June 30, 2009

"What is this year's 'in' religion?"

Just one of the questions the Digg community came up with for Bruno.


traditionalguy said...

So what was his answer? It sounded like polaris.

Stephanie said...

Government. Some say it is evil; some say it is the answer to all of life's needs (prayers), and there is a conman and his disciples at its head shilling its awesomeness.

mccullough said...


It's the religion that he can pass healthcare reform, cap-and-trade, and increased education funding in a major recession, while raising taxes on only the "rich," and the federal government will not completely go bankrupt while the economy is destroyed.

Or "What Would Jesus Do? Domestic Policy" for short

Jason (the commenter) said...

I could hear an English accent under his German one. Also, this interview wasn't funny.

Now I know I wont be seeing this movie for sure.

The Crack Emcee said...

NewAge. It's not seen as an organized religion so they can do what they want and nobody says a thing. Farrah Fawcett dies after trying NewAge quackery for her anal cancer - just as Steve McQueen and Corretta Scott King did - nobody says anything. Michael Jackson was surrounded by NewAge loons like Uri Gellar and Deepak Chopra - nobody says a thing. Oprah Winfrey spouts their garbage from the rooftops - nobody says a thing. Arianna Huffington is in a NewAge cult - nobody says a thing. Andrew Sullivan and Will.I. Am. talk about it on Bill Maher's show - even Bill Maher was endorsing NewAge quackery - nobody says a thing.

We are living in the age of solipsism - that's what I take Ann, and anyone else, to task for - it's the cause of all our problems. But, like the Federal Trade Commission and Bernie Madoff, nobody wants to think this flakey nonsense could be the source of such horror - but it is. It's The Big One: the issue of our time. Why doesn't anything seem to make sense anymore? Because we have a multi-generational "garbage in/garbage out" problem, and the garbage is 40+ years of "Be Here Now" and "You can believe what you want to believe" and every other Maharishi/Scientology/est/Deepak Chopra/Uri Gellar/Oprah/The Secret/Ken Wilber/Yoga/Meditation/karma/auras, etc.-inspired nonsense. We post-60s types have grown up surrounded by it, so it's taken as gospel and part of the cultural landscape, but it's nothing more than delusional thinking on a mass scale, and we're all paying the price for it's "teachings" going uninspected - and it's practitioners going unchecked.

I am as sure of it as I know my own name. And it deserves The Macho Response

The Capitalist said...

The 'In' religion sounds like the The State to me. In some areas of New York, vendors have products that depict Obama as Jesus. So it may be The Church of Barack Obama.

holdfast said...

It starts with an "I" but it ends with a slam.

bagoh20 said...

Crack Emcee,
Booyeah! to that.

Today's religion is Obama. People have dropped all their principles for conversion. If he would just tell us he knows W. is a better man, imagine the healing.

The Crack Emcee said...


Thank you thank you [Takes a bow] I've been following the NewAge aspects of Obama for some time now. How he hit the "power spots" when he was running - and the things NewAgers were whispering to each other (all the usual suspects came out when it seemed safe) and how his campaign knew what it was doing, but all the smart people ignored it, as usual, just as they ignore Gavin Newsom's participation, or Bill Clinton's, or the rest of the Democratic Party's. See, it's all "spiritual" stuff, so there's no reason to look any further at what they're up to - but always go full-bore into Christians, Catholics, and Jews: they're "fair game" as the Scientologists say.

They can tell you, openly, they're running circles around you (from well-known outposts) selling the most offensive solipsistic shit in the world - so offensive even obvious criminals can sense they're safe under their cloak - and nobody "smart" or "educated" gets it, or they don't want to be charged with being conspiracy theorists: It's, like, the perfect crime.

Ann claimed she got it once, but then dropped it just as fast as she said it (go figure: with as many times as Glenn Reynolds has advertised her site, can you imagine what would've happened if she had actually pursued that, instead of Meade? Instead, we know she's getting laid while the country's getting screwed - just those misplaced priorities again,...)

Meanwhile, I toil away, virtually alone, as the big brains (like Reynolds) ignore my work because I'm (Bill Clinton's favorite cop-out word:) "devisive" - in favor of dancing around it themselves - providing the NewAgers with cover because those who should be my allies are too high-minded and supposedly peace-loving to do what's necessary and go for the jugular of NewAge's heavy hitters. That would be bad form. People would think you're "crazy" like that ranting black guy. (Ignoring the fact that ranting black guy can still gain a few very respectable friends no matter what the idiot "professors" think. And, no, I'm no easier on them than anyone else - being "cool" isn't what this is about - being "human" is: You want passion, Ann? I got it to spare.)

I'm watching our lives, and country, morph into something horrible, and I know why. The rest of you ignore it at your own peril.