June 2, 2009

These people don't look like dorks.

But you know very well that you and everyone you know will look like dorks.


traditionalguy said...

In training to be a computer's assistant. The computer does not care whether you are a dork or a dell.

wordsprite said...

They should make one for dogs. Like, frisbees or balls or something flying around- so the dog can look like a dork, and I can just laugh.

TMink said...

I don't know Althouse, they have that dorky false exuberance of an advertisement.

But I see your point.


scinfinity said...

I'll say it: If it works as it appears (and, apparently, it does work well), this is one of the neatest things I've ever seen.

Florida said...

I beg to differ.

Those people look like dorks and so will you.

Theo Boehm said...

One of the reasons we don't have as expensive a living room as the Dork Family is that both my boys have taken pricey Karate lessons since they were 6. One has his junior black belt and is an adult brown belt, 1st degree. His brother will shortly be doing testing for his junior black belt.

This is known as "real life."

The Dork Family might want to try it sometime.

Their members then wouldn't look like prancing idiots, and might actually have learned something about real martial arts.

But what is reality, you may ask?

Ah! Metaphysics. But it's too early in the morning for that. Ask me on Twitter at 2:00 AM.

traditionalguy said...

Computer courses and computer testing centers are working well in the State of Florida. They do impart basic facts and rest for comprehension well. But what will Americans do once Education no longer requires teachers in classrooms? There go all the rest of the jobs.

TRO said...

No, even as "tv commercial cute" as they are, they still look like dorks.

The rest of us will just look like mega-dorks.

goesh said...

-I half expected to see the dork family cutting up the baby and feeding it to Ralphy the pet turtle

scinfinity said...

It's impressive as all hell...and shocking that it is coming from Microsoft.

Richard Dolan said...

The dorkiest (by far) was the Dad doing the tire change shtick. The women and kids were merely ridiculous at times.

Therein lies a world of gender stereotypes, images and expectations extrapolated from how most people live.

In contrast, the technology was awessome to behold.

jayne_cobb said...

I don't know about this, I can see some serious issues with it already.

The 360 has a major mountain to climb due to the fact that the WII has already been established as the family console while the 360 has been mainly viewed as a console for gamers who like "mature" games.

Obviously this is being marketed toward families, but the fact of the matter is that one of the biggest conflicts between owners of the different systems is that those who own either a 360 or PS3 consider the WII a kiddy system. These type of people are highly unlikely to get a game/controller which they view as more of a toy.

Also one has to look at the age of the systems. Quite frankly, unless Microsoft gives this a major push, and I mean a brand new system type of push, the fact that the 360 has been out for so long will likely prevent any major adoption by families (it came out a year before the others and is still kind of pricey).

That said it will almost definitely have graphics that are better than the WII's and this could be merely a method of prepping the ground for the next generation of consoles.

bagoh20 said...

In reality, we know where this is going: I suggest disposable plastic floor covering in front of this appliance. Who is going to opt for real life when this gets "fleshed" out a little more. Looking like a dork will be minor compared to getting caught "playing" with this. It's evil, we must stop this now before it is too late. A new Non- proliferation movement is needed.

Jennifer said...

Wait, they don't look like dorks?

Seems to me that it would be hard to shake the feeling of wanting to have a controller. But, then I'm probably not the target audience for this.

Theo - mine take karate and have a wii. Do life and games have to be mutually exclusive?

Theo Boehm said...

Jennifer: Yep, sadly, mine do to. PLUS an X-Box. But they bought them with their own money, and they regard sports games or most things they can do in real life as pretty lame on the game consoles.

That's the good news.

The bad news is, given that reality check, they are off fighting WWII, being James Bond, etc. I tell my oldest that he could go to Afghanistan in a few years, and get some of that in real life, too.

TMink said...

Last night, my 6 year old boys and I played Call Of Duty: Rising Sun together. The boys team up against me in multiplayer shoot outs. It is very difficult for me to win these encounters. 8)

We have a ball. They practice team work and strategy and I try to stay alive. Lots of laughs and competition.

And we do it on a Gamecube I got used for $35 and a used game I bought for $10.


Tibore said...

Well... if I already look like a dork, I might as well have the fun too. Right?

Lionheart said...

Why would anyone worry about looking like a dork if they are having fun in their own home?

Ofc. Krupke said...

Things like this have been tried for years. Remember the U-Force? Yeah, nobody else does, either.

How about the Eye-Toy for the PS2, which used an optical camera system to translate the user's flailing arm movements into on-screen controls?

Or this thing, the Sega Activator, which looks eerily similar to the Natal?

The Wii has been successful, but it still involves a held controller, which gives the user some kind of tactile frame of reference. It's easier to use a mini handheld steering wheel in a racing game than an invisible one.

Kevin Walsh said...

What's with all these games that require you to move? Video games are for sitting.


Father Martin Fox said...

Am I the only one who finds this a little creepy?

That thing is watching you pretty closely.

Kurt said...

They really ought to call it the Dork-Box!