said...

I don't know if "Your face is like a landscape" is the idea most people want expressed in photographs taken of them.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Someone have the decency to give the man a hanky.

Lem said...

Thats that kid with the Seattle Mariners hat again.

Donna B. said...

I don't like commenting the first time on posts with over 50 comments, so I'll post here on class:

Class has nothing to do with money. Class has nothing to do with social "standing". (This could also be stated as "Social standing has nothing to do with class.")

So... what is class? Class is making those who you might think/feel/know are less than equal to you, feel that they are -- at the least -- equal to you.

It is therefore most difficult for the "higher" class person to actually be classy, while a bag lady might find it somewhat easier.

The classiest people will find some good, perhaps great, quality in the bag lady that they could never achieve themselves.

Class is perhaps innate, but it is not achieved or earned. Perhaps it can be cultivated and learned.

Lem said...
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Lem said...

I don't like commenting the first time on posts with over 50 comments, so I'll post here on class:

Sadly for me thats about the time my thoughts usually begging to gather.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Lem : Sadly for me thats about the time my thoughts usually begging to gather.

Good, it's nice to see something intelligent said deep in the stream of comments.

EDH said...

Let me post this again here, too, because it's a fun story...

Speaking of race and class, my most vivid memory of the Cambridge Police Dept took place within the angled walls of the Harvard Lampoon.

The Lampoon hosted the VIP party following the opening of the very first House of Blues, located in Cambridge.

As the VIPs drained, the Lampoon clique got drunker and drunker and wilder and wilder. The police were called on several noise complaints.

Around 4am, the police returned with an ultimatum delivered by a no-nonsense black senior patrol officer, accompanied by several baton carrying colleagues and a prisoner transport.

He led them up the stairs and entered the dining room, whereupon he saw most of the Lampoon staff dancing drunk on top of the dining table, screaming with loud music playing, the floor strewn with food and booze that had been thrown about earlier.

There I saw an imminent clash of race and class, between the steely-eyed black officer working the overnight shift, and the spoiled brat, all white members of the Lampoon House.

Fearlessly, I stepped into the breach. I asked the officer to give me two minutes to break up the party and, if unsuccessful, it would be his to break up.

Surprisingly, he agreed.

I shut off the music, grabbed who appeared to be the Lampoon top dog, and abruptly pulled him down off the table. I shook him, maybe even slapped him, and told him the party was over.

Groggily, he agreed and enlisted the cooperation of his fellow Lampoon housemates.

It was sufficient compliance for the Cambridge police, led by that black officer, to withdraw from the building.

Despite his initial demeanor, when shown compliance, that black officer displayed restraint and did not allow personal class issues to escalate the situation.

On a more basic level, I’ve always thought he was just glad someone else was there to step-in to deal with these crazy white boys.

One of the few times in my life when I felt like a true peacemaker.

Lem said...

According to Google Althouse is up to coining ( accumuluslate) again ;)

Lem said...

Thanks Jason. You are not so bad yourself.

TitusABalletForMartha said...

I have a funny story. The weather has been really bad here. Awful rain.

So I was out one day with paraplue (spelling) fighting the rain looking like an idiot and my mom called and said she saw me on the weather channel.

You know when the weather channel shows cities with bad weather and there is that one lame person with the inside out umbrella trying to walk, that was me.

My mom called me all excited.

I am a star on the weather channel.

thank you.

Lem said...

Lets see accumuluslate

It could be a combination of acumen, cumulative and slate.

cumulative postulate = trolls. no that cant be it.

TitusABalletForMartha said...

Personally, I feel this blog needs to be more about me.

What am I feeling? What am I doing? How do I look? My loft, my dogs, my money, my job, my beauty, my contribution to society.

I feel with all the racist stuff we are losing track of why we are all here.

It is because of me.

Can we please stay focused on what is important in these difficult economic times. It is me.

thank you and good day sir.

Lem said...

Thats not a funny story Titus. Thats a weather story.

I tell you a funny story. I havent had sex in.. i forgot that's how long it's been.

