July 18, 2009

Althouse on Craggy Pinnacle.


A bit of a Penniston Crag effect, perhaps? When I saw this picture, taken yesterday, I said, "What am I doing with my hand?" Which was a silly question, but because of the angle, you can't see the camera in my hand. So, of course, I have many photos from Craggy Pinnacle, but these will need to wait until later.


Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

Blue Ridge is one of my favourite parts of America. If you're still in the area, I cannot over-recommend the Pisgah Inn, or at least the restaurant attached to the facility.

Also, if you're up to it, the hike up Pisgah is absolutely fantastic, or more correctly the hike is nice and the view is fantastic.

I'd heartily recommend bringing one or two of the excellent Biltmore wines and a good picnic to enjoy at the summit for several hours.

There are also a number of places you can slip off into the trees undisturbed and still enjoy a good view without all the tourists, so you might wish to bring a nice blanket for the picnic and other activities.

Bissage said...



Bissage said...



I came up with that LOLcaption all by my little old self before reading that Althouse is actually holding a camera!

God, I am ever so much TEH CLEVARRR!!!!1!!!!!

* blushes *

John said...

If you head south on the Parkway, you'll come to an area near Mt. Pisgah called Graveyard Fields. It is south of Asheville. It has some nice easy hiking AND at this time of year you should be able to get wild blueberries.

Oh, and welcome to North Carolina. We love having you and Meade here.

Bissage said...


dick said...

Funn but even before I read the caption I thought of Wuthering Heights and Kathy. You look fabulous there.

Bissage said...

BTW, THIS is what I was thinking of; see lower left-hand corner.

Wait a minute . . .

Am I channeling that scene in the elevator in “Working Girl” where Melonie Griffith explains how she came up with the Trask/Metro merger?


Bissage said...

But fun.

Bissage said...

. . . or is dick controlling my miiiiiiiiind?!?!?!?!?

* steps away from the chalupa *

rhhardin said...

I can't place it, but it might be a classic cover of some chick lit romance novel.

The Crack Emcee said...

My first thought was "Thomas Jefferson - as a boy!"

The Macho Response

Fred4Pres said...

Kathy along with that Kids In The Hall bit where "I crush your head"

Randy said...

Your pose reminds me of those Chinese posters of Mao Zedong in the 60's & 70's ;-)

traditionalguy said...

Coming up upon Mt Mitchell, which is the highest point east of the Mississippi River. Be prepared to be cold.

Roost on the Moon said...

Really great photo. Echoes of this, too.

Daryl said...

You're not going to call yourself "Thomas Paine" and start making a bunch of Ron Paul-esque YouTube videos, are you?

Lem said...

It's General Althouse crisscrossing the country to visit the troops ;)

rhhardin said...

The pic needs a castle and maybe a dragon.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Yes, there is something heroic and androgynous about the picture. I was thinking of Benjamin Franklin flying a kite.

rhhardin said...

working a jigsaw puzzle

"My task was to find the sharp
Silver lines of the horse's
Head, noble, yet bent to the
Saint's hand, but I've discovered

The piece with the Jewel of
The Brow to be forever
Lost. I didn't lose it, but
The group has charged me to find
It anyway. Ed insists
That with that piece the horse's
Version of the matter, his
Fearful and trustful glance toward
St. George, stands revealed, and that,
For now at least, the horse's
Truth is ours, that without the
Horse's vision the Saint's is
Lost to us... "

Vicki Hearne, "St. George and the Dragon," _Nervous Horses_

AJ Lynch said...

"Althouse on Craggy Pinnacle" is that what you & Meade call it. Heh.

Meade said...

Trade the scarf for an iPhone, camera, and sunglasses and I thought of this.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Meade, that's a very disturbing thing to say.

Meade said...

What? The [Adult] Little Prince[ss] with an iPhone and digital camera?

She's cute. That shouldn't be disturbing.

NKVD said...

I rode my bicycle up Mt. Mitchell a few years back - the weather was nice, that particular summer day. It's been a bit dicier this week - cool, rainy, thunderstorms, and today, pretty breezy. Must be climate change. Because before Al Gore, the climate never changed.

Anyway, enjoy NC - it really is a nice place, much nicer than the great white north, but please, do not move here - there are already too many Obama-commies here and we really don't need more.

JAL said...

Some friends have a secret blueberry place over by Graveyard Fields that we are goingg to raid on Wednesday.


JAL said...

And here are some fun pictures of that very area. The road is the one on The Way to the blueberries.

Jeremy said...


I've got SO many pictures of ANN...I'm going to have to go out and buy another big 'ol photo album.

Keep 'em comin'...they're SOOOOOOO COOOOOL!!!

NKVD said...

Jeremy, you old cocksucker you, what are you abbreviating in your comment when you wrote "'ol"?

You are stupid, but you one pathetic motherfucker.