July 1, 2009

100 best blogs for journalism students.

We're all journalism students, aren't we? We should be, to be competent in this crazy world. That being the case, here's your link fest.


JSF said...

Hmmm...Media matters is mentioned but not Media research center. Someone care to argue how the press is not an organ of the DNC again?

Allie said...

This is another blog run by college students that is pretty good. It's just a bunch of interns in DC who right during their free time and decided to start a blog together. It's a little new, but the content is good.


Maguro said...

Learn-gasm...Educating and Exciting

Um, I don't think so...more like Earnest and Tedious.

elHombre said...

Not only is Media Matters listed as "News", but the caption is: "Stay up to date on happenings in the media from Media Matters."

Unabashed lefty pimping.

Jeremy said...

If only there was a "right wing drivel" category.

Hey, JSF...finally get out of jail?

Jeremy said...

elHombre said..."Unabashed lefty pimping."

And God knows, if there's anybody who knows "pimping"...it would be you.

AJ Lynch said...

Journalism school? ....."Mom & Dad .. can I have $200,000? I want to major in journalism in college".

Hahahaha. Dumb kid you have there.

Jeremy said...

As if AJ Lynch knows anything about "journalism."

You can barely read.

AJ Lynch said...

I am very seruous, Obama should force all colleges to issue a warning label to any journalism majors.

I suggest the folowing:

"Caution, majoring in journalism proves you are not very smart and it will undoubtedly be hazardous to your future financial wellbeing not to mention the likelihood you will find a job that will pay your bills. For real-life examples, we recommend you read The History Of Pony Express Riders".

Elliott A said...

Since journalism id dead perhaps they are really in mortician school

Jeremy said...

Elliott A said..."Since journalism id dead perhaps they are really in mortician school"

Well, based on your comment, at least in your case, it appears English is also dead.


Jeremy said...

JSF - I can't help but notice you get almost no response to your silly comments on your own blog site, and of course, never publish anything critical of yourself.

Gutless prick.

JSF said...


Mote in thy own eye. Always with the Ad Homs, always with the attacks.

Always with the hate. It is because of people like you I left the Democrats.

Where is that post partisanship Jeremy? Where is the tolerance?

I at least put my views where they can be read -- you are just a feces filled critic without a good word to say to anyone.

And, because you cannot comment without ad homs, it will not be posted, but it will be shown that YOU are the face of the mdoern democratic party. Enjoy!

AJ Lynch said...


Obama is gonna give us universal health care.

The good news is we will all live much longer!

The bad news is, as a result, the funeral business & morticians will starve!

traditionalguy said...

The Journalism issue of the day is Chip Reed and Helen Thomas joining together to cry foul to the Pres. Press Secretary over continal suppression of the news.That is news!The attitude of Gibbs is one of a King's Minister and aristocrat to non-persons.

Jeremy said...

JSF said..."Always with the Ad Homs, always with the attacks."

And you follow that with this: "...you are just a feces filled critic without a good word to say to anyone."

Thank God you're above those nasty "Ad Homs" and "attacks."

What a fucking idiot.

AJ Lynch said...

Trad guy:

At some point, the MSM employees must face the fact their industry is truly facing economic death.

When Fox News gets more customers than all the other cable stations, some genius at GE or CNN will wake up and say "why are we spiting our own pocketbooks?"

Cause that is what they are doing.

JSF said...

Ahhh...see how much love and caring he has for other Americans other them himself?

And the only person who can kick me off this Blog is the owner of it. Why don't you ask her? Ask her to kick me off. I'll accept her decision, not yours.

When you show how Bi-partisan you are Jeremy, then I will listen. Otherwise, you strike me as a the modern version of a Brownshirt.

Rememeber folks, jeremy wants NO DISSENT FROM OBAMA.

And because i give a damn about people who hate (like you jeremy), I'm going to wish you a happy fourth of July. And I'm sure all you'll reply is with ad homs.

By the way Jeremy, don't forget to ask Althouse to kick me off.

Ann Althouse said...

@JSF Don't feed a person you perceive as a troll. Don't make the thread about a particular commenter. Be substantive.

Jeremy said...

Blogger Ann Althouse said..."Be submissive."