So when you said you had a funny story I naturally assumed .. you know ;)

Ralph L said...

"Accumuluslate" is appropriate for a picture of clouds and rock-filled mountains. It was a subliminible typo.

Lem said...

It was a subliminible typo.

Well as long as nobody calls the typo police in Cambridge I think we are going to be fine ;)

Penny said...

The acoustics in here are pretty bad, Lem.

What was that again???

Could you step outside for a moment please?

Chip Ahoy said...

In loving memory of Gidget, Taco Bell™ Chihuahua, here's Maurice, the Fennec fox

Lem said...

Speaking of dark clouds, the Red Sox are mired in the worst team slump this season.

Its really depressing. I have been getting used to winning all the time.

Trooper must be delighted they are in first place now.

Lem said...

lol penny

Lem said...

My experience with the police has been that if I'm cooperative and let them go about their job more often than not I have been let go on my way w/o as much as a ticket.

Lem said...

I have to work tomorrow. let me see if i can jigger/jimmy my way out of here.

no i think you can jigger/jimmy in - not out.

Penny said...

Funny personal story about that, Lem. That was true for me too, UNTIL...

Until I read on the internet that you should NEVER admit guilt to a speeding offense. Take your chances in court, because the odds gods will be with you there.

I got stopped out of state. I purposely avoided acknowledging that I was speeding. The officer went to his car, came back and said, "If you sign here on the dotted line that you were speeding, I will not turn this report into your state.", where I would be penalized with points and higher insurance amounts.

That was a deal I couldn't refuse, so I signed. It was after that I told the officer that I had never had a speeding offense in my life. He could verify just how long that had been by just looking at me! lol He looked shocked, and we parted ways.

One month later, I was notified by my state that they had received notice of the violation.

There are many morals to this story. Pick one.

Juris Dentist said...

PEREFCT picture for your blog: overly instrusive and little snotty!

bearbee said...


Can't identify.

The Drill SGT said...

If you tilt your head to the left and look at the clouds, you can see the face of... Lincohn looking down.

OMG, a GOP Miracle :)

Ralph L said...

No, it's North Carolina. That's Stonewall Jackson (whose second wife was from Lincoln Co., NC).

TitusHelloIJustGotARaise said...

Lem, I haven't had sex in quite a long time either if it is any help.

Sex is overrated and can be messy.

traditionalguy said...

Very good shot of a man in a cave of mountains and forests. All is restful and good food is abundant.

bearbee said...

René Magritte




The Drill SGT said...

On that terrible Gates racial profiling story by racist police, I read an interesting bit of trivia.

The Mayor of Cambridge is Black
The Governor of the State is Black
The President of the Country is Black

how is that for institutional racism at work?

PS: the current Police commissioner is white, but the previous one was back, as in:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The white police sergeant accused of racial profiling after he arrested renowned black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home was handpicked by a black police commissioner to teach recruits about avoiding racial profiling.

rhhardin said...

Morning dogscape.

knox said...

Class is making those who you might think/feel/know are less than equal to you, feel that they are -- at the least -- equal to you.

Thanks for this post, Donna B.

bearbee said...

Henri Cartier-Bresson

re: Dogscape - Hidden dragon


Lem said...

Somebody may have mentioned this b4 but it’s my turn to bring it up again...

One of the things that should strike anyone who has been arrested is that Gates in that picture was improperly handcuffed.

That is to say his hands are not behind him. To me it’s a sign of a police officer trying NOT to do what he ultimately felt he had to do.

My impression is that Gates had probably waited all his life for this opportunity and having the president as a friend was the icing on the cake.

I been looking for a Shelby Steel series of essays titled “I’m black you are white who is innocent” where he described in some detail the delicious rage of victimhood.

They were published over 15 years ago on Harpers Magazine. It's a good read.

Lem said...

Sex is overrated and can be messy.

Speak for yourself Titus, oh wait.. thats all you do ;)

MadisonMan said...

Everything that can be said about the Gates Saga has been said.

Now, it's just reverb that's enhanced by the punditocrats that are paid by the word.

Enough already.

Bissage said...

Embarrassing Admissions, #32: I was in the garden the other day, pulling up poison ivy. I was wearing gloves and I had plastic bags over them.

Nevertheless, I now have a nasty poison ivy rash on my dinger.

It’s on the top of the shaft, exactly in the middle, so my working theory is that I got a little urushiol on my thumb and then transferred it when I siphoned the python.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Lem said...

Enough already.

I have an unpleasant memory of wanting my father to beat me further than the usual one time.

At the time I don’t think I connected the dots as clearly as I have begun to recently. But I think it was my way of getting back at him. I knew he felt bad about beating me. So my instinct was to try and make him feel an extra dose.

Its a conversation MM ;)

Lem said...

How did I manage to get him to beat me further?

I didn’t cry out, purposely trying to make him feel useless.

I somehow knew this would enrage him resulting in a longer beating.

I felt good afterwards.

t-man said...

Don't take any chance Bissage, stand a few feet away and blast the poison ivy with Roundup.

Lem said...

..when I siphoned the python.

Here in NJ we have gas station attendants filling the gas tanks... I think we are the only state in the nation that does that.

MadisonMan said...

Hire someone else to remove the poison ivy.

bearbee said...

Enough already.

Has Oprah weighed in yet?

If not, it ain't over until her pronouncements on bad America are heard throughout world.

Lem said...

Has Oprah weighed in yet?

Picture Oprah in boxing short at a Weigh-in; in Las Vegas.

Lem said...

I have to get some work done today, pull my weigh and help pay for Obamacare ;)

See you guys/gals later.

Bissage said...

(1) Thanks, t-man. The problem was that there were little baby poison ivies hiding among desirable plants so I couldn’t spray. More of those evil bastards still remain. I’m going to try newspaper hoping it will soak up the oil. Wish me luck.

(2)(a) I’m from South Jersey, Lem. Still, it surprises me there’s still no self-serve gas. No, wait a minute. No it doesn’t, after all.

(2)(b) It is both heartening and disheartening to see in the news that the feds have opened up a can of woop-ass up north. Let’s hope they have the resources to work their way down to the 51st state.

(3) Hire someone? Whatever do you mean, MadisonMan? You mean deal with contractors? And spend my precious, precious money? And give up the golden opportunity for new comment material?


bagoh20 said...

Back in my youth, I was involved in some "unapproved behavior" involving beautiful women and credit. I was in the office (a small empty house in Beverly Hills), when I heard the police announce themselves and begin busting down the door. Naturally, I decided it was a good time to use the bathroom and take some paperwork with me so as to not waste that time (I was a conscientious worker). Eventually, the Police broke down the bathroom door as well and dragged me out with my pants around my ankles. The cops were all wearing Burmuda shorts and loud Hawaiian shirts (like a team of Magnum PIs).

On the trip to the jail these cops were pretty funny as they made endless jokes at my expense. They were having fun and even making me laugh. It was like a roast of me. Proclaiming my innocence, I asked them what they were arresting me for. They said it was "illegal to shit evidence". I pleaded that at least I flushed. We all had a good cop/perp laugh and to jail I went.

The cops were cool. My fellow cell mates (about 50 in a downtown LA jail were quite humorless. That's why I knee-jerk usually support the cops over the the perps. Cops often have class, but criminals usually not, except in the movies.

Big Mike said...

And then I stumbled across this over at snopes.com.

[Do not open the link if you are Jeremy, Invisible Man, Robert Cook, garage mahal, downtownlad, Beth, or any of the Althouse sons.]

Donna B. said...

Bissage, I read about 10 unusual uses for vodka - and soaking up the urioshol (or however you speel that shit) was one of them.

Apply it first to the area affected. If that doesn't work, I suppose you can drink the rest until you don't care...

Bissage said...

Thanks and LOL, Donna B.!

Ralph L said...

Soak a rag in Roundup solution and dab.
Next, soak a rag in calamine solution and dab.
Don't get your solutions mixed up. Or your rags.

Bissage said...

Consider it done!

* drops pants *

* sneaks a quick scratch while no one's watching *